What Is Gravi-electromagnetic Energy?

Since the discovery of light or the electromagnetic nature of light, we have not ceased to talk about it, how much more shall we not cease to talk about the newly discovered gravi-electromagnetic energy which is more fundamental and more extensive than light.

Now, what is gravi-electromagnetic energy? Firstly, gravi-electromagnetic energy is obviously what it is. It is a composite, non-mechanical energy field made from light and gravity. That’s why I call it GRAVI-ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY. It is not a non-composite field like the electromagnetic field.

Gravi-electromagnetic energy is obviously what it is. It is a composite energy field made from light and gravity.Click To Tweet

Having the above basic understanding, we can then go further. So, when I ask, what is gravi-electromagnetic energy? I am also asking about the energy of reality. We have always wondered what reality is made of and how did matter emerge.

Now, wonder no more, for reality is made of gravi-electromagnetic energy. Light is only a small though vital aspect of reality. The bigger picture of the universe is hidden in gravi-electromagnetic energy.

Gravi-electromagnetic energy, like I sometimes tell you, is the energy of the second non-mechanical wave in the universe. But why this article has come today is because of the larger body of science built on the simple discovery of gravi-electromagnetic energy and also because a lot more will be written and discovered about this energy field.

We could not have discovered gravi-electromagnetic energy without a walk into the metaphysical. And in this revealing exercise, we find a lot of other mysteries about the universe.

We realize that the nature of gravi-electromagnetic energy is more than what even the law of conservation of energy can fully represent. To fully comprehend the nature of gravi-electromagnetic energy we require the law of conservation of inertia.

The law of conservation of inertia comes because what we call non-mechanical waves and even matter are made from inertia. So, in the actual sense, and in this article, I should be talking about what is gravi-electromagnetic inertia? While light can also be seen as electromagnetic inertia.

Energy is not really the content of these cosmic entities and even of matter. This is why in this post-modern era we shall explore the greater principle or law of the conservation of inertia.

So, describing these non-mechanical entities as energies or waves is just a relative description of their nature. But when we describe them as inertia, we are approaching their absolute natures.

In this blog, you must have learnt that in the universe, scientific knowledge can be classified into two, which are relative scientific knowledge and absolute scientific knowledge.

In the universe, scientific knowledge can be classified into two, which are relative scientific knowledge and absolute scientific knowledge.Click To Tweet

Relative scientific knowledge describes the cosmic entities according to their physical appearances but absolute scientific knowledge describes these cosmic entities according to their metaphysical nature.

So, when we look at light and also at gravi-electromagnetic energy, in their true nature we will find out that they are just different non-mechanical forms of inertia. However, knowing this, it satisfies that we can represent them in their relative form. 

The nature of gravi-electromagnetic energy takes us beyond what we have known in classical and modern physics, it takes us to post-modern physics and to the unified description of the motion and of the universe.

Gravi-electromagnetic energy is all what we are and it is the major energy in the universe which we have ignorantly dubbed as “dark energy“. Yes, it is a dark form of energy and this is only because it is superluminal.

But in the manifestation of illumination, it is just a non-mechanical energy or wave like light and it is in this understanding that the gravi-electromagnetic energy is no longer a “dark energy”.

Also, the gravi-electromagnetic energy is the true nature of the energy field the ancients called the aether and I have decided to call it the new aether or the post-modern aether because it differs in description from the aether of classical physics which special relativity rightly disproved.

If you observe my articles since this year, you will find out that I have been talking much about gravi-electromagnetic energy. Firstly, this is because it is a new and exciting discovery, and secondly, this is because a lot of wrong premises have entered into science as a result of our former ignorance of this energy field.

So, it has become absolutely necessary to describe phenomena that are due to gravi-electromagnetic energy as being due to gravi-electromagnetic energy and not any other false concept we may have introduced to explain them.

This new effort to correct physics is changing our understanding of the universe and of formerly misunderstood phenomena. It is showing new doors to practical possibilities we never thought possible because we had a wrong conceptual understanding of natural phenomena as they occur due to gravi-electromagnetic energy.

