Immortality and Synthesis As Among the Things That Lie Beyond Duality

The All is Mind; the universe is mental.”

The First Hermetic Principle

My recent thoughts on our everyday experience or observation of day and night and how they mean nothing to the newly revealed metaphysical nature of time made a deeper impression on me as to how we have moved beyond duality.

This simple conception of the duality of day and night and its non-relationship with metaphysical time made me consider the other dualities of nature such as wave and matter, mind and matter, free-will and determinism, absolutism and relationism, etc.

It became clear to me that as we have transcended the more scientific and philosophical dualities of wave and matter and that of absolutism and relationism, we have also transcended the other dualities and especially the duality of day and night into something or an experience of time that can only follow immortals.

Both mortality and immortality are first states of the mind before they can be considered as any other and which become later effects of either of the two aforestated. This is one ancient central mystical teaching that can be found in post-modern physics and in its underlying philosophy.

My recent contemplations on the nature of duality and all that accompany it show that mortality is one of the experiences that accompanies duality. Yes, mortality accompanies duality; both are inseparable.


At the same time, immortality becomes what accompanies synthesis; both are inseparable. It is beautiful that we see these two profound and insightful relations in the universe, and it is because of this illumination that I have decided to write this article.

Now, the former world of which we are witnessing its passing was a world of all round and almost inescapable duality. We divided the world and its manifestations into two polar opposites, such as light and darkness, day and night, cold and hot, wave and matter, absolutism and relationism, determinism and free-will, good and evil, God and Man, life and death, male and female, God and Devil, etc. It seemed as though the list was endless.

These listed divisions or dualities were more inappropriate due to the absence of any unifying principle or transcendent view. This wrongly made them the final statements of reality.

Also, it was so easy for us to see the world as a manifestation of duality and we even took pride in dividing the world in this manner as we felt that it was necessary for us to understand and make meaning of it.

So, duality was our creation as we even made it a part of our learning process and of understanding and conceptualizing the world. In the former world, we did not know the meaning of synthesis; we talked about it but we did nothing to show in practice and in our learning method that we understood synthesis.

As it has been said, the problem of these dualities is that they produce irreconcilable paradoxes that have no unifying connection. This was the major problem of the world of duality: synthesis was missing. And this is what has now being addressed.

We have discovered the underlying connection between all the polar opposites of science and philosophy. We have moved beyond duality into synthesis. This is the grand achievement of the age of synthesis and why it is referred to as such.

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The central importance of duality is one of the factors that make The Scholastic System of Education obsolete. This is as we have transited into the age of synthesis or unity that is of central importance to The Mystical System of Education.

We have lived for too long in the age of duality which was the age of division and nothing good came out of it as mankind fell into intense mental and spiritual struggles and warfares that spilt into physical wars and the sad loss of lives.

The age of duality was the age of intense idealogical warfares as each ideology sought to rule over another. This gave rise to the division among nations, sects, religions, civic groups, families, genders, and the many other societal divisions.

However, the thing to know is that a resolution of any of the listed duality presented above resolves the rests. This is profound. For example: any attempt to go beyond the duality of absolutism and relationism, and which can be any other duality, takes us beyond the other dualities, such as those of mind and matter, day and night, wave and matter, free-will and determinism, etc.

The whole examples of duality are related as they emerge from the core of the principle of duality. Thus, synthesis is a great discovery and it is what characterizes this age, and the transition to synthesis is a transition into immortality and the new perception of reality.

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Take day and night for example, which I see as a kind of duality. It is by this mortal observation we divide each passing day, and it is an observation that is connected to physical time as we know it. Physical time is proportioned to give account of the duality of day and night, but does metaphysical time follow this procedure? The simple answer is NO.

This is because physical time is the time of duality whereas metaphysical time is the time of synthesis. In metaphysical time, we move beyond the duality of day and night into a unified experience of time, such that we lose the consciousness of day and night as we know it.

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This knowledge of how time is related to duality and synthesis introduces us to the first mental nature of immortality and how it would ensue. The principle of duality is a principle that is superficial and does not represent the underlying nature of reality, which its underlying nature brings us to the principle of synthesis.

Synthesis underlies all existence, no matter how dual or apparently divided they may seem. This is why the new science is important, one of which is to assist us transcend the world of duality which mankind has lived in for so long.

As I have said, the world of duality is the world of mortality; it is the world of division which should not continue. And it became a deeper problem as the principle of duality became the means of formally reaching understanding and not the principle of synthesis.

