The End of the Old Science

“The end of [a] science is not to prove a theory, but to improve mankind.”

Manly P. Hall

The science we currently practice has become old and is about to die, and like every great man that dies is given a befitting burial, so it must also be given a befitting burial. I write this article with a solemn heart because I am also used to the old science and because it has served as a springboard for the new science which is its greatest service.

Now, you may wonder why I say this, even when some think that today’s science is still young. Well, how could we have determined the time span of our current scientific practice? Our current science, like an old man, has lost its fervour and in a very short time. 

Our current modern science is the old science. The growing, irresolvable mysteries of today’s science are all proclaiming the death of our current way of doing science. So, let’s make a list of the (seeming) unresolvable problems or mysteries of today’s science before we proceed.

  1. The nature of dark energy
  2. The nature of dark matter
  3. The unification problem
  4. The fine-tuning mystery
  5. The true interpretation of quantum mechanics
  6. The nature of light
  7. The nature of black holes
  8. The nature of gravity
  9. What is time?
  10. The mystery of quantum entanglement
  11. Etc.

The above, among others, are the pressing mysteries of today’s science, and the one of major concern to us is the unification problem. The unification problem, if solved, would lead to the resolutions of other problems. 

How can we go about the unification problem? I want to let you know that the unification problem is not a theoretical or conceptual problem. Rather, it is problem that goes to the very heart of the current way we do science. 

The search for a unified field theory is a search for a new way of doing science. Now, what if our current scientific method is deeply faulty and cannot help us solve the unification problem, how hopeless would this situation be?

The search for a unified field theory is a search for a new way of doing science.Click To Tweet

These questions I am raising are also inextricable from our current notions or understanding of space and time. Let’s look briefly at how the current science teaches us to understand space and time.

Current science informs us so much about space and time except what they really are. In current science, space and time are hugely externalized and are mainly of mechanistic relevance. What do I mean?

Let’s take the case of a man who travels in a car and in a mix of uniform and accelerated motions from point A to point B. After such a travel, a physicist can determine his speed by looking at a clock in order to determine how long the journey took and also by looking at the space he travelled by using a meter stick. 

Also, so long as the end points of the traveller distance are marked, one can measure at any time the distance he travelled. This distance is then inserted into our equations from which interpretations are based and derived.

This is basically how we do current science. We base our interpretations of motion solely on what we can measure, using clocks and meter sticks. However, is this method tenable?

Are there aspects of motion that are internal and experiential that our externalized and mechanistic clocks and meter sticks cannot measure, but are however crucial for the discovery of the unified field? This is what brings us to the qualitative nature of the universe.

This is what brings about the end of our current scientific method, for there are qualitative aspects of motion our clocks and meter sticks cannot measure in any possible physical way. The new science is informing us that when the traveller moved in uniform motion during the travel, he moved in uniform space, and when he moved in accelerated motion he moved in accelerated space. 

How can the physicist capture this great truth about space using his meter sticks? The same goes for time. Both uniform time and accelerated time are respectively involved in the uniform and accelerated motions of the traveller. So, how can the physicist capture this great truth about time using his clocks?

This also raises the question, if our current science cannot measure or give us anything about certain aspects of space and time, how then can we say that we understand space and time? In other words, are space and time according to current science really the space and time of the universe?

No, our current space and time do not exist in the cosmos. The space the traveller experienced from A to B is not what the meter stick measured, and the time he experienced is not what the clock measured.

Science and New Light

This scientific truth is crucial. Do the operations of our meter sticks and clocks come any close to the true operations of space and time? No, and this failure of our current science to rightly apply space and time in their true, unreducable essence is what has led to its death. 

The old science, which is the science of physical space and time has exhausted itself and is now dead. It is now dead, for the first has been taken away so that the second can be established. Post-modern science is now the new science which replaces the old science.

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Nevertheless, we must give honour to the old science which has produced tremendous leaps for man in the aspect of technological and practical innovation, though I must let you now know that the old science has not assisted us in any way to understand the universe.

All our technological advancement have ironically ridden on the back of blind science. Also, our hopeless dependence on our tools and technologies is as a result of the dependence of our current science on external and mechanistic space and time. 

This is why we have been practising the science a posteriori not realizing the true laws of the cosmos can only emerge or be known from the science a priori. The science a priori is the new science and it is not dependent on external, mechanistic space and time but on internal, experiential space and time.

