Absolute Science and the New Man

Subtitle: A Further Discourse on the Third Doctrine

The ultimate destiny of man and his existence is to “become like God”, to become like the Higher Self; and this is in no religious sense but by the transformative power of absolute science.

This is an article where I will be specific about the science I espouse, which is absolute science, and which is the higher metaphysical science that constitutes and satisfies the processes of the cosmos and not relative science which man has erroneously imposed on the pure and ethereal universe.

This absolute science is what has birthed the new man who is neither a sinner nor a saint, but he is a scientist; he is the full representation of the God from which all things known and unknown emerged.

This is all the more fitting seeing that science embodies the first cosmic principles and not religion which was the lesser duty of the old man.

The new man is particular about the new, inextricable relationship between science and spirituality, and this time not referring to the kind of spirituality claimed by religion, but a qualitatively new kind of spirituality that is the natural inclination of the universe.

Also, one may think that I propose the above to avoid arguments and confrontations. This is far from the truth. But instead, I question what I can now call religious spirituality and which is disparate from scientific spirituality.

Religious spirituality has been the only kind of spirituality the old man knew, and even when the new man ventures into science, this is the spirituality he opposes or confronts or seeks to infuse into science. He was bereft of his own spirituality, which whether he agrees or not is of necessity to him.

It is this his discovery of his kind of spirituality called scientific spirituality which he now finds in the universe that his path of science becomes fully established. The new man becomes somewhat happy that at least his spirituality is not found in temples made of human hands and controlled by ‘holy’ priest, but in the vast universe which he has humbly sought to understand.

The universe fashioned after the imagination of God is now where the new man finds spirituality and not in the local temples fashioned after the imaginations of man. 

The new man now equipped with absolute science which is founded on scientific spirituality has no need for the reconciliation of science and religion, as both now lay claim to qualitatively different kinds of spirituality.

The universe fashioned after the imagination of God is now where the new man finds spirituality and not in the local temples fashioned after the imaginations of man.Click To Tweet

Also, the irrelevance of religion to the new man satisfies him beyond measure and liberates him from the false grip religion had on him when it laid claim to spirituality attempting to make science an incomplete or unworthy enterprise.

So, science is no longer attempting to be unified with religious spirituality, rather science is now unified with scientific spirituality, and if religious spirituality may exist or find relevance, it is only as a consequence and not as a cause.

The new man is assured of the completeness of science, so much so that he terms the new science which he has discovered absolute science. This new science has begun its transformative process in the scientist, as he becomes spiritual just as the universe is, for the more he looks into the spiritual universe, the more the spiritual universe looks into him.

Furthermore, as I have implied in the third paragraph, scientific spirituality is the first spirituality without which the universe could not have been made. The new man conceives of the path of religion as a necessary turn for man as he ventures towards true scientific spirituality.

And now he has completely ascended, he has no need for that which is ephemeral and destined to oblivion. In this regard, science and religion are not opposites, neither are they contradictory, rather science is a progression from religion and there is no hope of unification.

Does the new man then have no need for God as one still stuck and biased by religion might think? The answer is no, but he no longer interacts with Him by the appurtenances of religion but by those of science. The path has changed but the end is the same.

Science, as have been thought, is an evolutionary point away from religion, but this sentiment currently speaks of the wrong kind of science which is a greater descent than religion, for an enterprise having any form of spirituality is of a greater hope than the one that hasn’t.

Hope? Yes, hope. Hope is an important element of absolute science and also of religion, but in absolute science, hope is assured by internal knowledge whereas in religion hope is assured by external salvation.

Scientific spirituality is about how man can be transformed by universal knowledge, but religious spirituality is about how man can be transformed by proffered salvation.

The new man has no need for “salvation”, but rather the well-spring of knowledge, and this time I mean absolute scientific knowledge that is the element of God’s thought and the means by which He conceived and conceives the cosmos.

This is a higher perception that religion in its greatest capacity cannot assure the scientist, and it is the inner yearning of all creature to see all things as they must be seen and nothing less or otherwise. The new man of science cannot afford to fall short of this glory.

Now, can the old man of religion then place little relevance on scientific knowledge or go ahead to make a contiguous distinction between religious knowledge and scientific knowledge? He can but it will be a naive effort, to say the least.

The old man of religion has lost touch of time and still thinks that scientific knowledge is only about atoms and stars, and even if it was, the ramifications of this are immense to change the character of knowledge.


The world is in a scientific age, and regardless of the religion one espouses, now talking of the major world religions, he would still be espousing it inescapably by the wide-spread scientific character of knowledge.

