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If this is your first time of visiting this blog, then I want to welcome you to Echa & Science. No doubt your enthusiasm for the nature of the universe has brought you to this blog, and I want to ensure that your curiosity will be satisfied in this blog, for this blog is the only school of the higher sciences on the planet.

This blog aims to restore your confidence in the actual fact that you and the rest of mankind can comprehend the universe, that we can understand all mysteries. Yes, there are certain mysteries that confound scientists. All this is because they are still stuck in modern physics. 

We, in this blog, have moved past modern physics. We are now in post-modern physics which is the era of the unified field. There are no more mysteries in post-modern physics. So, by coming to this blog you have made the first big leap into the new era of knowledge, and other things have become easy.

This blog is the first blog that fully exposes to you the discoveries of post-modern physics. So, I really want you to know that at some point in this blog you may have to shed your understanding of the universe according to classical and modern physics.

Also, the philosophy upon which my scientific expositions in this blog is based is absolute relationism. Absolute relationism is an encompassing, post-modern scientific philosophy which unifies the two scientific philosophies of classical absolutism and modern relationism.

Moreover, because this new scientific philosophy of absolute relationism is new to you, the newly emerging science from this philosophy will also be new to you. So, I don’t want you to be quick in dismissing what you shall find on this blog because they are the in-roads to the theory of everything and they emerge from it.

I have set up this blog because I want to assist you to understand post-modern physics. And also I want to raise on this blog the new edifice of scientific knowledge. So, this blog comes with a pure intent to progress fundamental science. Again, I must let you know that the scientific knowledge in this blog is new.

Things like space, time, light, gravity etc now have a new meaning in post-modern physics. So, I think that it won’t be too much to ask for your dedication to post-modern physics which will also come as you begin to fully understand the illuminating insights post-modern physics reveals to you.

Furthermore, on this blog and in some of my articles I make it a point of duty to reassure you that we can understand the universe. This blog is one of the blogs (I think) that does not sympathize with the despair in other science blogs that concentrate on the crisis in physics.

Here, in Echa & Science, we declare that the crisis in physics is over and the portal of scientific understanding has been opened! We sympathize with hope on this blog, and I want to imbibe this attitude in you. This blog proves to you that we can understand the universe. Is there any bliss greater than this!

Again, I don’t want you to forget that this is a blog about post-modern physics, not classical physics and not modern physics, even though post-modern physics somewhat builds on classical and modern physics. And I most times criticize classical and modern physics employing the new insights from post-modern physics. 

Now, in this blog, all of my articles on the universe are interconnected, so you may find yourself being perplexed by what I say in some articles unless you get a composite understanding from my other articles. And this is partly because the conceptual framework I use to describe the universe is new, which is Absolute Relativity.

So, if you get a copy of the e-guide The Theory of the Universe: Absolute Relativity you would understand all my scientific articles. However, if you haven’t gotten the e-guide you should read these four classic articles:

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The second article is a compressed version of absolute relativity, so it should give you the required start in the understanding of my other articles and also the universe according to post-modern physics.

Also, on this blog, I sometimes publish my poems. This is because I see physics and poetry as the crest and trough of the same wave. I really hope you are enlightened about the nature of the universe by my articles and e-books.     

Your man,

– M. V. Echa