The Great Consummation and the Materia Prima

You may be wondering what this idea about the great consummation and the materia prima is all about. Well, I want to discuss it in this article, and I would like you to follow me as we go along.

I became mindful of a possible consummation emerging from post-modern physics when I began to write my articles on this blog. I found out that as I proceeded I was becoming increasingly concerned with every scientific truth ever conceived in history! 

The great consummation defines this noble attempt to bring together all these scientific truths, to the focus of post-modern physics or absolute science. The great consummation is important because it addresses our doubts and misgivings concerning certain concepts and theories in science.

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The great consummation reveals to us the concepts and theories that are true and the ones that are false. And we really need this in science, and especially now that physics has become very complicated and one is confused about where to start in the investigation of the unity of the cosmos.

There are many concepts and theories to consider, and it has become hard for us to identify the wrong premises in these theories. The great consummation provides us with the roadmap of the theory of the universe. It shows us which concepts and theories to consider and the ones not to consider. 

This is so that we don’t waste our time, and thus move forward with fundamental science. The great consummation defines the attempt to holistically expose the wrong premises in today’s science. 

Now, while there are many theories purporting to resolve the problem of quantum gravity or the unification problem, however, one theory that stands out among these theories is string theory.

And to input my own opinion, I must inform you that string theory is the best framework for conceptualizing the operations of the universe. String theory is at the heart of post-modern physics.

However, the way string theory is structured in modern physics is what had greatly hindered the theory from achieving its goal as the theory of everything. In the above-referenced article, you will read about the new concepts introduced into string theory in order to correct the theory.

We need to return to the basic components or constructs of string theory. This is what post-modern physics has achieved. The great consummation has enabled us to eliminate the wrong premises in string theory in order for it to achieve its aim as the grand theory of the universe. 

I believe that the great consummation would also affect other proposed theories besides string theory, like its close neighbour, loop quantum gravity, and even the holographic theories. It will assist in eliminating the wrong premises in these theories and if it turns out that the theories would have to be discarded then so be it. The truth marches on alone.

The great consummation assists us to remove the superfluities in science. It enables us to know and define what can really be true about the universe. This is very important, considering the fact that we have let our imagination and wrong premises run wild to the extent that we now propose the multiverse theory.

I see the multiverse theory as the limit of our error in the understanding of the universe. I have criticised the multiverse theories in my article above, and one important thing you must know is that we had proposed the multiverse theory because of our incomplete and even wrong understanding of the atomic world and not because the multiverse theory is true.

A rational explanation of quantum mechanics would eliminate the multiverse theory. I want you to see how post-modern physics is chopping off the false theories and premises in science so as to leave us with the truth.

The great consummation presents to us the new picture of the universe that can only emerge from the consummation of scientific truths devoid of falsehood and errors. And the kind of science that is producing this consummation is absolute science.

Now, if the great consummation is the focus of theoretical post-modern physics, what then is the focus of practical post-modern physics? This question brings us to the most fundamental substance or material in the universe. This substance in alchemical terms is referred to as the “materia prima.” 

Though I have revealed what the materia prima is in some of my articles, I still want to talk about it in this article in a manner that I feel will be more explicit than I have discussed it in my other scientific articles.

Now, what is the materia prima? What is the base substance upon which the universe was forged? The materia prima is INERTIA. This resolves the greatest alchemical question of all time. Inertia is the base substance of all things and transformations. So, inertia is the focus of practical post-modern physics. 

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Inertia is the first substance in the universe and also the base material upon which light, gravity, and all matter were formed. All the different manifestations in the universe are due to the modifications of this basic substance called inertia. So, the investigation of inertia and its modifications is the focus of practical post-modern physics.

Why is this new insight about inertia important? This new insight about inertia is important because before now we had taken mass and especially energy to be the most fundamental substances in the universe. We had thought that the whole of practical science is about the investigation and application of mass-energy and its transformations.

But post-modern physics is informing us that there is something more fundamental than mass-energy, and this something is inertia. Before now we had a very vague and limited understanding of inertia, but post-modern physics is exposing to us what inertia really is and how it underlies all things.

Inertia is more than just the resistance we feel when we accelerate. It is more than that. Light and gravity or gravi-electromagnetic wave are constituted by inertia. Without inertia, there would be no universe. In fact, inertia is the fundamental composition of mass-energy.

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Everything you see in the universe, and I mean everything is inertia. Inertia is the extensive cosmic substance that fills the whole universe. The investigation of inertia takes us to the finer level of reality, for mass-energy constitutes the gross level of reality. We hadn’t thought about this before. 

