Celebrating One Year of Echa and Science!

Subtitle: Celebrating the New Millennium!

Hello members of Echa and Science worldwide, this our great science blog is now one year old! It was about this time last year that I registered this domain echaandscience.com, and this was after I had pondered how to deliver this new scientific knowledge emerging from post-modern physics to you.

As at this time I did not even know that I was dealing with post-modern physics. I had not conceptualized the new science as such. It was shortly after I had started this blog that I realized that I was in a new era of physics. So, this blog is the means by which I’m calling you to join me in this newly emerging era of physics.

The era of modern physics is gone, and the new era of post-modern physics is here! So, I have decided to celebrate Echa and Science which is the platform by which post-modern physics is being introduced to the world.

Now, Echa and Science became necessary because of what physicists call “the theory of everything” which I call “the theory of the universe”. This is an encompassing theory that brings together all the known and unknown phenomena of nature under one conceptual framework.

The theory of everything should unify physics. This grand aim has been accomplished in Echa and Science. It was after I had completed this great work that I realized that the theory of the universe challenged our understanding of the universe in a manner unforeseen by the old official science.

What do I mean? It all goes to our understanding of space and time. Einstein’s relativity theories were revolutionary in that they exposed to us the changes that accompany our experience or observation of space and time due to motion, and they did not attempt in any way to question the reality of physical space and time upon which they are based and upon which we have built our understanding of reality for the past 6000 years!

But the theory of everything is different. The theory of everything while exposing to us how our experiences of space and time change due to motion, it also questions and redefines our understanding of space and time. The theory of the universe ontologically questions our understanding of space and time and it shows us that these entities are metaphysical and not physical as we have thought for the past 6000 years!

So, in celebrating one year of Echa and Science, we are also celebrating one year of our new perception of space and time. We are celebrating the new millennium! We are celebrating the translation of man from the physical to the metaphysical which is the true picture of reality.

Also, you will realize above that I compared the theory of everything to Einstein’s relativity and not to quantum mechanics. This is because the theory of everything was hidden in the conceptual framework of relativity and not quantum mechanics.

This is something we are also celebrating today, which is the discovery of the theory of the universe hidden in relativity. We are celebrating one year of the discovery of absolute relativity which is the variant of relativity that has emerged from the theory of everything.


On this day, the birthday of Echa and Science we celebrate this great march towards the truth. And as time moves on, we shall accomplish more feats in this regard. Today, we are celebrating the ascension of man from the world of gross and imperfect understanding to the finer world of perfect understanding.

Also, we are celebrating poetry! For physics and poetry are the crest and the trough of the same wave. We are celebrating “The Theory of the Universe” and also “Contemplations“! We are celebrating the whole accomplishments of Echa and Science and even the first ever scientific elucidation on the nature of the mind which can be found in “Forms“!

These accomplishments are for all of us so that we can establish on this planet a great scientific civilization. Not a civilization that is ignorant of the true laws of the universe, but is fully aware of what they are and how they determine our experiences of the universe. We are now celebrating true enlightenment! 

But the journey has been a lonely one. Since 2014 that I took this path to absolute science which I will someday discuss with you, I have been all alone. But the deep understanding of the universe that I was getting from my personal study of the universe could not allow me to keep to myself, I had to share these great ideas with you.

These are ideas like the absolute natures of space and time, of light and gravity, ideas like the acceleration of light (aceleritas), the absolute principle of inertia, the absolute principle of non-inertia, the principle of universal equivalence, the acceleration of gravity etc. How could I live knowing that you don’t know these great truths which will forever complete your understanding of the universe and prove once and for all that we can comprehend the universe?

These are my motivations for starting this great science blog, and in the midst of the celebration, there is still a sober feeling in my heart, which is due to my concern for how you understand the universe, for I want you to come to the knowledge of the truth about all things.

I want you to discover and fully understand what I teach you about the universe on this great science blog. This is my aim and I know that it would bring me great joy to see that you understand among other things the absolute principle of inertia and its connection to the two kinds of absolute momentum in the universe and also the absolute principle of non-inertia and its connection to absolute force.

So, I am elated today and also sober, and it is in the spirit of my soberness (which is due to my concern for how you understand the universe) that I dedicate this sonnet to you titled “Beyond the Hill”, and here it goes:

Beyond the Hill

There is a brown hill in summer town

We must grace it even though we frown;

So that we can become angels and anything more

And be certain that today ain’t like before.

There is a sunset behind the hill,

So we must march on and not be still;

A smile for us who make it through

But before then we all must be true,

To be ourselves and no longer suppose

That by the stars we serve our purpose.

Now time is for us, so be an experience

While the years count in a sober silence,

For beyond the hill I will be waiting, 

So make it through and don’t think of failing.


For the sober feeling!

For the new millennium!

For one year of Echa and Science!

And until next time,

I will be here. 

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!