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Subtitle: The Nature of Mind

The greatest mystery that has confronted man since the beginning of time, is the nature of the mind. The mind has puzzled so many great minds and from classical physics to modern physics, we have not come to a definite and testable description of the nature of the mind.

But today, the mystery of the mind has become resolved by post-modern physics! This new book on Forms describes the true nature of the mind and how it is harmonized with matter.

Also, the seven principles of the cosmos are now fully represented in this blog! This is tremendously exciting, for we shall discuss the universe to deeper levels and the mind is no longer outside the purview of physics.

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In The Theory of the Universe, five absolute principles are clearly delineated and espoused. However, there are seven absolute principles in the universe. So, the remaining two principles which are the principle of interpenetration of forms and the principle of conscious inertia are presented in Forms.

This is a great achievement of the ages! This book on Forms further takes you beyond the boundaries of physical science which has characterized classical and modern physics. In post-modern physics, our knowledge becomes complete and true.

This book on Forms will help you understand more deeply the metaphysical nature of motion, in a manner that satisfies your scientific inclinations. Also, some major aspects of my philosophy of the universe are presented in this book.

We can no longer remain ignorant of the inner workings of the universe as it pertains to the nature of the mind. Moreover, the road to the unification of mind and technology has been paved in this book. This is particularly important because it shows you how we can achieve instantaneous communication in the universe.

Since the birth of radio technologies, we have always transmitted information at the speed of light. What if we can break this barrier and unlock the potential of instantaneous communication? I say we can. It is possible. 

This, inter alia, is why you must have your own copy of my two e-books. Both are crucially important. Both e-books expose the nature of gravi-electromagnetic wave which is the second non-mechanical wave in the universe.

Our telecommunication industry has so far been dependent on light to communicate information because we had alway thought that the electromagnetic wave is the only non-mechanical wave in the universe, I want you to now know that this is not true.

Every instantaneous interaction in the universe is mediated by gravi-electromagnetic wave and not by light. It is by this new knowledge we shall break the barrier of luminal non-instantaneous communication and enter into the experience of superluminal instantaneous communication.

Every instantaneous interaction in the universe is mediated by gravi-electromagnetic wave and not by light. Click To Tweet

This is a great knowledge which has come down to us, and you are very privileged to have come to this blog where you can find this knowledge. So, when you get your own copy of The Theory of the Universe and the sequel on Forms, I want you to intentionally learn and understand the operational principle of gravi-electromagnetic wave.

We shall ride on the operational principle of gravi-electromagnetism to establish our investigation of the mind.

The resulting possibilities of gravi-electromagnetism and its research are described in Forms. I want you to be a part of this. We shall transcend the experience of light and move into the experience of gravi-electromagnetic wave.

This treatise on Forms discusses and exposes the practical methods for this new research field. So, Forms alongside The Theory of the Universe further lays the foundation for gravi-optics, which deals with the experience of gravi-electromagnetic wave.

This and much more will be exposed to you in this great ebook on Forms. So, get your own copy of FORMS: Mind and Matter, and you shall satisfy your curiosity to understand the true nature of the universe and of the mind.

Your man,

– M. V. Echa

FORMS: Mind and Matter

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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