The Man, Nikola Tesla

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

Nikola Tesla 

There is one man in history that I keep in a class of his own, probably because we are both alike, in that we are both engineers with the mind of a physicist or because he had much faith in the encompassing power of science than any of his contemporaries. This man of which I speak is Nikola Tesla. 

A lot has been said about Nikola Tesla and his inventions, but in this article, I want to talk about this great man in the unique manner that the thoughts of him come to me.

Now, Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American born on July 10, 1856. He is known as a prolific electrical inventor and among his inventions are “the AC hydroelectric power system, fluorescent lighting, and wireless power and communication.”

He was a major rival of Thomas Edison who their rivalry reached a climax when they had to prove which is more effective between the DC power system designed by Edison and the AC power system designed by Tesla. As it later turned out, it was Tesla’s AC power system. 

In fact, as early as 1882, Tesla had begun working for Edison in the Continental Edison Company in Paris. And “by 1884, Tesla was asked to move to America and work for Edison Machine Works. He only worked there for six months before quitting.”

It is said by many that most of Edison’s inventions are really Tesla’s which he accomplished when he worked for Edison in his Continental Edison Company, and this is very likely, considering the ‘naivety’ and sole concern of Tesla for science as science.

After Tesla left Edison he tried to establish his own company, and twice he started his own company, they did blossom to become fully established. He had a hard time trying to convince investors to invest in his ideas, and whenever he did, he would encounter pitfalls after a while.

But beyond the electrical inventor and entrepreneurial Tesla, we have an engineer who was also concerned about fundamental physics. He even confronted and criticised Einstein’s theory of relativity.

He believed firmly in the ether and in the possibility of superluminal motion in the universe. Concerning the ether, Tesla is quoted to have said that: 

“Only the existence of a field of force can account for the motions of the bodies as observed, and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena.

My second discovery was of a physical truth of the greatest importance. As I have searched the entire scientific records in more than a half dozen languages for a long time without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself the original discoverer of this truth, which can be expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.”

In the above quote, you can see that Tesla was indirectly criticising Einstein’s theory of general relativity which had proposed that gravity is the curvature of space-time and that this curvature is what produces the motion of the heavenly bodies.


But Tesla was insisting that only “a field of force” or force field can cause the motion of bodies. Tesla was suggesting that the motion of bodies is caused by the ether.

Now, in this post-modern era, we have come to a better understanding of the ether field that Tesla alluded to, and we have now come to understand that this “field of force” is the second non-mechanical wave in the universe after light.

I want you to get this. The ether has been proposed by many physicists and scientists and even by the ancients but no one had inferred or discovered that the ether is simply another non-mechanical wave in the universe.

So, what Tesla as an engineer referred to as a “field of force” is what a physicist would refer to as a non-mechanical wave, painting a complete or more understandable picture of the ether.

Before this post-modern era, we had a vague understanding of the ether and this also applied to that of Tesla, but it is important to realize that at a time when physicists and scientists had dropped or discarded every notion of the ether due to the advent of relativity, Tesla held on to it and even confronted relativity based on his belief in its existence.

Tesla was pointing to us the true direction for understanding the motion of bodies based on a real field and not just a geometrical field. Also, Tesla’s criticism against relativity and his stance for the ether is connected to his support of superluminal motion.

Tesla believed in faster than light travel and it is only natural that this is the case if we see that the ether is another non-mechanical wave in the universe and therefore cannot have the same speed as light. And in this case, the speed of the ether is greater than that of light.

Many physicists and scientists may have spoken of the ether, but we owe it to Tesla for being the first to be at the frontier of the possible exploration of ether energy. The world Tesla spoke of has come and it is an eternal honour to his legacy.

Furthermore, Tesla made it clear in the above quote that: “All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena.”

What a conviction! Tesla knew convincingly how futile it was to explain motion without the ether and in this he was referring to general relativity or will I say Einstein’s relativity.

Tesla and Einstein

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This is one of the reasons why this article is important. It is now high time we saw the universe like an ‘engineer’ and not really like a ‘physicist’. There is really a benefit in doing this, and we have Tesla who has taught us how.

This is all the more important because in this post-modern era, we will come to explore the power of the ether or the gravi-electromagnetic wave and not the curvature of space-time which has produced no real technological advancement since its inception into science.

Also, the above quote by Tesla ends with a remarkable statement or “discovery”, like he called it, which is that: “There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.” He called it his sole discovery which was not”the least” anticipated in history. 

I came across this remarkable statement after I had concluded The Theory of the Universe, and I saw how Tesla was right. You know that from Einstein’s relativity, we come across the energy equation E=mc2 which represents the rest energy or the potential energy that a body carries when in uniform motion.

Also, one can refer to it as electromagnetic potential energy and it is the kind of potential energy a body in uniform motion carries. From Einstein’s relativity, we understand this energy to be an internal energy which a body possesses due to its mass.

Now, this understanding remains until you look at the potential energy such a body would possess when in accelerated motion.