He underestimates and more dangerously is unaware of the religious character of thought with which the major world religions were formed and how he is now cut off from it by the scientific age he has now found himself.

And as can be seen in many interpretations of the world religions are crucial errors due to the incontinuity of the ages, the religious age when the religions were formed and their texts were written and the current scientific age we now seek to interpret them.

Only by conscious effort and clear thought can one find a better interpretation to fit the new age. We must become careful to take note of the character of knowledge and how it subconsciously transforms over time.

No matter what one might think, the character of knowledge which man has in this scientific era cannot be reconciled with the character of knowledge man had in the religious era, if not the translation from one age to another will be impossible.

And it is advisable that no man in this new scientific era should think that he can conceive the world like the men before. He can’t, however, he tries.

Science has transformed the character of knowledge just as religion transformed the character of knowledge, and with the advent of absolute science, the transformation is no longer far from completion.

When the new man of science speaks of God, the old man of religion would think that he is crossing his boundaries, and this is because the old man of religion thinks that science is about man and the universe while his religion is about man and his relationship with God.

The religious man thinks that God is more concerned about religion and religious obligations than He is about how man understands the universe. But he is wrong. God is now more concerned about scientific knowledge. This is why I sometimes say that God is interested in the unified field theory.

God is interested in the unified field theory.Click To Tweet

The newly revealed concern of God for science and for scientific knowledge moves Him from the house of religion to the house of science. The coincided concern of God and man for scientific knowledge is what now brings them into a blissful relationship and union.

The era when God and man had a relationship based on their coincided concern for religious obligations is now over. The old man of religion does not know these things, but the new man of science does. He is aware of the new move of God.

Man now has a more promising scientific relationship with God than the religious relationship which he had with Him before, and this is why I now speak of the age of scientific miracles.

It is important to see from the above that I established two kinds of relationships between God and man, which are the religious relationship and the scientific relationship.

The scientific relationship between God and man and which is based on scientific spirituality defines their unending concern for scientific knowledge, while the religious relationship between God and man which is based on religious spirituality defined their coincided concern for religious knowledge and duties.

The new man of science understands the greater purpose of science and he knows that religion is not universal and that it cannot eternally define the relationship between God and man.

This is why absolute science has come to end man’s religious description of God and the universe. The new man of science does not practice physical science which cannot reveal the truth about all things, rather he practices absolute science which can reveal the truth about all things.

The revelation of absolute science has come by God and the new man of science knows this and the broader implications of this. He sees that God has come to entrench the truth about all things which the old man of religion would have preferred hidden in order to boast of the power of his God.

God has taken sides with illumination which only Him can reveal and has revealed. Or how else do you think that man can understand the truth about the universe by physical observations and data gathering?

The new man of science now understands his special relationship with a Scientific God and he is no longer averse about a religious God that is not concerned with scientific knowledge. That era is over.

The God that the new man of science recognizes and adores is the God that brings scientific illumination; the God that has brought absolute science. Absolute science is the holy scripture of the new man of science who can now see the mystery of God.

Absolute science is the holy scripture of the new man of science who can now see the mystery of God.Click To Tweet

A mystery that is hidden from the old man of religion. It is the understanding of this mystery that creates the awareness of spirituality in the mind of the new man.

The new man of science is all of us who are experiencing the sound of the seventh angel and the time when the mystery of God shall be finished. We all now rise in knowledge, understanding the roots of reality and the mystery of God.

Absolute science is assisting man to harmonize his understanding of the universe with the true laws of the universe, and these true laws have been revealed by God and not by silent contemplation.

The new man of science is conscious of how the Higher Force determines his understanding of the universe and he is ever willing to interact with Him in this regard.

Science no longer thrives without the spirit and their union is what now fully establishes the scientific age and also ensures the complete breakaway from the age of religion.

The new man is one that has ascended into the spiritual, up to God, not by religion but by absolute science; and it so pleases the Father that this be accomplished, for it is the very intent of God that science be a spiritual enterprise and that man be transformed as a result.

This article reflects our dire need and formerly hopeless condition to understand the universe. This understanding which is profound in itself cannot come by man alone doing physical science that is bereft of spirituality.

How this spirituality was going to come was unknown and even not considered. However, it has come and like every notion of spirituality supports the existence of God, so also does the new scientific spirituality support the existence of God, and He has come so that we might have that profound encompassing understanding of the universe.

Absolute science and the new man is then about how the science of God transforms man and his perception of the universe. The new man by absolute science now understands the universe and also the eternal will of God.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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