All attempts to comprehend reality by the categorizations and demarcations of it emerge from the principle of duality. But with the coming of the principle of synthesis, all of reality has become one. Unity and immortality are inseparable, they are dependent on one another.

The unity that has emerged from the new science is what is now bringing together the different aspects of reality which we have so far left divided. The wave and matter duality has become resolved by the new science, also the dual philosophies of absolutism and relationism have become synthesized as well as all the other dualities.

Nothing stands more as the importance of this article than to pass across the mystical knowledge of the connection between immortality and synthesis and that between mortality and duality. This may seem as just a philosophical musing, but it is more than that.

Nothing stands more as the importance of this article than to pass across the mystical knowledge of the connection between immortality and synthesis and that between mortality and duality.”

“The universe is mental” and all of our mental experiences and perception of the universe have profound effects on our existence both individually and collectively. This is an ancient knowledge of the mental connection between man and the universe which we seem to have forgotten but has fortunately returned again upon the Earth.

This ancient teaching is what once again informs us that we attain immortality once we cross the world of duality into the world of synthesis, and we have done just that. This is not just one of the highest teachings of philosophy, it is also the realization of pure science.

The discovery of synthesis is a discovery of metaphysical science which is what can actually capture the true nature of reality. As a result of this discovery, we have come to the final threshold of immortality and the true understanding of it.

Formerly, immortality was what had a religious interpretation, but it is not so any longer as it now has a scientific interpretation. The true science of the cosmos has come to us, and it is what now defines immortality for us.

We have to see the new purpose that science has taken up. Science is now about the big picture and the many spiritual possibilities which we could not conceive where within its domain. This is the whole meaning of the ascension.

The mental unity of reality is the inner road to the experience of immortality. No greater and more profound truth can probably be said. The new knowledge of synthesis has made us born again; it has given us eternal life and a new way of living.

Let us all align with the new science and the master-plan of the cosmos for us. For we have come to the end of duality and mortality and to the beginning of synthesis and immortality, the fruits which will become more manifested as we move into the future of this great age.

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Synthesis and its discovery is what proves us as ascended beings and no longer the people of before lost in the world of duality and the many complications that follow.

Thus, it goes to say that we have entered into the age of philosophical peace as it concerns our mental perception of the universe. The war of ideology is over as the ideology of God has come to set itself as the foundation of The Kingdom of God.

To the universe we now look for spirituality and all the other core principles of existence. This has been the very dream of the universe for us, mankind.

The apocalypse is upon us and it in no way implies the end of the world, though it implies the end of this world of duality and its ruling order. But in actuality, the word “apocalypse” is a Greek word that simply means “revelation” or “uncovering”.

Now, one may rightly ask: the apocalypse refers to the revelation or uncovering of what? I tell you now that the apocalypse refers to the revelation of the spiritual nature of the universe. This is why the new metaphysical science has come at a time like this, when we so desperately need it.

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We are experiencing the revelation of the science of the cosmos; the book of nature has become opened and in it we now see beyond the principle of duality into the principal synthesis of reality.

The clouds have given way for the emergence of the Mystical Sun, which is the true light that shines upon all man and which has somewhat shined upon every civilization and religion. As a result, these different civilizations and religions all saw the vision of our time, though in their own respective way.

And today their different religious visions of the future have found culmination, unification and fulfilment by the emergence of the new science in our time.

These different religious revelations would have been impossible without the Mystical Sun that covers all time and us all. And which in this age has shined in its true revelatory nature that exposes the deep secrets of the universe.

The Yin and Yang

We are in the age of the Mystical Sun and its true concern and revelation is science and not religion. But as I have said, the Mystical Sun somewhat shined on the world through these different religions that saw our time in their own respective way.

Immortality and synthesis have come from the light of the Mystical Sun. They are the results of true scientific mysticism and not religious mysticism or any other.

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We have gone beyond the duality of day and night, (and the other dualities), as we no longer look at the Physical Sun but at the Mystical Sun, which was before the former.

The Mystical Sun has risen and it is the source of the new revelation of synthesis and it is the Sun we come under in the experience of immortality and not the Physical Sun which was the Sun of mortality.

The Mystical Sun is the Sun of immortality that brings to us the unified experience of metaphysical time and space. But the Physical Sun is the Sun of mortality that brings us to the divided experience of physical time and space.

The deeper understanding of time and space beyond their mortal calibrations, like time is calibrated into 24 hours, have emerged from the new science and this has proceeded to give us the true understanding of the universe.