According to The Theory of the Universe or absolute relativity, when a body accelerates, it now possesses gravi-electromagnetic potential energy and not electromagnetic potential energy. It is when you look at gravi-electromagnetic potential energy of a body that you will realize that “there is [really] no energy in matter”.

You will find out that the gravi-electromagnetic potential energy a body or frame possesses is dependent on the speed or magnitude of gravi-electromagnetic wave for another body or frame.

This strips the potential energy a body possesses of its internality and by recognizing that light is an approximation of gravi-electromagnetic wave or that electrodynamics is an approximation of gravi-electrodynamics, this further becomes the case.

“There is no energy in matter”, or in other words, the energy a matter possesses is frame dependent. This new understanding of energy is wrapped in the understanding of the delta number which has become a very important concept in post-modern physics.

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The statement that “the energy a matter possesses is frame dependent” is the relativistic form of Tesla assertion or “discovery”. I hope you are now coming to see the relevance of this great man called Nikola Tesla. He may not have been entirely right or exact, but he was on a better track than his contemporaries or critics who saw him as a kind of “mad scientist”.

Tesla once made it clear that “if you want to find [understand] the universe, think in terms of energy”, but in general relativity, this simple mental procedure is missing in the description of gravity. I think this was one of the reasons why Tesla rejected the theory.

He could not accept any less than field description of gravity, which is really what general relativity is, and this error in general relativity is totally connected to the unification problem that confronted physicists in the modern era.

Tesla was so convinced about his etheric description of the universe that he gave us one of the most sublime statements ever made concerning the true operations of the universe, which is that:

“All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.”

This “primary substance” as you may already have guessed is the gravi-electromagnetic wave which is the second non-mechanical wave in the universe after light and which its true nature has been hidden from us for the past 6000 years.

In post-modern physics, we now define mass as (the magnitude of) the gravi-electromagnetic content of a body. And this implies that the time has come for us to begin to explore the possible creation of matter from a more subtle application of the “primary substance” or gravi-electromagnetic wave. I hope to discuss more on this soon.

Tesla and all the major religions which spoke of a “creative force” field beyond light or what our eyes can see were right and we now coming to realize in the exact manner in which they are right. This is one of the results of the great consummation.

The above sublime statement or quote comes from his article titled “Man’s Greatest Achievement” published in the New York American in 1930, and in the article, after the above quote, Tesla went further to say that:

“The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance.

Can Man control this grandest, most awe-inspiring of all processes in nature? Can he harness her inexhaustible energies to perform all their functions at his bidding, more still – can he so refine his means of control as to put them in operation simply by the force of his will?

If he could do this he would have powers almost unlimited and supernatural. At his command, with but a slight effort on his part, old worlds would disappear and new ones of his planning would spring into being.

He could fix, solidify and preserve the ethereal shapes of his imagining, the fleeting visions of his dreams. He could express all the creations of his mind, on any scale, in forms concrete and imperishable.

He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons, guide it along any path he might choose through the depths of the Universe.

He could make planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light. He could originate and develop life in all its infinite forms.

To create and annihilate material substance, cause it to aggregate in forms according to his desire, would be the supreme manifestation of the power of Man’s mind, his most complete triumph over the physical world, his crowning achievement which would place him beside his Creator and fulfill his ultimate destiny.”

The above quote by Tesla could not have been revealed to him by any man and it sums up his strong belief in the encompassing power of science which I spoke of at the beginning of this article.

This “man’s greatest achievement” which can only come by the engagement of mind and matter to produce the mind-blowing scientific feats Tesla spoke of is an integral part of my second ebook on FORMS: Mind and Matter which was published as a sequel to The Theory of the Universe.

Thus, the time Tesla spoke of when man shall harness by sheer will the power of the “primary substance” has come! In this post-modern era, the operations of the mind which were before hidden have now come under scientific investigation and the accomplishment of “man’s greatest achievement” is now possible.

We have a lot to learn from the perceptive methods of Nikola Tesla who also went ahead to state that “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

He obviously, like Newton, but in a more practical sense, believed in the metaphysical nature of the universe and he informed us that science will make more advancements when it becomes concerned with the metaphysical and not with the physical, as the truth about the cosmos cannot be found in physical science.

Tesla being a profound futurist is assuring us that we will make tremendous leaps on the path of metaphysical science because we would have found “the secrets of the universe”.

He was giving us the roadmap, not only to the modern world which his technological inventions paved the way for but also to the post-modern world which would prove his ‘extremely bizarre ideas’.

He was really bold to be saying all these things to a scientific community that was stuck with physical science and held it as sacred. No wonder he was criticized and ridiculed, and I don’t think that any other scientists in history made such mental connections about the ether and the metaphysical or alluded to it like Tesla did.

Finally, when you connect Tesla thoughts about the ether with his conviction about the metaphysical universe, the picture that emerges is similar to what we now have in this post-modern era. So, could it really be that “the day” Nikola Tesla spoke of and “the future, for which [he] really worked”, has come?

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

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