A Necessary Caution in Our Study of Post-modern Electromagnetism

I have written this article so that I can inform you of the caution necessary in our study of post-modern electromagnetism. This is as post-modern electromagnetism is not like classical electromagnetism.

In classical physics, there was no unity of light and gravity and the consequent discovery of the gravi-electromagnetic wave. We now have two non-mechanical waves in the universe: the electromagnetic wave and the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

It is the same caution that I usually emphasize for gravity that I want to extend to light in this article. When I talk about gravity, I usually make it clear, sometimes in my crucial discussions, that what we call gravitational interaction is actually gravi-electromagnetic interaction.

What we call gravitational interaction is actually gravi-electromagnetic interaction.Click To Tweet

This is why in post-modern physics gravity or gravitational interactions are not studied taking that they are independent interactions. No, we study gravitational interactions as the component interactions of the gravi-electromagnetic interaction.

Now, this caution about gravitation which is most times an underlying understanding applies to our study of electromagnetism. We no longer study electromagnetism as a completely independent phenomenon. We are now aware that just like gravity, it is a component interaction of gravi-electromagnetism.

Both gravitation and electromagnetism come together to constitute gravi-electromagnetism. So, whatever you are informed about light or electromagnetism in post-modern physics,  you must realize that it is an approximation of gravi-electromagnetism.

But when we compare gravitation and electromagnetism, we see that electromagnetism is more independent of gravi-electromagnetism than gravitation and this is because unlike gravity, light can exist as an independent non-mechanical wave. Remember that light is the first discovered non-mechanical wave in the universe.

Thus, when we are studying electromagnetism, we are studying how light influences the motion of electrical bodies which importantly can also be due to the gravi-electromagnetic wave and this is when we become concerned about how gravity comes into the mix.

Both light and the gravi-electromagnetic wave can influence the motion of electrical bodies. This caution is important because not everything about the motion of electrical bodies is due to light, the gravi-electromagnetic wave can be the cause.

Both light and the gravi-electromagnetic wave can influence the motion of electrical bodies.Click To Tweet

I may not be mentioning the phenomena or the results of gravi-electromagnetic wave for the motion of bodies but I will like to prepare you for them in this article.


And concerning this, while the effect of gravi-electromagnetic wave on the motion of electrical bodies is only due to the simple inclusion of gravity, this leads to the very important recognition of the implications of the principle of universal equivalence for the motion of electrical bodies.

With our focus on only electromagnetism without making a reference to gravi-electromagnetism, we will miss discussing how the principle of universal equivalence is involved with the processes of the atomic world.

This is very important because at some point in the atomic world we have to deal with the principle of universal equivalence which rises due to the effects of the gravi-electromagnetic wave on the motion of electrical bodies and not due to the effects of the electromagnetic wave.

You can take the principle of universal equivalence as one of the important phenomena of gravi-electromagnetism.

Furthermore, this caution is particularly important because in the atomic world light is very much a dependent component of the gravi-electromagnetic wave than it is outside the atomic world.

Outside the atomic world, like for the uniform motion of ponderable bodies, we can talk about how only light underlies their motion. But in the atomic world, electrical bodies only accelerate, thus, their motion is always underlaid by the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

We only proceed to discuss electromagnetism in the atomic world because light, no matter its limitations in the atomic and non-atomic worlds, is still a well recognized and active non-mechanical wave in the universe, unlike gravity which isn’t at all.

This crucial and necessary caution about electromagnetism being an approximation of gravi-electromagnetism should be remembered alongside the fact that we as ponderable bodies cannot experience the acceleration of light.

I talked about this limitation in the above article. Post-modern electromagnetism is a new way of understanding the universe and it is very subtle, so we have to be very attentive to how light interacts with electrical bodies.

There is no longer in physics any such thing as independent electromagnetism. The phenomenon of electromagnetism is a component of gravi-electromagnetism. This is the necessary caution you must learn from this scientific article. 

This new fact that electromagnetism is an approximation of gravi-electromagnetism extends to how absolute force and energy are represented in post-modern physics. Some of our practical observations in particle accelerators will become clear only when we see and take note of this caution.

Also, what I am informing you about post-modern electromagnetism is what has been hinted by the discovery of dark energy which is simply gravi-electromagnetic energy. The electromagnetic energy density is an approximation of the bigger, gravi-electromagnetic energy density of the universe.

The electromagnetic energy density is an approximation of the bigger, gravi-electromagnetic energy density of the universe.Click To Tweet

In the atomic world, light only acts as a component of gravi-electromagnetic wave. Have this understanding as you approach post-modern electromagnetism.

So, even when I discuss electromagnetic lines of force, know that there are gravi-electromagnetic lines of force also. We just focus on electromagnetic lines of force for now and only delve into gravi-electromagnetic lines of force when we want to understand certain phenomena that light alone cannot account for because they really exist.

We now have a broader understanding of the universe and this reflects in our study of electromagnetism. Light and its effects are no longer all there are in the universe.

The dark mystery of the atomic world is hidden in this caution which impresses the thought that some of the activities of the atomic world are gravi-electromagnetic and as such are beyond the acceleration of light.

These activities are what forces us to look beyond electromagnetism and see how superluminal gravi-electromagnetism is involved.

Finally, we are now concerned about how the unified existence of light and gravity affects the motion of electrical bodies in the universe, and this unified existence is what has led to the inevitable approach of electromagnetism as an approximation of gravi-electromagnetism and not a completely independent phenomenon.

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– M. V. Echa

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