We cannot continue to fool ourselves that time, as we have divided it according to our observation of the Physical Sun, represents the true nature of time. For now we must ascend to see the true indivisible nature of time according to our observation of the Mystical Sun.

I believe that the new understanding of time, which is metaphysical, is one of the first steps towards immortality. We now have to look at the Mystical Sun and derive our understanding of time from it.

And this Mystical Sun shows us no duality of day and night, but the synthesis of time eternal. For our experience of immortality begins with our understanding of it which is possible as a result of post-modern physics.

And the newly revealed metaphysical nature of space shows us the true nature of our environment. It shows us that we are not mortals extended in physical space but immortals extended in metaphysical space.

The latter is the mystical idea that now serves as the new basis for our understanding of matter and its extensions in the universe. It is why I now inform you that we are more than dust.

This new teaching begins to expose to us how mortality or death is as a result of our physical understanding of the universe and not because the universe is a physical place. “The universe is mental” and our experiences is a reflection of how we view the universe.

So mortality is not the result of the universe being a physical place, but it is a result of our view of the universe as being a physical place. The true universe is metaphysical and immortality is the result of viewing the universe as such.

We all have to make this transition and break free from the chains of death which in actual sense are our persistent, hard-to-leave physical views of the universe.

And I am informing you in this article that the transition from the physical view of the universe to the metaphysical view of the universe is a transition from mortality to immortality and it is also a transition from duality to synthesis.

I want you to see how synthesis is now the new view of reality, and as we progress into the future, it will become the common nature of philosophy and all enquiries.

It will become so natural for us to see synthesis and it will be the formal means of understanding reality; it will be the defining parameter of knowledge. This synthesized view of reality is an important part of The Mystical System of Education which has come to replace The Scholastic System of Education.

In The Mystical System of Education, we see the universe through complete synthesis. In mystical education, we practice and realize the importance of the unity of knowledge, and immortality is one of its purviews.

So, it is safe to consider the new teaching of immortality as being one of the natural teachings of mystical education.

We now see time beyond day and night; we see into metaphysical time which cannot be divided as such. Taking time as an example, we cannot continue to look at day and night which are apparent manifestations that do not proceed from the higher realms where there is only synthesis and unity.

The new view of space and time in their true metaphysical nature has set the foundation for our synthesized view of the universe. Physical space and time were the basis upon which we built science, and as a result, science was plagued with many divisions and almost inescapable dualities.

And the more we sought to resolve these dualities and divisions using physical space and time, the more we fell into further dualities and divisions, and we saw no hope of reconciling physics or making sense of it anymore, as the universe became more bizarre.

But with the new study of metaphysical space and time, we have set physics on the right path of synthesis. The many dualities and divisions of physics, of philosophy, and even of religion have become reconciled, and I am now informing you that with this discovery of synthesis has come immortality.

I show you this connection for the first time after a long time of walking in the dark and complex world of duality. We must therefore celebrate our victory over duality, for it is a victory over mortality!

Now, I must remind you that the polar elements of duality are not what is being denied, but rather what is being shown is their underlying connection which we sought to see. The age of duality made us see the manifestations of reality as being at war with each other, we couldn’t see how they are actually connected to make up what we call reality.

As a result, the universe was seen as a war zone which it actually isn’t. But now, as a result of the synthesis of all dualities, we see the universe as a whole despite the many manifestations of which their so-called divisions have become apparent observations borne out of an unilluminated understanding of the universe.

There is no example of duality in physics and in our daily lives which we have not transcended in this age of synthesis. Synthesis and immortality are the grand experiences of an illuminated mind that has gone beyond the principle of duality.

This principle of duality prevailed upon us and it made science so mortal, material and divided. It was so connected with the materialistic nature of science and the world at large.

It would only take a spiritual world to move beyond duality which is so connected with materialism and its many resulting philosophies and worldviews. Thus, with the advent of synthesis, we are now in a truly spiritual world.

Immortality and synthesis are among the results of true scientific spirituality. They are the truest and deepest experiences of reality, and as they have become evident, it implies that we have ascended from the world of duality.

This is all mystical, scientific and true, and so we hold this new knowledge so dear to our hearts and existence. We hold on to the revealed scientific synthesis as the true cosmic way to immortality and to an ascended experience of existence.

This is as we have come to know that immortality and synthesis are among the things that lie beyond duality. This is what I hope to have accomplished by writing this great and timely article. So thank you!

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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