And knowing that it is a non-mechanical energy field just like light is what improves or increases our recognition of these practical possibilities. This inter alia is why it is important for us to understand the nature of gravi-electromagnetic energy even more than we understand the electromagnetic energy.

What we can achieve using light or the electromagnetic energy can also be achieved and a lot more by the gravi-electromagnetic energy. I say a lot more because the gravi-electromagnetic energy is the energy content of matter and not the electromagnetic energy.

Therefore we can manipulate and direct matter in a lot of fantastic ways than we can today using electromagnetic energy. Gravi-electromagnetic energy will totally transform our communication industry and even how we communicate in the universe. It will assist us to transform reality!


So, when asked what is gravi-electromagnetic energy? You can just simply say that it is the non-mechanical energy of reality. This implies that so far we have not touched reality at a fundamental level.

Our former dependence on the electromagnetic energy as the only non-mechanical energy in the universe made sure we had little illumination and capacity to touch the root of reality. However, this is no longer the case.

In this regard, it is important to know that we have not been able to unify relativity and quantum mechanics because of the absence of the gravi-electromagnetic energy in modern physics. We have to restore this new aether into physics in order to resolve the unification problem and understand the mystery of motion in the universe.

The gravi-electromagnetic energy is the energy field required to give us an intuitive understanding of the universe, both at the atomic and non-atomic levels. This extensive field is what governs motion and produces matter in the universe.

Einstein or modern relativity discarded the aether on the grounds that no state of motion could be attributed to it. Einstein is quoted to have said that: “For if no particular state of motion belongs to the aether, there does not seem to be any ground for introducing it as an entity of a special sort of alongside space.”

But this is no longer the case for the aether concept. The gravi-electromagnetic energy which is the new aether is a necessary entity alongside space because it is a non-mechanical wave just like light.

So, just as light being a non-mechanical wave is necessary in physics, so also is gravi-electromagnetic wave being a non-mechanical wave necessary in physics. The new aether which is gravi-electromagnetic energy now has the attribute of non-mechanical motion just like light.

The new aether is unlike the rigid luminiferous aether of classical physics and it is a non-mechanical wave that is distinct from light and not the medium for the propagation of light. You must have this understanding in order to unlock the mystery of reality.

Post-modern physics introduces the concept of the aether again into physics and even of absolute space and time without preserving their rigidity like it was in classical physics. This is the revolution of post-modern physics.

The revolution of modern physics was to remove these concepts and introduce a flexible reality based on no aether and relative space and time. And there was no way modern physicists like Einstein and his contemporaries could have thought that one can conceive a flexible reality without removing the concept of the aether and of absolute space and time.

But in this wrongly presumed impossibility lies the key to the mystery of the universe and the unified field. Post-modern physics now unifies physics by introducing us to the true, tangible and flexible reality based on the new aether and on absolute space and time. And like I have said, this is the revolution of post-modern physics.

This is what The Theory of the Universe: Absolute Relativity is all about. The relative space and time of modern physics in their ontological description no longer exist in post-modern physics.

We have now approached the roots of reality, and from what has been said, you can now see why unifying modern relativity with quantum mechanics has been really hard and even a futile mission.

Also, the gravi-electromagnetic energy can also be defined as the relativistic potential energy of all accelerated frames. This is a huge scientific insight that we all must recognize in this post-modern era.

The gravi-electromagnetic energy can also be defined as the relativistic potential energy of all accelerated frames.Click To Tweet

So, gravi-electromagnetic energy is not some far-fetched concept, it directly relates to motion and to how we experience the universe every day. It is a very important and directly related concept just like the electromagnetic energy.

This implies that we should not underestimate the significance of gravi-electromagnetic energy. Whatever we cannot explain using the electromagnetic energy, then we should know that we are studying the effects of gravi-electromagnetic energy.

We should no longer attribute the effects of gravi-electromagnetic energy to any other vague concept or wave. Gravi-electromagnetic energy is real; it is superluminal and it is the energy field of reality.

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– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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