FORMS: Mind and Matter (e-guide)

Forms - ebook


This enquiry, which is the sequel of The Theory of the Universe, further presents the consequences of the central aspect of the form, especially as it applies to absolute space and time. It also aims to extend the three fundamental metaphysical quantities of motion and the five metaphysical principles already mentioned in the Treatise by introducing two more metaphysical quantities and principles respectively. While these metaphysical quantities are tacit and the metaphysical principles to be presented run undefined throughout the Treatise, they demand to be clearly delineated to constitute the corpus of a complete scientific and philosophical understanding of the cosmos. Also, and importantly, the mystery of consciousness and the basic theory of the Mind and how it harmonizes with Matter are clearly elucidated in this enquiry.


This treatise comes with the preliminary pages and the main body. However, the main body of this e-guide on Forms is divided into six (VI) sections.

Section I introduces the e-guide and sets your mind ready to grasp the other contents of the ebook.

Sections II and III deals with the sixth and the seventh absolute principles of the universe.

Section IV describes the two other absolute quantities not mentioned in The Theory of the Universe.

Section V presents the description of the nature of the mind and it shows the crucial four theses that encapsulate the entire operations of the mind and how it harmonizes with matter.

Section VI is the conclusion of this treatise.


If you have ever sought to know the true and exact nature of the mind, then this treatise is what you need. This e-guide would expose to you the connection between will and motion, and it will greatly increase your understanding of the metaphysical nature of motion

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You will understand the operations of the mind according to the laws of physics and not according to the psychological or biological sciences or any other field of knowledge. This is profound and satisfying.

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– M. V. Echa