A Short Exposition on the Matters of Truth and Effrontery

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“… he that is spiritual judgeth all things… ”

The Epistles — KJV

Every scientific enquiry is a matter of truth and effrontery and both cannot be separated as the latter is always a natural result of the former.

What precedes the truth about every scientific enquiry is the enquiry about the nature of truth and this enquiry is not just of a philosophical nature, rather it is an enquiry that extracts its resolutions from the dialogue between man and the Great Mind.

The ultimate aim of every enquiry and especially of scientific enquiries is to unveil the truth. And in this aim, what is more important than the methodical steps to the truth is the right manner in which to comprehend the nature of the enquiry and the exact appearance of the results.

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The exact appearance of the results of a scientific enquiry is of great importance and it should be what determines their veracity. And in speaking of appearance, I refer to the possible physical or metaphysical appearances of the results of scientific enquiries.

The nature of truth is metaphysical and not physical and this understanding about the nature of truth is of immense significance to scientific enquiry. This important lesson is what is being impressed on us by post-modern physics.

The resolution of the nature of truth is the first knowledge or prime determinant that predetermines how we approach scientific enquiries and the results we will produce.

If we take that the truth is physical, we will arrive at different results than when we take that the truth is metaphysical.

We are now more than concern about the results that the conception of the metaphysical nature of truth will produce for our understanding of reality.

The currently deeply rooted prejudice against the metaphysical nature of truth is being confronted by the new science and uprooting this prejudice will stand as the most important consequence of the great scientific revolution.

The true picture of reality cannot be perceived by physical science and this understanding goes a long way to show us the irrelevance of physical science and its attendant activities for the true investigation of the processes of the cosmos.

More than before, we are now coming to know that comprehension is possible and it can only come by the means of metaphysical science. This is the source of the spirit of effrontery that has now possessed our investigation of the universe.

Truth in its absolute nature does not only bring satisfaction, it also brings effrontery that completes the bliss of scientific knowledge. In the expressed manner of the results scientific investigation, truth is the precursor of effrontery and this effrontery has been unwittingly and greatly sought besides “the joy of comprehension”.

Truth in its absolute nature does not only bring satisfaction, it also brings effrontery that completes the bliss of scientific knowledge.Click To Tweet

It has been one of our aims to speak assertively about the processes of the universe beyond the crawling and gripping shadows of doubt.

This is where the nature of truth becomes of paramount concern for scientific enquiry and not just the nature or assessment of any of the two possible scientific methods by which we can establish a scientific theory or explanation.


The benchmark for any scientific proposition has always been the truth but what this truth is in its appearance or exact nature had not been settled until now. This implies that we are closer to the expectations of the truth than ever before when we thought that the truth is physical.

Now, we speak the truth without any sense of a benchmark, and this is regardless of the limit of language which is now to be complemented by the new practical experiences of the experiential universe.

The new experiences of the experiential universe that shall proceed from the new science are greatly internal and probably inexpressible and this is simply because we have transcended beyond the boundaries of the physical universe.

So, we speak of the kind of effrontery that comes with the unified experience of the universe and by consciously taking part in its processes which their nature was formerly hidden from us.

The truth in being metaphysical becomes experiential and it is not a solely mental experience, it is an organic experience that extends from the mind to the broader universe.

The truth is not only the content of knowledge, it is also the doorway to the participatory experience of the universe. So, every scientific enquiry is not just a call towards mental understanding, it is a call towards the participatory experience of the universe.

The truth is metaphysical and the universe is experiential. The non-experiential universe that accompanies the old prejudice of the physical nature of truth has been completely crushed by the new science.

This new science teaches us how to approach every scientific enquiry with effrontery and the certainty of truth. It shows us how we are one with the universe and in this oneness, there can be no sense of intimidation only effrontery.

We no longer speak about a universe that is out there beyond our conscious experience and that we must understand, rather we speak about a universe that is not to be understood, per se, but that is to be experienced.

The truth leads us to experience the universe and in whatever manner this experience will be accomplished and which will prove how the new science differs from the old science can satisfy as the ultimate aim of scientific enquiry.

Effrontery just like truth is real and it shall with time prove to be necessary for our experience of the universe, especially of the high absolute principles of the cosmos. It shall be a new recognition that transforms how we do practical science.

So, effrontery is more than just a philosophical construct, it is one of the character elements of the new man who has been completely absorbed and transformed by the new science.

And we can agree that this absorption and transformation is a gradual process that will progress with experiential time and the pace of the new science.

Truth and effrontery are now the new podiums for the delivery and experience of scientific knowledge against before when conjectures and ‘humble doubts’ were the podiums for the delivery and experience of scientific knowledge.

Truth and effrontery are now the new podiums for the delivery and experience of scientific knowledge.Click To Tweet

Both are real and are not philosophical constructs and as the new science progresses they will become greatly manifested in undeniable unity that will contribute as the cause and the effect of our experience of the universe.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

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