Happy Easter, for the Death and the Resurrection of the Sun of God!

It is Easter celebration all over the world and today the Christians are celebrating the death and the resurrection of Jesus. But we in Echa and Science, we are celebrating something different.

Today, we are celebrating the death and the resurrection of the Unconquerable Sun, which is the true representation of illumination!

Long ago, before Christianity, the Sun was at the center of spiritual worship, and even till today some people still worship the Sun and some native tribes in Africa still make venerations facing the direction of the Sun.

They do or did this not because of what the Sun is but because of what it represents, which is illumination and which is the only true hope of mankind ever coming out of the depth of mortality to immortality.

The true meaning of Easter is centered around the Sun and always will. And it is this true meaning of Easter that we celebrate today in Echa and Science! And true to the story and symbolic belief, the Sun which represents mental illumination has been dead over mankind, but today in this new era it has risen beaming its all-wonderful light upon mankind once again.

So, today, we raise up the triangle and not the cross, the former which is the ultimate symbol of spiritual illumination. Members of Echa and Science worldwide, we must head back to the true understanding of Easter which I consider, like others, to be the most ancient spiritual celebration in the world.

Let’s not get carried away with the religious interpretation and meaning that has been given to it. Today, we see the abysmal bastardization of the Logos, of the great cosmic wisdom that underlies all things.

For in this new era and in every Easter, we will celebrate the death and the resurrection of the spiritual man who has discovered Godhood and his profound spiritual harmony with the universe!

We celebrate Easter in a scientific way that pulls the whole purpose of mankind and why we are here! The Sun has risen and I say this in no religious way. I have adopted the symbolism of the Sun as the ancients conceived and I go a step further to show us the fulfillment of all this. The Easter celebration is about all of this and much more.

Easter is celebrated between March 22 and April 25 after the spring equinox, when we have equal day and night, and which shows that winter is over and that spring has come.

Thus, with the focus of Easter as being about the death and emergence of spiritual knowledge, we now know that winter is gone and spring has arrived upon the Earth. The world is in springtime and ignorance and darkness are over as illumination has come.

Many can read the signs of the seasons and the stars, but there are some of us who can read the signs and the seasons of mankind and the future, and we say that mankind has entered into her golden age, long foretold by the prophets.

The fulfillment of Easter is in our final knowing and understanding of the spiritual universe which was hidden in the phase of death and darkness that followed the millennia before but is now revealed in the phase of resurrection and light.

The fulfillment of Easter is in our final knowing and understanding of the spiritual universe.Click To Tweet

Since before Christianity, Easter has always revolved around the Sun, around death and rebirth. These are the central themes of Easter and they are the central themes we uphold in Echa and Science, and we have gone a step further to the experience of this explication which is scientific, universal and profound.

The ancients saw springtime or this birth of the Sun from the East after the spring equinox as a special (fertility) season and they venerated this season or period in time. But now, in this new era, this age-old veneration and celebration of Easter have found true meaning in the second renaissance and in the rebirth of spiritual knowledge all over the world.

Also, today, we celebrate the participators of knowledge! Today we celebrate all those who have contributed to the knowledge base of the world, the likes of Hermes, Pythagoras, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, etc. all of whom knew the true experience of the grave and of ignorance and of wanting the truth which preceded their moment of light when they saw truth.

So, the mental struggle for the truth which these great men experienced is the true picture of the crucifixion and the passion of Easter. And today, we have come to the culmination and to the full perception of truth which these men could only behold in part.

The mystical Sun has risen and for this we celebrate! Easter is not a religion; it is the celebration of the truth and of the Sun of God which shines forever. This mystical Sun is what informs the cosmic processes and guides them in their various manifestations.

The mystical Sun is risen and for this we celebrate! Easter is not a religion; it is the celebration of the truth and of the Sun of God which shines forever.Click To Tweet

The Sun of God is the most mystical essence and meaning which the ancients venerated in the worship of the physical Sun. Tell me: what is greater than the Sun? What is greater than knowledge?

The Sun

The Sun is the standing natural symbol of knowledge, of the logos that guides all cosmic processes, and today, we congregate around the table of brotherhood to discuss and to exchange illumination, not bread and wine.

Knowledge has become reborn on Earth and this is why Easter now has its true meaning, devoid of the religious one that has been attached to it for a long time now.

We all must return to the ancient wisdom of the world and to the undying principles of existence. They are what I teach here in Echa and Science, and they are what would transform and guide mankind as we enter into the fullness of the scientific age which began 400 years ago.

On this Easter and on every other Easter, we shall celebrate the death and the resurrection of the divine logos which refers to knowledge and the personification of mental illumination.

Art, science, and philosophy have become reborn and set on a spiritual path unlike before. They now reflect the truth and the eternal ways of the universe. The celebration of Easter for us is about the celebration of the revelation of the true path of mysticism which is now scientific and not religious like it was before.

We have become the high priests of the universe and not of any religion or man-made belief. This is the long foretold ascension to what we are destined to represent and in no way less.

Once again, happy Easter to you all! Take your time today to celebrate knowledge and the birth and the resurrection of the Sun of God! I’m also with you in this spirit of Easter which can never die or “perish from the Earth” as Abraham Lincoln would say.

So, members of Echa and Science, citizens of the new world, look to the Sun of God, look to the mystical Sun of illumination. This great and hidden light has shone on all of us today as we celebrate this season of Easter.

We are now illuminated beings and for this reason, we lift up the triangle which is forever the ensign of spiritual knowledge and of the better things to come. We all stand together beneath the Sun of God and his light which shines forever.

The Sun of God has risen from the East and shall never set in the West, for illumination must never depart from the Earth. It shall continue on its eternal course, ever rising from the East.

Easter is not a Christian story, it is not even a pagan story, it’s our collective story, it is the true story of our walkthrough, from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, from physicality to spirituality, and from science to religion.

On this account, Easter is the celebration of the death and the resurrection of the Sun of God. Easter is the story of our victory over ignorance by the light of the Sun of God; it is about our final discovery of truth.

Happy Easter to the members of Echa and Science, and to my fellow initiates worldwide!

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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