A Better Life

.  .  . to the free spirits.

There is always a better life

After a better life.

Don’t find the skies;

Crave on, wonder yourself

Find your perfection, live your rules.

Wallow, sober cry

Touch your spirit then fly on high.

And as light, chase the shadows

Watch them creep, run-up the hills.

Tamed passions, save the world,

Unleash your soul while on Earth.

Hallow no temple; honour no altar

Seek the spirits but not in stones.

Knowledge blinds, true light blinds

And to see is by the mind.

                                      M. V. Echa

Author’s Note: “… We live in a precarious world and man is becoming an endangered species. We are barred from profitable introspection of our existence and day-to-day experiences by the urgent need to survive, by the burdening expectations others have of us and the galling standards set up by the society and cultural milieu we find ourselves.

Nevertheless, we must hold humanity in a wide embrace; we must keep listening to the whisperings of nature, for the desert winds form the beautiful barchan dunes.

Words remain our most prevailing vehicle of expression; the most effective tool for the categorization of our various and varying feelings whether love or hatred, fear or courage, pain or ecstasy etc.

Thus, we must avail ourselves the use of the power of language to get in touch with our soul, to stand in and out of our experiences, to paint on the canvas of thought the delightful portrait of our persistent reality, and to daintily spool the threads off the bobbin of knowledge.

There is miracle in writing, for which I am not indebted to my vain pride. I owe the words penned on the fragile pages of [these articles]… to the rain of reflexions that fall in due season, though not in spring.”

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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