This scientific revolution is the greatest revolution of all ages! In this new age, the inner operations of space and time shall be understood and described only by the internal experiences they impress on man and not by any external means. 

One of such impressions is inertia, and there is no way current science can tell us how inertia is a direct consequence of the quatitative nature of space and time which it upholds. This loophole cannot be overlooked.

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The advent of gravi-optics will also permit us to experience absolute space and time and apply a new method of standardizing their flow in quite a similar manner we have standardized physical space and time.

As post-modern physics takes a full swing, man will completely leave the physical universe and walk into the metaphysical universe. And in this metaphysical universe man will assign events and make appointments according to absolute space and time. 

This is the potential of post-modern physics. Post-modern physics will launch new practical methods for our investigation of the universe that would inevitably produce tremendous advancement in our technological capabilities.

The ascension would be perfect by then. For now, our dependence on the old science for its practical relevance may hold on, but when we fully begin to harness gravi-electromagnetism, which would definitely happen, our dependence on this old science will disappear and the new science will be all in all.

This new science will then become completely relevant for both true understanding and for practical applications. It is at this point in the nearest future that the capacity of our mind will increase and man shall break all boundaries. Man will become the only law in the universe. 

The unified field theory which has finally come down to us calls for the death of our old way of understanding. It is our old way of understanding the universe that has greatly hindered us from resolving the mysteries of science that I listed above. 

Science has entered its era of truth. The ignorance and blindness of other times are over. The nature of space, time, light, gravity etc, have come to us in a manner the old science could not have revealed.

Bodies in Space

The weakness of the old science has faded in the light of the new science. Science is now more than ever a powerful tool for understanding all things about the cosmos. And while physics is the body of the old science, metaphysics in its true form is the body of the new science.

The era of the philosophers has come! Science is now breathing the new air of freedom. The old science taught us to understand the universe by observing physical space and time. Now, the new science teaches us to understand the universe discerning metaphysical space and time.

The true laws of the universe are “metaphysically discerned” and are not physically observed. The new science is the way of the unified field and the method of God. The new science calls for our maturity and ascension as sons and daughters of God, and to not remain as blind babies lost in the endless mysteries of the universe caused by our canal perceptions.

Both sciences are contrary. One is physical while the other is metaphysical. This is the new shift in our awareness and consciousness of the universe. The death of the old science marks the end of our canal dependence on our gullible senses that are easily fooled by appearances. True science is metaphysical.

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In the old science, understanding was established by physical observation, but in the new science, understanding is established by discernment. This new way provokes the use of the unexplored aspects of our mind. It shows us new unexplored ways to comprehend the universe.

The true nature of the finer and deeper levels of reality which we have approached since the advent of relativity and quantum mechanics are discerned and not observed. The non-application of this new scientific method is what caused the conceptual gap or division between relativity and quantum mechanics.

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The old science which cannot assist us in understanding the finer levels of reality has however taken us to the very portal of reality, which when crossed would mark the beginning of endless wonder for science. Without the old science, we would not have fully recognized and appreciated the subtlety of nature.

The new science now empowers us to use our inner eyes to discern and perceive the true and tangible nature of reality. The spirit of the universe has now been discovered! Scientific truth is our inheritance in this new science. The universe, our home, is no longer a strange place. 

The new scientists of this era must become born again, and do away with the biased notion that reality is about all we can physically observe and measure. This is a lie, and nothing has caused so much limitation in our understanding of the universe like this bias which is at the heart of official science. 

Official science must be reborn and become open minded for true metaphysical investigation. Without this, we cannot hope for the unified field theory and the progress of fundamental science. The current mockery of physics would persist without this transformation.

It is now the noble responsibility of official science to abandon the old way and embrace the new way of doing science. The science a priori is now the new official science, and not the science a posteriori which constituted the old science.

Post-modern scientists have absolved themselves of the burden of accounting for the forces and have now attributed all things to the aether. The subtleties of nature are now fully realised, and science is now a living, pulsating enterprise.

No more mysteries, vague particles, pointless fields, complex topologies, mistaken premises, mind straining equations, blind laws and principles, and no more biased official science. The old science has ended.

For the new science and in respect of the old science, I take a bow. 

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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