The Intention of Gravity

O gravity, what a gentle and sublime essence you are!

In this short article, I want to share with you something profound about the nature of gravity and the gravitational motion of bodies that have been hidden since the beginning of physical science, but is now being revealed in this age of metaphysical science. I call this mystery the intention of gravity.

This mystery coupled with the wholesome understanding of post-modern physics will shatter positively your current understanding of gravity, and by extension the universe. Science is currently experiencing a revolution.

I have taught you that in the universe, gravity, in its absolute nature, is the least (horizontal) resistance to accelerated motion. Gravity is no longer a mystery. This absolute essence of gravity as a limit of inertia in the metaphysical universe manifests in the physical universe as the acceleration of gravity. 

So, gravity should therefore carry and impress force on all bodies. This is the intention of gravity. On the surface you may say, ok, so, that is what gravity is supposed to do, at least Newton already taught us that gravity is a force. 

The intention of gravity is brought to your notice in this article because gravity does not always carry and impress force. Surprised? Yes, you should be, as I also was very surprised and excited when I found out about this. (There is really so much to unravel about gravity that will fundamentally alter how we see the universe.)

Why does this happen? I will explain it to you in this article. In the universe, there are two kinds bodies. One is ponderable (non-charged) bodies of the macro world, and the other is electrical (charged) bodies of the atomic world.

Gravity can only carry force in the atomic world, and thus can only impress force on electrical (charged) bodies. In the ponderable (non-charged) world of large bodies, gravity can only impress what I call 5-momentum

The Intention of Gravity

Remember, I have informed you before about the three conservation laws of the universe. The 5-momentum is a qualitatively different kind momentum from the 4-momentum, which is the kind of momentum ponderable bodies in uniform motion carry. 

While there is only one kind of force in the universe, which is the absolute force, there are however, two different kinds of momentum in the universe, which are the 4-momentum and the 5-momentum. These two different kinds of momentum exist outside the atom.

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So, while gravity accelerates in both the ponderable and electrical universes, it cannot impress force on bodies in both universes. In my elucidations of the nature of gravity, I treat it as an essence carrying and impressing force because of its intention to impress force on all bodies since it only accelerates.

Now, whenever we look into the macro and atomic world, we observe a stark difference in their operations. This stark difference in their operations lie in the way light and gravity operate or behave differently in both worlds.

Modern relativity and quantum mechanics have failed to reveal to us why these stark differences exist at a fundamental level. Both theories have failed because they cannot inform us of what light and gravity really are in the ponderable and electrical universes.

These formerly undiscovered true nature of these two cosmic entities was the cause of the crisis in physics, but now in this post-modern era, the crisis in physics is over and this has ushered in an unending age of scientific illumination.

Gravity cannot always impress force on bodies (as you will find out from post-modern relativity, and soon in this blog when I will be discussing gravi-electromagnetism) because it always acts as a component of gravi-electromagnetic wave. 

Gravity never acts independently like light can in some cases, due to the precedent behaviour of the gravi-electromagnetic wave. In other words, the gravi-electromagnetic wave determines if gravity will impress force or not. 

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Now, in the ponderable (non-charged) universe, the gravi-electromagnetic wave forbids gravity from ever impressing force, but permits it to do so in the electrical (charged) universe. You may realize that I am talking about gravity in quite a non-conventional manner.

Well, I can only assure you that when you come to understand the universe like I have, you will satisfactorily give personality to the cosmic entities. There is undeniable intelligence in the universe. 

Now, what has really changed? Since Newton, gravity has been studied as a separate entity from light, and so we have always accepted that gravity generally impresses force. No, gravity does not generally impress force. 

When gravity is unified with light, we realize the intention of gravity. It suddenly pops out from the mathematics of absolute relativity. This is very crucial, and it is one of the many implications of the unified field theory which Einstein and the rest sought to find.

The intention of gravity reveals a very subtle aspect of gravity which has been hidden in Newtonian physics, and even in modern general relativity, because in both theories, gravity is described independently of light.

This inter-dependent description of gravity and light in post-modern physics which has led to the intention of gravity lies at the heart of Gravi-electrodynamics, which describes how the gravi-electromagnetic wave underpins the experiences of accelerated motion.

Gravity in Space

The gravi-electromagnetic wave is the second non-mechanical wave in the universe after the electromagnetic wave, which is light. It is called gravi-electromagnetic wave because its only two components are light and gravity. It is the co-existence of light and gravity as the gravi-electromagnetic wave that has led to the intention of gravity

This great article therefore brings to your notice and understanding something we all have missed about gravity because we have been studying it as a lone phenomenon, without realizing that gravity exists and acts always as a component of the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

The intention of gravity is a beautiful insight that reveals to us how gravity alters its relative essence due to light. You may wonder why I haven’t made a hint about the intention of light.

That’s because there is no such thing as the intention of light in the universe. Light always has its way. Light, unlike gravity, always impresses bodies in a manner that corresponds to its change in essence.

Explaining the above paragraph, when light accelerates, like inside the atom, it impresses force, and when light speeds, like outside the atom, it carries 4-momentum. Light, an ethereal radical, is almost like a prime factor in gravi-electromagnetic action.  

Gravity, on the other hand, is a very gentle essence which only accelerates both in the ponderable and electrical universes. This is why in post-modern physics the universal equivalence principle applies the same both inside and outside the atomic world.

This self, underlying, ever enduring essence of gravity as an accelerating entity, which should therefore impress force in all cases but cannot because of gravi-electromagnetism is what constitutes the intention of gravity.

In recognizing the intention of gravity, I usually go ahead to describe gravitational interactions and especially the universal equivalence principle taking gravity as a force in both the ponderable and electrical universes. I do this both on my blog and in my e-guide.

So what am I saying? Is gravity not a force anymore? No, gravity is still a force, but it is only a force in the atomic world, outside the atom, in the world of ponderable bodies, gravity is a 5-momentum.

This understanding is very crucial. Also, can you now see why even general relativity is a flawed understanding of gravity? General relativity carried and still carries the flaws inherent in the classical understanding of gravity. I have discussed this in my other article.

The true flaws in Newton’s description of gravity are not what general relativity reveal, but what gravi-electrodynamics now reveals. The intention of gravity hidden in Newton’s description of gravity is also hidden in Einstein’s description of gravity, and only gravi-electrodynamics can save us.

So, according to the post-modern description of the gravitational motion of bodies: when gravity carries ponderable (non-charged) bodies, it impresses 5-momentum on them and not force, but when gravity carries electrical (charged) bodies, it impresses force on them and not 5-momentum.

Gravity is not universally a force, it is also 5-momentum, though it constantly accelerates. This summarily describes the intention of gravity. 

Until next time.

Keep that “holy curiosity”,

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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