Celebrating the Arrival of Cosmic Harmony and Universal Synthesis

I woke up this morning with great joy in my heart! I was literally smiling and so full of joy! Now, why was this? It was because of the age of cosmic harmony that I see man entering.

So, I decided to write this article so that we can celebrate the arrival of cosmic harmony and the age of universal synthesis that has come upon mankind.

So, despite the drums of war and the crisis in the world all over, the age of unification and world peace is upon us. This is what I want you to understand, that the universe has better plans for us that are greater than the struggles of our greed and selfishness.

A great wave of cosmic harmony is sweeping the whole world. The world is only experiencing some upheavals which are pre-stages before the experience of universal synthesis.

Everything including dualities and long-standing opposites are finding their true balance and unity. This is absolutely beautiful to imagine, not to talk of seeing as I do today, and every day, for some time now.

The unity I speak of is the one that will sweep across all the strata of the human society and send the information across that man has ascended.

The world is soon to be founded on the one unified ideology that has its origins in the universe. We all must celebrate the spirit of unity and ascension. For we cannot ascend without the spirit.

In a further explanation, ascension is not physical, rather it refers to the mental rise from the physical understanding of the universe to the spiritual or metaphysical understanding of the universe.

It is in this sense that I say that we cannot ascend without the spirit. We cannot discover unity without the spirit of the universe which is now in our midst. Yes, the Sun of God with us today.

It is something to celebrate even as we now look to the future with the sure hope of what it would unveil, which is long-lasting unity and harmony among mankind.

We are entering into the first true spiritual age where we shall have a spiritual consciousness of the universe and stop seeing it as a physical place. In this celebrated age of cosmic harmony, man shall find his place and connection to the universe.

In this celebrated age of cosmic harmony, man shall find his place and connection to the universe.Click To Tweet

And as a result, man would realize that the spiritual universe is the only true base of his spirituality. This is absolutely important as we have corrupted and made different religions with different themes and teachings that do not have their roots in the universe.

The Earth

So, today, man returns to the universe and to his cosmic meaning and purpose.

We rejoice today because there is immense hope for mankind. Today, we embrace the ideology of the universe that is capable of unifying us and showing us our grand purpose and the entire mystery of God and of all things.

Today, man returns to the universe and to his cosmic meaning and purpose.Click To Tweet

Another beautiful thing is the realization of the higher frame of the man and the woman. We are now knowing of a truth that the man and the woman are not just biological genders; they are two cosmic principles in eternal dynamic interaction.

This new realization gives the man and the woman the higher cosmic view of themselves and of their eternal unity that transcends their Earthly existence. And now, we know that this dynamic interaction is the cosmic origin of life.

This is as we now discover the man and the woman not just in ourselves, but also in the universe, where they have existed before creation.

So, it is a beautiful time to be alive and on Earth. We are in the era of cosmic harmony and the universal synthesis of the man and the woman, of God and man, of light and gravity, the latter which has been the special concern of physics.

However, the unification of light and gravity was not to come as a light standalone unification of physics, it was to have effects on other integral aspects of knowledge and philosophical narrations.

In fact, the unification of light and gravity was to bring immense philosophical implications and also the true scientific meaning of some of the most ancient mystical narrations, some of which have become corrupted by religion.

Mankind is now returning to the gnostic foundation of the ancient scriptures in which their meaning have become hidden in the literal interpretation of these scriptures. 

These gnostic or knowledge-based interpretations of the scripture are what align not just all religions, but unify them with the discoveries of post-modern science. So, we are really in the time of cosmic harmony and universal synthesis.

Cosmic harmony is about the discovery and perception of the grand interconnection of all things. It is about our unified and beautiful experience of the world. And it is about the new spiritual reverence for the universe once again.

That’s why I love to speak of the God of the Universe in order to be particular that I refer not to the religious God or whatever. I refer to the Spirit of Creation, which is simply the personal universe.

The universe is alive and we are one with her. Today, we are realizing that “[the spiritual] man is the measure of all things.” Man is the microcosm of the cosmic principles.

And there is nothing as beautiful and deeply touching as the inner sense of unity. When it overwhelms you, like it does to me, you can’t help but be drawn to the universe. And as a scientist, nothing has drawn me to the deep sense of unity like physics. I bask in it all day.

So, I celebrate the unity of man and the universe, which could only have been the achievement of science. This has been the deep secret purpose of science which now unveils itself to us today.  

So, my dear friend, the light at the end of the tunnel is great for all of mankind’s turmoil in the path towards our collective enlightenment. Therefore, today, join me and celebrate the arrival of cosmic harmony and universal synthesis upon the Earth!

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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