A Letter to Every Physicist in the World

Dear physicist,

I want to, first of all, say that I am indeed grateful for how far we have come in the understanding of the laws of the universe. I am indeed grateful to the revelatory spirit in all of us, especially in our no longer existing scientists that have tremendously assisted us and offered their own bit of passion in the institution of the edifice of science. 

Their laws and equations are eternal testimonies of their great contributions to science, and we shall forever cherish their ideas and scientific legacies. 

However, I wish I could say that all is well, but all is not well. Our cherished jewel, physics, is ill. I mean really ill, and its ailment is equally the absence of truth as well as the will to seek it.

What is this truth that we can rightly call our truth, this priceless gem that is forgotten but should be at the heart of our study of the cosmos? It is the preferred frame of reference for truly asserting motion.

Before I delve into further exposition, I want to unpretentiously say that I care less about how and why we decided to discard it, for we must find it, and I mean all of us. This is because physics cannot be unified without it. 

It is to me the most sacred conceptualization in the whole of physics. It bemoans me to know that we can be satisfied discussing motion, when deep down we also think that we cannot assert that motion is true.

In today’s science, we indiscriminately assign rest and motion to bodies because we supposedly cannot empirically distinguish between both states of motion, and yet we feel apathetic about it. How is this so? This is distasteful and this widespread disposition in the scientific community renders the current scientific spirit false.

The true scientific spirit cannot be satisfied with this, but would zealously seek for the restoration of a preferred reference frame. Historically, this was not always the condition, so who bewitched us that we should abandon our truth for the lie. 

The classical physicists understood the importance of the preferred reference frame in physics, and an exemplification of this true scientific spirit was the man Newton.

He found his in the proposition of classical absolute space and time, and this constituted the philosophical background of the Principia. He upheld the truth that motion must be true against all his dissenting contemporaries and more so against his senses, knowing that sensation is not truth.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

However, in the 20th century, we proved Newton’s conceptions about the preferred reference frame wrong, which is not appalling if we had replaced them with a better and more encompassing one.

But no, we abandoned any idea of the preferred reference frame, following positivism, and the dire consequences stare us at the face today. We cannot unify physics and we don’t know how anymore, whereas we have history to learn from.

Every of our fundamental scientific problem is directly related to the absence of the preferred reference frame or the wrong conception of it, and now more than ever we need to seek our truth, and with my help we can find it. It is the yardstick of any true scientific theory, the hallmark of a true scientist; it is in fact the first doctrine.

Now, the preferred frame is once more needed to simplify and make sense of physics, and in this great age, we can no longer rely a posteriori on our tools and machines to establish knowledge of the true inner workings of the cosmos, but on the a priori methods that I have come to show you, and from which even the behaviour of our tools and our extracted data emerge, for as you may have known, clocks ain’t time and meter sticks ain’t space.

My dear physicists, the search for the true preferred frame must constitute our scientific spirit, and like the first unification of physics, set the philosophical background for the second unification of physics.

We have to discard this cold and rigorous method of studying the universe. The deep workings of the universe which we now seek to unravel cannot be revealed in the presence of this cold non-philosophical method of approaching science. The true laws of the universe can only be metaphysically discerned and not physically observed.

We must ascend to this higher height of the operation of the universe. This is important. We must once again become deeply concerned with the philosophical implications of our theories and also become profoundly meticulous with our equations, so that we can capture the inherent subtleties of the universe.

Moreover, why did we become quick in abandoning the notion of a preferred reference frame? Every one of us, no matter our understanding of modern physics, knows that the Newton’s bucket experiment is one hard to dismiss proof of a preferred reference frame. 

So, what if Newton’s description of this experiment is fundamentally flawed and some new conception of absolute space and a preferred reference frame is needed.

Mach’s principle which has been hailed as the apt replacement for Newton’s proposition of absolute space has failed to serve up a unified physics, at least Einstein’s general relativity satisfies Mach’s principle even though this is a controversial position. Relativity and quantum mechanics are results of the dismissal of absolute space and a preferred frame of reference, and they both cannot be unified. Why?

