To the Metaphysicians

“… things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

Bible KJV

My dear readers, I write this article with a heart full of joy. Do you know why? It is because it is an honour for me to be writing to you. You are a special breed of people. You, like me, know that the physical observable universe is not all there is. You believe and accept the spiritual because if you don’t you will not come to this blog.  

Science is the most enchanting of all enterprise but today we have reduced science from its grand and lofty position of honour to abstract mathematical symbols and the physical interpretations that follow. Where is the enchantment of today’s science? It is nowhere to be found.

Our mathematical descriptions of the universe are abstract because they are not accompanied by metaphysical interpretations. Metaphysics in its true form is important for the physicist.

It is the true metaphysical laws of the universe important for science that Echa and Science has come to reveal to you. And contrary to the current scientific tradition, it is only in the metaphysical universe that we can attain the true understanding of all things.

This may not go down well with a mind that has been trained to found science on what he can measure of reality or externally observe and to dismiss any notion of the metaphysical. Such a mind is unknowingly wallowing in ignorance. There is no light in him. 

There is a metaphysical universe which to me is the only universe. I only recognize the physical universe when I want to explain our physical observations or some very subtle aspect of absolute science which I want you to understand from the entities you already understand in the physical universe.

Listen, the physical universe is majorly a creation of our mind. It has no existence in reality. Our warped perception or conception of space and time constitutes the physical universe. So, knowing that space and time cannot have two different fundamental descriptions, it, therefore, remains that we can only have one universe.

This universe is the metaphysical universe constituted by absolute space and time. For coming to Echa and Science you are privy to the darkest secrets of the universe. You have become a true metaphysician, and like the physicists, we now have our own theory. It is The Theory of the Universe: Absolute Relativity



I am aware of how metaphysics is being mocked as been unintelligible. I have to dismiss this as being due to man’s ignorance of the true nature of reality, and like the scripture would say the days of ignorance are over. Now, we all must come to the full metaphysical understanding of the universe, we all.

The age of metaphysical science has come, and we all are been called by the Higher Mind to ascend to the height of finer understanding and leave our current level of gross comprehension.

We are all to become metaphysicians and understand the spiritual universe. The transformation that has come will be so radical with time such that we would become solely conscious of the metaphysical universe.

Absolute science which is our science will enable us to accomplish tremendous feats, and I am certain that even death will come under the immense power of absolute science. This is because absolute science is the science of God.

The theory of the universe which is now available for us came by the inspiration of the Almighty, and unlike the materialist scientist, we do not mock the Higher Mind that constitutes the mold of the universe.

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Our science shall honour the God of the universe. We, metaphysicians, have become the new high priests to usher in the kingdom of God on the Earth. In this age science in itself shall become a form of pure spiritual worship to the Father.

Listen, we now have the seven absolute laws of the universe, and the time has come for us to begin to master and deeply understand these seven absolute principles of the cosmos. These seven absolute principles constitute our metaphysical base for understanding the universe. 

I have discussed some of them on this blog, so I have begun my own investigation and I want you to do the same. There is no limit to the effect of our collective strength which mankind needs now more than ever.

Materialism is consuming our potential for deeper understanding. We have become regrettably and increasingly superficial in understanding. So, the pursuit and investigation of absolute science is a movement to save mankind from the claws of materialistic philosophy.

Listen, we will succeed in this movement, for now, God would be coming into our classes, labs and every institution of learning. Knowledge will rain down from heaven till it “fills the Earth as waters cover the sea.” Man shall know and become.

The will of our father, the Great Philosopher, and Metaphysician shall be done on Earth as it is done in the heavens. Science shall once more become enchanting as we deal directly with the mysteries of the universe from a higher perspective of understanding. Rational mysticism has become restored. 

I want every metaphysician on Earth to come out of their hiding places and embrace the new age that has come. The current and deep unresolvable mysteries of science have heralded our coming. They have affixed the mysteries of the universe with the word ‘dark’. The universe has become dark to them but not to us.

The universe has hidden her deep secrets from the prying eyes of relative science which is the science of the non-initiated and lower gross realm and has revealed them all to the illuminated eyes of absolute science which is the science of the initiated and higher ethereal realm

illuminated eyes


This age is ours and every contrary and materialist mind has no part in what has come. No one would stop mankind from this great march to God, to the Spirit of the universe.

The knowledge necessary for us to master our craft has been laid down in absolute relativity. In this age, unlike other ages, we shall investigate the metaphysical universe with enlightened knowledge.

The era of darkness is over, the era of illumination has come. The physicist has for so long been investigating the metaphysical universe using his non-fitted tools and materialist philosophy. This is why there is now a crisis at the heart of his enterprise. The resolution of this crisis requires him to accept the new kind of science. 

The theory of the universe is to the physicist the long-sought theory of everything but to us, it sets the foundation of our science, absolute science. Just as Newton’s Principia is the first encompassing treatise about the physical universe, absolute relativity is the first encompassing treatise about the metaphysical universe. 

Therefore, the theory of the universe is not the progression of relative science it is the beginning of absolute science.

Our science has begun, and in time it will grow and fill the Earth. We would break beyond the barriers of today’s science. Absolute science, the science of God, has become the hope of mankind for establishing an illuminated civilization upon the Earth.

In our musings and discussions, we shall talk about the laws behind the laws and the principles behind the principles. The technological evolution that would follow the established knowledge base of absolute science will facilitate the harnessing of the potentials of the mind.

It is, therefore, one of our objectives in Echa and Science to exhaustively teach absolute science and firmly establish our own knowledge base.

If you have come to this blog and have arrived at a new understanding go ahead and publish it, and if you like let me know about it. I will discuss it on this blog and I will really advise you to set-up your own blog.

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Also, there are mathematical equations in absolute science and I have shown you some in this blog. So, extend into whatever direction of your pursuit. Become relevant, become purposeful. Let’s build absolute science together.

Transversing the metaphysical and physical universe describes our scientific method. So, you can give the mathematical elucidations of absolute science and interpretations in relative science as long as you recognize absolute science as the primary base.

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In absolute science our space is absolute space, our time is absolute time and our material is inertia. These three entities are important to our understanding of the metaphysical universe. And in due time we shall weave inertia into different forms and manifestations.

We shall master our craft even as the physicists today have mastered theirs. This is just the beginning!

For metaphysics,

– M. V. Echa

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M. V. Echa

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