Celebrating 2 Years of Echa and Science!

Today, I feel very excited like a father! You know how a father feels excited to see his child grow, that is how excited I am to see Echa and Science, my brainchild, grow! Echa and Science will be 2 years old today, and though it’s not much of a time, it has however past so fast that I did not even notice.

I got this domain name around this time 2 years ago and I began hitting the publish button a month later. And for the past 2 years, nothing else has thrilled me more than to press the publish button.

I love Echa and Science with everything. She is my greatest creation. It is through Echa and Science that I have been able to show the world my innate gifts and who I really am. Echa and Science is how I have been making the world a better place for the past 2 years and I never hope to stop.

After 2 years of blogging, I hope to continue writing new articles and creating knowledge for you through this great blog which is the true frontier of science.

So, Echa and Science has been on the web for the past 2 years doing the great work of establishing the new foundation of science. This new foundation is what I call post-modern physics. But post-modern physics is not all that Echa and Science is about; Echa and Science is also about poetry, metaphysics, and philosophy.

Echa and Science has for the past 2 years been satisfying its aim of providing you and the world at large a complete ground of understanding that involves every knowledge in the universe.

If you have been with me for the past 2 years, I want to deeply appreciate you and I want to let you know that you are my world. I want to appreciate you for being a part of Echa and Science worldwide.

This great blog has come to stay on the web and as the source of the new knowledge that will once again drive civilization to the next level. We are very thankful for the past 2 years as we have grown in the metaphysical knowledge of the universe!

It all began with few articles but now we have over 300 articles with more still coming. This is how I have measured my progress so far. I have only measured our progress based on the quality and quantity of articles so far published, for nothing else can possibly matter more than the message — The message is everything.

I also have a lot to say about how Echa and Science has changed me. Echa and Science has made me a better man that can be willing to work on only one thing for as long as it takes. My power of focus has increased over the past 2 years of Echa and Science.

And not just my power of focus, but also my patience, persistence and consistency have all increased. Echa and Science has taught me patience, persistence and consistency.

I am so proud of being with Echa and Science for the past 2 years and I am willing to continue to the very end. The person I was before could not have worked on one thing for this long. Echa and Science showed me a part of myself I never knew existed.

This transformation all began when I started writing the Treatise in 2014 till I finished 3 years later. I never knew that I could contemplate on a scientific problem for so long; it was really unlike me. And as I began Echa and Science just about the same time I published the Treatise, it became clear to me that I have formed a new character.

So, today, I am not only celebrating 2 years Echa and Science, but I am also celebrating the new man that I have become. For the past 2 years, Echa and Science has occupied my thoughts, in fact, I have lived completely for it such that nothing else matters.

Today, I celebrate the second anniversary of Echa and Science and I relish just to think of the future of this great blog! We have accomplished the ‘impossible’ in this blog and today we celebrate it! This ‘impossibilty’ is the final unification of physics.

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For the past 2 years now, we have been teaching the unity of all things in this blog and I celebrate Echa and Science for rendering this immense service to mankind! Also, I want to celebrate the many poems that have fallen like rain upon the world.

Besides the physics that I teach in Echa and Science, there are great poems to read and feel. You can go ahead and read them and you can also get my first masterpiece of poetry titled: Contemplations.

Echa and Science is now 2 years old and I want to let you know that when she will be 3 years old, I will be here, and when she will be 4 years old, I will be here, and I will be here for the many more years that she will last.

Today, I celebrate all that matters to me; today, I celebrate the only focus of my passion! I must say that it has not been an easy ride; it hays been very hard at so many points but my love for Echa and Science has kept me going and it will keep me going until forever.

And in another way, I can say that the journey has not really been hard, rather it has been easy because doing my life’s work here in Echa and Science gives me the greatest joy ever! I am always thrilled to start a new article and the thrill only crescends by the time I hit the publish button.

For the past 2 years, Echa and Science has been the only reason why I wake up joyful for my life and for a new day. I don’t know what else I can do than to celebrate my greatest creation which is also the platform by which I render my life’s work to mankind!

Today, I wholeheartedly celebrate 2 years of Echa and Science and also the many more years that she is destined to continue upon the Earth.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!