This is because of the absence of a true notion of a preferred frame of reference in both theories. A third theory is now needed to unify physics, and such a theory must establish once again the notion of a preferred reference frame. In fact, it must assert true motion in any way possible.

Also, besides the Newton’s bucket experiment, there are other evidences of absolute motion staring right at us, one of which is the emission of light from the atom when charged atomic bodies move from one orbit to another. 

One must have to explain how the completely relative motion of the charged bodies in the atom can result in the completely absolute motion of light. 

The above reveals to us the bane of quantum mechanics and how it stands more than even relativity as a complete misfit in the organization of the true laws of the universe. Just as a little seed can spurn a mighty forest, so can the realization of the true description of the emission of light spurn an entirely new edifice of science. 

Motion is true and to realize the sense in which it is true is important for the unification of physics.

We must delve deeper into the metaphysical aspects of the universe than Newton did in order for us to find the holy grail of science. We all are been called today to become the first generation of rationally spiritual scientists. 

We shall no longer keep honoring only the lower physical science, but shall also give honor and due recognition to the higher metaphysical science which underlie all physical manifestations. 

No longer shall we continue to mentally dwell only on the physical universe, but we shall transverse both the physical and the metaphysical universes while discerning their mystical connection. I want to inform you through this letter that it can no longer be science as usual.

A radical shake up in our methods of understanding science is duly needed. We have to alter the current epistemological foundation of science and establish new sets of limits and principles for examining the validity of a scientific theory.

Our current scientific tradition enthrones the epistemology of relative science and makes mockery of absolute science. But absolute science presents the true epistemological foundation of scientific truth. We must refrain from relative science if we must understand the fundamental laws of the universe and the nature of the preferred reference frame.

We now have to approach the science a priori or deductive science which represents the true operations of the unified field, for our current method of science a posteriori or inductive science cannot accomplish the unification of physics. 

In this epoch of science, the laws we seek are the laws behind the laws, and the principles we now seek are the principles behind the principles.

We must realize that the true laws of the universe were written upon the canvas of absolute space and time and not upon relative space and time. Absolute space and time constitute the framework of absolute physics and the preferred reference frame. 

The Triangle

The Creator had no option in relative space and time, He designed the universe by His own metaphysical perception and conception of space and time, but we have built our theories on physical space and time and herein lies the conflict.

We now have the options of either ascending to this higher height of absolute physics where the harmony and simplicity of the universe can be found or we continue our further descent into relative physics which is characterized by ever disharmonious theories and perplexities.

This letter is a rallying call, a noble plea for us to restore the notion of true motion to physics once more. This is important for every scientist in the world and in whatever field of scientific knowledge. The study of motion is central to all sciences, and until we properly understand motion, every field of scientific knowledge is limited in advancement.

Motion is a metaphysical phenomenon. All things, including the operations of the mind, follow these metaphysical laws of motion. The metaphysical understanding of motion will tremendously advance science and heal it of all its inherent limitations. It will expand in aptly beneficial ways the capabilities of today’s science. 

The importance of the preferred reference frame in physics cannot be overemphasized, and the dependence of today’s science on the observable aspect of the universe cannot satisfy this cogent need. The preferred reference frame is entirely metaphysical and it underlies the most puzzling aspects of today’s science.

Its true essence, when properly investigated, shall reveal to us the inner operations of the universe and the unified field. So, let’s no longer seek to constrain the scientific method to satisfy our preconceived notion of how science should be done, and be responsive to the new scientific tradition absolute physics proffers. 

Finally, No man can rewrite the laws of physics, the laws are what they are and our duty is to discover them. So, let’s once again hold fast to the preferred reference frame recognizing that it is absolutely pivotal for the unification of physics.

Thank you.


Signed: Echa & Science

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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