The 100th Post – Celebrating Post-modern Physics!

New beginnings

This is my 100th post on this blog, and I have decided to dedicate it for the celebration of post-modern physics! While I cannot say that we have come a long way already, I can, however, say that the great journey has begun! Physics is now experiencing its third era, which is the era of post-modern physics.

The prior eras, which are classical and modern physics, assisted us tremendously in harnessing the practical potentials of science, even though, like I always insist, they did not furnish us with the true understanding of the universe. 

This among other things is what sets post-modern physics apart from classical and modern physics. In post-modern physics, we come to the true and complete understanding of the universe.

So, I really feel that we have to celebrate post-modern physics, and my prior articles on post-modern physics all add to the rising structure of the new edifice of post-modern physics.

We are progressing and much more progress will be celebrated. We are setting the foundation for scientific knowledge which shall birth the new technologies of this post-modern era.

I foresee the rise of technologies that will engage motion in a natural way. Classical and modern physics gave us a mechanistic and non-experiential understanding of motion, but post-modern physics is giving us an organic and experiential understanding of motion.

We are beginning to have a deeper understanding of motion which leads us to the very spiritual nature of the universe. The inner recesses of the cosmos are being illuminated by post-modern physics.

Also, post-modern physics is enlightening us about the plasma nature of the cosmos. We are now being introduced to the acceleration of light and the new form of energy in Joules/s2. All these mean a lot for us and for this new era of science.

We shall now explore and harness the potential of electrical or plasma physics with true understanding. So, I celebrate this new knowledge that has come down to us, and which has birthed post-modern physics. 

I want to celebrate post-modern physics by briefly talking about some of my articles which have already been published on this blog and how they change our understanding of the universe. One of my greatest articles in this blog is the one on the great conceptualization.

The above article shows you how to really view motion in a metaphysical way based on orthogonality and not in a physical way based on linearity. This new, metaphysical way of observing the universe harmonizes with the experiential nature of the universe.

Post-modern physics is based on the perception of reality according to the great conceptualization and not on the conceptualization which has characterized classical and modern physics.

This new way of perceiving the universe and motion brings us to a complete understanding of the cosmos, and we cannot see the unity of all things without this new way of perceiving reality. So, the above article will reveal to you the new way of perceiving reality according to post-modern physics.

The next article that I will like you to read is the one on galactic cosmic rays. The source of galactic cosmic rays has been a mystery since they were discovered, but in post-modern physics, the source of these rays is no longer a mystery.

The above article will show you one of the phenomena in the universe that unites the micro world and the macro world. The article will bring you closer to the understanding of the unity of the universe, and it contains a prediction that can only proceed from the theory of the universe.

Another article that I will like you to read is the one on “The Post-modern Theory of Electromagnetism“. This article reveals to you the true understanding of electromagnetic interactions in the universe.

The above article is very important in post-modern physics and it lays the foundation for the understanding of the atomic world. The next article on this blog I will like us to celebrate is the one on “The Two Laws of Conservation of Energy“.

The article is quite simple, but it is only deceptively so. I believe that when you come to understand the overall implication of the article, you will see how it really changes our understanding of energy.

The two laws of conservation of energy will enlighten you about the nature of dark energy which is mostly due to the second form of energy in the universe. This article is a snippet of the overall post-modern understanding of energy.

I really want you to read it. There are many more great articles on this blog that I will also like you to read, some are more technical than the others, and you will find some of them linked at the bottom of every post.

I believe that there is so much more to come for us. The portal of understanding has been opened to us all. It is here, in this blog, that you will learn about the hidden mysteries of the universe. The knowledge of these mysteries will set you apart from those who don’t know them, even though it is my will that all come to this knowledge.

I have looked into today’s science and I see a lot of proposed practical impossibilities which are not really practical impossibilities, but we think of them as practical impossibilities because we did not have the blueprint of the universe.

Echa & Science is laying the foundation for the new scientific knowledge that will ignite a revolution in our thought, and that will in turn dissolve these practical impossibilities, for in the face of understanding, impossibilities vanish.

All my articles on this blog which are spinning and growing post-modern physics emerge from The Theory of the Universe. I have encapsulated all my current scientific understanding of the universe in this treatise, and it lies at the inner sanctum of Echa & Science.

This treatise deals purely with the nature of absolute space and time, and it describes the universe based on them. This illuminating insight into the true nature of absolute space and time is what has produced post-modern physics and it is the motivating factor for starting this great science blog.

When I began to fully understand The Theory of the Universe, I realized that it really isn’t a new scientific theory, rather it is a new kind of science (that is metaphysical), and as a new kind of science, it can only be published on a new platform. This new platform is Echa & Science. Echa & Science represents the new official science.

I celebrate Echa & Science and what it represents for science. I really hope to keep sharing my scientific knowledge with you, and my 100th post is a milestone I have decided to use to show you how thankful I am to God that I render this service to you. Echa & Science represents my non-stop commitment to this service.

There is a new reality on the horizon, and this new reality is being revealed to us by post-modern physics. We all must rise together and questioned the old ways, change them if that be the case, even as we raise on this great science blog the new edifice of post-modern physics. This is the vision and the intent for everything.

For post-modern physics!

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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