How to Blog for 31 Days – My Experience

Before writing this article, I sat down to think about who would want to know how to blog for 31-days. I did not think much of it, but then I thought, who knows, there could be someone out there who maybe haven’t tried blogging every day and publishing an article for 31-days and maybe wants to know how.

If you are such a person, then this article is written specially for you.

I published every day throughout the month of January as I promised and it would be the second time that I have blogged for 31-days. Both were in January, but the first was in January 2018 while the second was in the just-concluded month of January 2019.

I must say that both were not easy, and they turned out to be different to realize. What do I mean? I mean that the that I accomplished both of them differently, and the different ways in which I accomplished both of them is what I want to share with you today.

I want to share my experiences with you so that you can derive some lessons that will help you carry out a 31-days blogging plan.

Before my first 31-days of blogging in January 2018, I had done the necessary work of writing down the article topics beforehand and I had even written some of the articles before the very first day, that was January 1, 2018.


So, when it was the first day to publish and in the subsequent days, it always turned out that I had something to publish already as I would have completed the article the day before or some days before.

It may look like this made the whole thing easy, but that is only on the outside. This is because, for my 31-days of blogging in 2018, I had to begin the next article immediately after I had completed the one I was doing. So, there was little time to rest in-between articles, as I even had to edit them a number of times before publishing.

Nevertheless, I found this method more certain than the one I will discuss next, in that I was certain that I had something to publish every day of January 2018. Because of this, I had no feeling of anxiety or whatever. You too can apply this method to complete a 31-days blogging plan.

But in the just concluded 31-days of blogging last month, I had planned to do it as I did it before, little did I know that it will turn out different. I had some article topics written down before January 2019 and had also completed two articles for a start. But along the line, after the first few days, I could no longer keep up and I had to write each of the articles the very day I had to publish them.

So, most of the part of my 31-days of blogging in this year 2019 was different from the former one and I had to rely on what I call the miracle of writing. If you are a writer, you will understand this miracle.

The miracle of writing refers to the situation where you wake up to a blank screen, not knowing what to write, but before you know it, the ideas would begin to take shape, and in a short time, you have written something, and before you know it, you have completed the article.

This was how I could complete the just concluded 31-days of blogging. To be frank with you, it was exciting because it was unpredictable even for me. I would wake up not knowing what to publish, but before evening the miracle of writing has taken place.

You may wonder if I am suggesting that you rely on a miracle to publish an article for 31-days. Yes, that’s what it is. As a writer, you must believe in the miracle of writing. There will be times when your preparations will fail and you have to rely on the miracle of writing.

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This was the case for me in the last 31-days of blogging and it was as exciting and possible as the first. So, there are two ways to carry out and complete a 31-days blogging plan:

1. By making a preparation for it beforehand (as I have explained).

2. By relying on the miracle of writing.

Though the second method creates more anxiety than the first one, I have found out that both are assuring. Both of them works, if you are willing to try.

Now, for the second method, you really have to wake up on time and begin to plan the day, so that before the day runs out you must have come up with something to write and publish.

But for the first method, you may not have to wake up early as the article to be published that day is already ready the previous day or some days before.

Nevertheless, I have made it a habit to always wake up early to plan my day. Sometimes I don’t even sleep throughout the night.

I think this is the life of a blogger. I am always working; I never rest. Blogging has become such a major part of my life that I spend 24 hours and all week thinking about Echa and Science. I never go on breaks; I don’t know what that means anymore and it is a very good thing. My life and my work have become one.

I think this is one of the great lessons that one comes to learn in life which makes other things easy, such as 31-days of blogging.

So you too can blog for 31-days, so long as you have a steady source of power supply and a laptop or phone. Also, have a diary and be ready for when an idea would come. This really helped me a lot during this last 31-days of blogging.

Always be on the lookout for ideas as a blogger. This cannot be over-emphasized, especially when you have such a task to complete. One of the articles I posted the last month came from a radio program.

One early morning as I woke up, I heard the anchor of the radio program talking about the fourth industrial revolution and it hit me as something I must discuss on my blog, and before that day ended, I had the article published.

That’s how some of my ideas come, from unlikely sources. So, be on the lookout for fresh ideas and for the miracle of writing, which is what comes to your aid when your preparations fail.

I hope I have been able to assist you on how to blog for 31-days, and it is still up to you to discover another method that serves you best. It is all within the spirit of self-discovery and good service to mankind.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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