Could the Existence of Light be a Miracle?

“And God said, let there be light: and there was light.”

KJV — The Beginning

Since I began absolute science, it has dawned on me that the existence of light, contrary to what many scientists will think, is not an absolute necessity. So, why does it exist in the universe? I think it is because light is a miracle!

Could it be that in the beginning, God was concerned about physical perception that he had to create light or would I rather say separate light from gravity to give us an approximation of gravi-electromagnetic wave?

Post-modern physics teaches us that matter was made from gravi-electrodynamics wave, so because of this, it is not really necessary that light should exist in the universe but it does, and this is unless physical perception was of concern during creation.

Light was not necessary for the creation of matter, and even the interconvertibility of mass and electromagnetic energy can be seen as being due to the fact that light is an approximation of gravi-electromagnetic wave. I have made this point in this article.

To help us understand the implications of all of this, I want you to know that the creation of light was the consequent creation of uniform motion. The creation of light has deep cosmic effect on how we move in the universe that we were not aware of until now.

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So, in this article, I am arguing that light and consequently uniform motion are not absolutely natural. Matter can exist without light and consequently uniform motion.

You may be wondering why I am attaching the existence of uniform motion to the existence of light? It is no doubt a good question.

We are now learning from post-modern physics and The Theory of the Universe that there is no such thing as the independent motion of bodies in the universe. Bodies move in a manner that mimics either light or gravi-electromagnetic wave.

Ponderable bodies in uniform motion mimic light or the electromagnetic wave while bodies in accelerated motion mimic the gravi-electromagnetic wave. In the universe, precedence is given to the motion of the two non-mechanical waves in the universe which are objective over the motion of bodies which are subjective.

So, if there was no light in the universe, there will be no uniform motion, as ponderable bodies will not see any non-mechanical wave to mimic so as to move in uniform motion.

This, therefore, shows us that light exists beyond the need for physical perception; it also exists for uniform motion to be possible in the universe. So, when light was created, uniform motion was also created, and this discovery makes the existence of light all the more important and miraculous.

The gravi-electromagnetic wave which bodies in accelerated motion mimic is more necessary than light, for like I always say, it is the wave of creation. Accelerated motion is the natural result of the creation of gravi-electromagnetic wave and of matter consequently.

It is now coming as a surprise to me that light which is the non-mechanical wave that we have always known is not absolutely natural and that contrary to what we may have thought, accelerated motion is more natural than uniform motion.

This is because the study of light and the proceeding study of the gravi-electromagnetic wave is a qualitative translation. The same applies to uniform motion and the proceeding study of accelerated motion.

(I want you to read the article below to furnish you with the understanding of the three theses which constitute the foundation of absolute motion.)

Accelerated motion is a qualitatively different kind of motion and not a deviation from uniform motion as we have thought in classical physics. We are now coming to understand so much about the universe, both its quantitative and qualitative manifestations.

So, with all of these, we realize that the existence of light is not absolutely natural and that its existence is thus a miracle. The day light was made, a new kind of motion, uniform motion, was consequently made. And in fact, it can be said that uniform motion is a qualitative deviation of accelerated motion.

Light and gravity have always been in natural union as the gravi-electromagnetic wave until the miracle and light was able to separate from gravity to constitute its own nature as an electromagnetic wave. This can be seen as the miracle of physical perception and as well as the miracle of uniform motion.

This article is one of my articles where I present a scientific truth like what one would call a religious story. But who can totally refute the possibility of ancient religious texts and ‘fables’ containing great scientific truths that even the writers themselves were unaware of?

The existence of light is a miracle, an afterthought of creation, so as to permit the lesser physical perception of the universe. But this should not be our aim, for we can now seek for the higher perception of the universe that gravi-electromagnetic wave makes possible.

This article further convinces us that light is not all there is and that a lot about the cosmos is hidden in a higher wave which is absolutely natural and which holds the mystery of creation and the way of the universe.


Also, the existence of light as a miracle is an aspect of thought that is a result of conceiving only of the two non-mechanical waves in the universe and their inextricable relationship with matter and its motions, and also by considering creation with matter at the center and not the ontology of space and time.

So, the existence of light being a miracle may become limited and probably not the case when we look ontologically at the nature of space and time themselves and bring them into the mix.

But for an aspect of thought and which also proves the point that light is not absolutely natural, the existence of light is a miracle that does not follow naturally from the creation of matter.

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– M. V. Echa. 

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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