So, any day we can practically touch this base substance, inertia, then we would have touched the basic essence with which the universe was built. It would be one of the greatest accomplishment of all times.

Inertia is the “one thing” Hermes Trismegistus and other ancient sages spoke about. It has been right in front of us all this time but we did not know because we were looking at the universe through the lens of physical science. We now know what this “one thing” is because we are now looking at the universe through the lens of metaphysical science, which is the true science of the universe.

How the different modifications of inertia constitute the universe and underlie all natural phenomena are what post-modern physics is all about. They are what the long-sought theory of the universe is about. My scientific articles on this blog speak expressly about this “one thing” called inertia.

You may be wondering whether post-modern physics wants to return us to the old ways of doing alchemy. No, at least not really. But like I have told you earlier, the great consummation is bringing together all scientific truths, and the existence of the “one thing” (inertia) which the ancient alchemists spoke of is one of them.

So, we are simply identifying the truths contained within alchemy and we are explicating them within a more scientific tradition. The great consummation makes the post-modern scientist the quintessential scientist that lives in the awareness of all scientific truths and does not blindly ignore or refute any, whether old or new.

The great consummation reveals to us the scientific truths we should consider, while the materia prima reveals to us the base substance of the universe. Mass-energy is now only fundamental to the physicist, but to the metaphysicist, inertia is fundamental.

Post-modern physics exposes to us the fundamental nature of the universe more than the other two eras of physics. We are now concerned about scientific truths and the most fundamental substance in the universe. And I have written this article in order to discuss these things with you.

All the scientific and technical aspects of what is written in this article can be found in my two e-books and also in some of my articles. The wheel of post-modern physics has begun to spin and it has been spinning for some months now, and I want you to become a part of it.

The great consummation sets us on the path of true scientific knowledge and completion. And the true knowledge of the materia prima which is inertia sharpens our practical abilities and furnishes us with the knowledge of the true alchemical process of creation.

The universe was not just formed due to the explosion of energy as physical science teaches us. The universe was formed from the real alchemical modification of the “one thing” called inertia. Understanding how inertia is the materia prima gives you a beyond mass-energy description of creation.


Beyond even the two forms of energy that post-modern physics informs us about, you find even wider forms of inertia that in their careful arrangements and cosmic relations brings you closer to finding out that intent and purpose underlie the universe.

The creation of the universe from inertia was a very alchemical process that only the metaphysical science of post-modern physics can capture. Post-modern physics is presenting in a profoundly scientific way the alchemical process of creation which the ancient alchemists and mystics spoke about.

I want you to understand that no measure of physical science can reveal to you that inertia is the base substance of all things. Physical science places energy as the fundamental constituent of all things. However, metaphysical science reveals to us that inertia, and not energy is the base substance of all things.

So, the physicist insists that all things emerge from the modification of energy, but the metaphysicist insists that all things emerge from the modification of inertia. The second description of creation by the metaphysicist is the true scientific description of creation which coincidentally aligns with the metaphysical basis of creation held by the ancient alchemists. 

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy…Pixabay

The physicist understands the universe at a grossly superficial and material level, whereas the metaphysicist understands the universe at a finely high and immaterial level. Post-modern physics has come to give you the understanding of the metaphysicist.

The great consummation is making us see that the post-modern description of creation aligns with that of the ancient alchemists. Inertia as the materia prima is now assisted by a new body of science which shows us how to understand the universe without ambiguities and arcane concepts.

The pure science of metaphysics has now been revealed to us. We are now seeing “a great light”, such that even force, momentum and energy have all taken penetrative metaphysical interpretations.

In all our practical explorations, in our labs, observatories and accelerators we will take due note of the new fact that inertia is the substance of all things. The unified field theory has emerged from the understanding of inertia and its different manifestations that constitute reality. We are no longer trapped in the maze of appearances and conceptual complexities.

This article about the great consummation and the materia prima (inertia) should make us reflect deeply about the so far development of scientific knowledge. We should now ask ourselves about the hurriedly discarded ideas of science that could have been very useful if we had placed them in their proper context and sought to understand by any measure what they indicated to us about the nature of the universe.

So, post-modern physics is a time of sober reflection as we bring together through the great consummation the broken and forgotten pieces of science, and teach once again about the materia prima (inertia) and how it underlies all things. 

For true alchemy!

– M.  V. Echa 

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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