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I am glad that you have come to this blog and that you are seeing this article. My name is M. V. Echa, and this blog is my platform to share my insights and thoughts about the universe, and it marks the beginning of the new wind of illumination of the inner operations of the ethereal realm of the universe which truly underlie all that you see, I mean all.

This website is dedicated to the higher metaphysical science, and my scientific insights come by divine inspiration. So, I want to gladly tell you that for the past 24 months I have been theoretically investigating cosmic laws and I have so far come across novel and important insights into the universe that I can no longer keep to myself, and that I must share with you.

I want you to have the same insights and thrills as I have and that is why this blog is equally for you. What kind of insights do I refer to? I refer to the kind of insights that can only come from the theory of everything, from the grand perception of the unity of all things.

My intent for starting this blog is to share absolute scientific knowledge with you, the kind of higher science you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

I want your deep hunger to know how the universe was created, the mystery of space and time, the true essence of light and gravity, the nature of dark energy, the central mystery of quantum mechanics, consciousness etc. to be satisfied, for all these questions I have resolved and I want to reveal them to you.

So tell me, doesn’t this feel great already? It really does! I will reveal to you the unconventional wisdom of the cosmos not found anywhere on the planet, and this blog is my platform to accomplish this mission, and so I desire and anticipate your active participation in this blog to make this possible, for you are an important part of what has come.

All my remarkable illumination of the universe are put together for you in a treatise I titled The Theory of the Universe which is so named to distinguish it from other theories of everything out there. I feel that the theory of the universe should have its own blog or online platform.

I was further prompted to begin this blog because the philosophical background of the theory of the universe is the new philosophy of absolute relationism and which is a synthesis of the philosophy of absolutism of classical physics and the philosophy of relationism of modern physics.

Thus, this blog marks the birth of the era of post-modern physics and it will assists you grasps how this new philosophy of absolute relationism guided me in arriving at the theory, for it will also guide you as you study the treatise.

This new philosophy of absolute relationism engenders absolute relativity which fundamentally differs from Einsteinian relativity and which is the true conceptual framework for understanding the universe and it is the pillar of this new era of post-modern physics, and I am so glad that you are a part of this new wave of illumination.

This is crucial even as you proceed from the preliminary pages of the work. So, the axioms and deduced equations of The Theory of the Universe rest on this guiding philosophy. Please take note.

I want to also inform you that The Theory of the Universe is radically simple just like special relativity and that you can understand it. So you don’t have to be worried about not being a so-called expert of complex mathematics and the rest. Just COME as you are, for this knowledge is for all of us.

So, I welcome you to the inner sanctum of scientific knowledge where there is no ignorance, no darkness or perplexity, but illumination. Now, my dear enlightened one, go and read my other articles and get your own copy of The Theory of the Universe which is our own holy book, the holy grail and the singularity of all we shall ever discuss in this great blog.

Your guide,

– Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!