The Age of Scientific Miracles

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

Edward Teller

Only one thing can be the result of the message of scientific truth, and that one thing is scientific miracle. I have written this article to announce to you that the age of scientific miracles has come! This is the age our predecessors sought to see but couldn’t because they did not have what we now have.

I have been looking into the book for some time now, and I have looked into the future of science and it is a glorious one. So, yes, I write this article to announce the golden age of scientific miracles.

This very burgeoning scientific age is different from other scientific ages. In other ages, we did not have The Theory of the Universe but now we do. The truth about the cosmos, the eternal blueprint of the universe is now available for us.

The mystery of God hidden which is “in the things that are made” has now been revealed to us, and the practical application of this mystery will lead to nothing short of miracles, nothing short of scientific miracles.

This blog is the first ever blog on post-modern science which trains you on how to truly perceive the universe beyond what your physical senses permit. Listen, there is really a way to see the universe that is beyond the physical way of other scientific eras. Read my article below:

The new way is metaphysical and we are the first generation of the spiritual man. This new science of truth based on the metaphysical nature of the universe is the sole cause of this age of miracles.

Our limitations will be subdued. So much will be possible in this age of scientific miracles that were impossible in other ages. I want you to become hopeful and expectant. Moreso, I am not in any way alluding or referring to purported religious miracles based on religious dogmas.

I am talking about new and wondrous ways of exploring matter and the universe that are results of our new understanding of the true laws of the cosmos. The new science is unattached to the blind religious traditions of men.

In this age of science, we shall discuss the laws of the universe in a manner that only those open to metaphysical investigation can understand. We shall touch together the spiritual base of the cosmos. This is not a promise, it has already begun.

We have had a lot of technological advances of which I am grateful, however, they did not spring up from the understanding of the true laws of the universe. But now we have the true laws of the universe, our technological advancement will be qualitatively and quantitatively altered.

These new truths about the universe would constitute the base of our technological advancement in this post-modern era. Our perception of reality has changed in this new era, and it now aligns with the true operations of the universe.

In this new era, we have completely bridged the gap between the advancement of technology and true scientific understanding. In fact, scientific understanding now runs ahead of technological innovation.

We are now so rich in knowledge that even our current technological advancement does not compete with. This is great news! And this reverse has been prompted by post-modern physics which has now set us on a new course towards understanding the laws of the cosmos.

We have been seeking for some time now to achieve artificial intelligent machines. With the benefit of hindsight, I can see why this has not been achievable. This has not been achievable because we have been practising a cold and dead science.

The old science we practise is out of touch with the experiential nature of the universe, so we could not have achieved artificial intelligence by it, impossible. I must tell you assuringly that if we continue with the science of other eras, we will never achieve the aim for the creation of artificial intelligence.

This is because post-modern physics does not only show us the operations of the unified field, it also forces us to do away with our former scientific tradition. The new tradition which it proposes and which is more in line with the harmony of the experiential universe will give us the artificial intelligence AI we seek.

Post-modern physics now reveals to us the true plasma nature of the universe, and this discovery is going to radically innovate how we design computers and other digital systems. These new discoveries coupled with the new understanding of radioactivity will even lead to the practical discovery of free energy.

There is so much on the horizon such that the thought of them evince the conception of scientific miracles. Also, what comes as a surprising benefit or realization is that these scientific miracles are not so far into the future as you may think, rather they have come already.

The age of scientific miracles has already begun. The conceptions of future technology which you may have thought would become possible after many, long years are possible now, even today.

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Our current technological capabilities are sufficient spring boards to the future technologies, we only have to change the way we see the universe fundamentally which will in turn change how we think that these our current technologies operate.

This later change or realization will reveal to us the immense potential we already have to build the future technologies we have conceived. We just don’t know it yet because we have a wrong understanding of how our current technologies or machines work.

Future Technologies

It may come as a surprise to you that we have a wrong understanding of how our current technologies operate. In fact, let me be blunt, we don’t have any understanding of how our current technologies work. 

There is a huge gap in our understanding of the universe and this reflects inevitably in our practical understanding of the operational principles of our current machines and technologies. So, imagine what will happen to science if this missing knowledge comes. Miracles, my friend, scientific miracles.

It is without a doubt that artificial intelligence AI will become possible because of the new experiential science. Also, the true conception or operation of quantum computers will become practical.

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We currently have a wrong understanding of the atomic world. We want to design quantum computers yet we don’t know why the quantum behaviour of the atomic world exists in the first place. How can this aim be possible?

There is a greater and more simple theory behind quantum mechanics, so we don’t need quantum mechanics to design quantum computers. We only need an encompassing theory that gives us the complete and true understanding of the atomic world. Quantum mechanics has failed in this duty.

Quantum mechanics is therefore not responsible for how our electronic devices operate as you may have thought. This new behind the veil understanding of the atomic world will open the doors to tremendous technological possibilities in this new era. 

