The New Philosophy

Today’s science stands upon two very important philosophies. One is absolutism and the other one is relationism. According to scientific history, both philosophies emerged from our intellectual quest to describe the origin of inertia.

Absolutism of classical physics informs us that during accelerated motion inertia arises from our motion relative to immovable space while relationism of modern physics informs us that during accelerated inertia arises from our motion relative to other bodies or masses in the universe. This insight is otherwise referred to as Mach’s principle.

Now, Echa & Science introduces a new scientific philosophy which is referred to as absolute relationism, which evidently informs us that the two great philosophies of science absolutism and relationism are two aspects of the same philosophy. 

I have written this page so as to inform you of the philosophical background of all the scientific insights you would learn in this blog, and also, I want you to know that absolute relationism is the philosophical background of the unified field and the entire operations of the universe.

Contrary or rather differently from absolutism and relationism, absolute relationism informs us that inertia arises because bodies move. This new philosophy reveals to us that inertia is an inherent property of all motion, whether uniform motion or accelerated motion.

Echa & Science stands upon this overarching philosophy and I want you to be a part of this great march of science towards the comprehension of all things. All my articles and my e-guide, absolute relativity are founded on this philosophy.

So, any new insight that you realize does not fit in with your current understanding of physics, I want you to realize that it fits in post-modern physics. Post-modern physics has brought together the entire aspects of the universe.

Echa & Science is primarily concerned about how this new philosophy helps us understand the universe and the evolution of science. We all shall by this new philosophy complete our understanding of the cosmos, and the newly forming edifice of science shall be founded on absolute relationism.

Your man,

– M. V. Echa