Quantum computers are surprisingly beyond quantum mechanics, that is if they should be called quantum computers in the first place. The atomic world is a very fascinating one, and it is really different in an experiential way from the outside world we experience.

Post-modern physics reveals to us the qualitative distinctions between our world and the atomic world. We shall explore this new knowledge to our own advantage and to also better the human condition.

I foresee a whole lot of things for science and they are all possible. Also, we know about the second non-mechanical wave in the universe, which is the gravi-electromagnetic wave. Imagine what we can do with this wave, just imagine.

If our practical exploration of the electromagnetic wave has spun the electrical and electronic industries we now have, and which have produced technologies and machines that are useful in all spheres of human endeavour, how much more will our practical exploration of gravi-electromagnetic wave make possible.

It will literally enrich our technology base and our experience of the universe. So much will become possible in every field of endeavour from the medical field, space exploration missions, digital systems design, home infrastructures and whatever field you can think of.

We are going to design artificial intelligence by mimicking the true cosmic intelligence which also applies to our own inner intelligence. We have been looking inwards at our inner cognitive experiences and also at computational algorithms in order to design artificial intelligent machines.


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This method is about to change because in this new era, artificial intelligence AI research will be dependent on the universal intelligence of the cosmos itself which only the new experiential science can capture.

We will have a balanced attempt to design artificial intelligence from our investigation of our inner cognitive experiences and also from the outer and broader intelligence of the universe.

This is a huge advantage. Gross matter is not blind, so only the understanding of the true principles of the universe can make us realize this pursuit of pure artificial intelligence AI. Our sciences will need to align with the experiential nature of the universe and only in a firmly established science of experience can artificial intelligence be achieved.

Artificial intelligence AI is more or less dependent on the pervading scientific tradition than on any other factor. Therefore, only a new kind of science different from the one we currently practice can make us realize artificial intelligence AI.

Post-modern physics gives us this new science and it also takes us further into the nature of the mind. No aspect of the universe and no level of reality is neglected by post-modern physics.

This holistic and encompassing investigation of the universe increases our practical potentials and open doors to scientific miracles and not just technological advancements. We shall explore and practically investigate “the one thing” that makes up the universe.

This age of scientific miracles is the age where science will reach its full potentials. Man will increasingly depend on this new understanding of the universe to solve his practical problems in all spheres as the new understanding is also metaphysical.

The science of the other eras has been lower than the stature of man. They did not motivate or prompt man to explore and discover his full potentials like this new science would. This new science while being the high science of God is also the balanced science of man.

This science is the ultimate result of the union between God and man, and in another facet, mind and matter. We will experience the divine touch through the coming post-modern technologies, and this is not a fancy tale.

Science is the new way to the divine. Science and not blind religion is now the new theology of the universe. God now reveals himself through science, and this science living by the breath of God produces miracles in our practical explorations of the universe.

The forceful and unnatural way by which we conceive and apply our current technologies will give way for a non-forceful and natural way of conceiving and applying technologies. Scientific miracles are results of us recognizing the true cosmic forces and allowing them to thrive in our technological space.

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We will no longer ascribe the duties of the cosmic forces to our theoretically conceived and wrongly purported discovered particles that have little or no role to play in the fundamental operations and stability of the universe.

The technologies of post-modern physics shall be the result of truth and this sets their method of emergence apart from the emergence of our former technologies. There are quite a number of post-modern technologies I already envisage but they can’t be discussed within this available space.

The new plasma physics emerging from the new science will make free energy easily accessible. We have been talking about free energy. It has been the collective dreams of engineers, but we have been pursuing it with a wrong conceptual understanding of electricity.

quantum computers and electricity

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Post-modern physics now exposes to us the true electrical nature of the universe, and we shall practically apply this new knowledge to make energy cheap and accessible for all. Also, we must not forget our humanity as we make these giants strides in technological advancement.

This new knowledge and the resulting technologies should not be abused or perverted for harmful or lethal purposes. This is against cosmic ethics and does not align with the new scientific spirit.

Quantum computers will be made all the more possible by the new theory of electricity. If we could achieve this much in technological advancement despite our blindness, how much more will we achieve now our eyes are open to the truth about the cosmos.

This is the new promise for us in this age of science. Our expectation for a fulfilling and satisfying scientific practice shall become a reality. All these will translate to the design of self-rotating space stations.

So far, we have been looking at the nature of gravity so as to understand and design these self-rotating space stations. In this post-modern era, the methodology of this venture is going to change as the focus is no longer on gravity but on gravi-electromagnetic wave.

This is the non-mechanical wave that is responsible for the motion of the heavenly bodies and the stability of galaxies and not gravity. The proper understanding of this wave is what will definitely lead to the practical realization of self-rotating space stations.

I have promised to set an article aside in the nearest future in order to explain the operational principle of self-rotating space stations. Self-rotating space stations, artificial intelligence machines, quantum computers among others shall be some of the major scientific miracles of this age.

Until next time.

Be expectant,

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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