Metaphysics and the Unity of Knowledge

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Note: In this article, physics will refer to its own scope and the physical while metaphysics will refer to its own scope and the metaphysical.

Metaphysics is not just about that beyond the physical, it is about the truth; it is about the unity of knowledge which cannot be found in physics. Metaphysics is a path of knowledge that is uniquely different physics; it is not only an end, it is also the journey and the process of truth.

There are some who think that metaphysics is not science or that it is based on vague, unfounded philosophies and conjectures, but today I teach you that metaphysics is the purest and the highest of science and it is profoundly philosophical and sufficiently mathematical.

Metaphysics is the purest and the highest of all sciences because it deals with absolute science. It is also profoundly philosophical because it presents to us the overarching philosophy of absolute relationism and it is sufficiently mathematical because it presents to us the mathematics of quality.

In physics, we had learned about the mathematics of quantity, but in metaphysics, we learn about the mathematics of quality. Both are not the same and should not be placed as such.

Physics is about the mathematics of quantity whereas metaphysics is about the mathematics of quality.Click To Tweet

The mathematics of quality is what truly underlies the nature of the universe and not the so far deployed mathematics of quantity. So, in metaphysics we are learning a new way of applying mathematics and this new way is qualitative.

Also, with metaphysics comes the great implication which is the unity of knowledge. This has been long foretold and today we are seeing its fruition. All knowledge shall come under one method of understanding which is metaphysics.

With metaphysics comes the great implication which is the unity of knowledge.Click To Tweet

And this unity of knowledge cuts across science, philosophy, economics, politics, arts, etc. No aspect of knowledge will be left out. We shall see all of the universe and human society through the lens of metaphysics, for metaphysics is the unity of knowledge.

Physics, as it refers to all physical knowledge, could not achieve the unity of knowledge but metaphysics as it refers to all metaphysical knowledge has. The certainty that it has begun with the discovery of the unity of the universe at a scientific and philosophical level.

Science and philosophy have found their intra and inter unifications, and since both are the bases for other aspects of knowledge, the unity of knowledge is, therefore, satisfied and far-reaching. 

Concerning metaphysics being about the mathematics of quality, you should know that this quality applies to space, time, light, gravity, mass and all of the objects of scientific investigation.

Metaphysics is the study of the universe on the path of quality. In metaphysics, we mathematically relate qualities not quantities. This is not to say that metaphysics has no quantitative implication. It does.

Metaphysics is the study of the universe on the path of quality.Click To Tweet

Metaphysics as the mathematics of quality produces the important quantitative implications for our understanding of the universe and it also justifies physics which is the mathematics of quantity.


Metaphysics as the mathematics of quality was never seen to be different as such. Even the sincere attempts at metaphysics were to make it look like physics and to explain the universe like physics does. This is not possible.

Metaphysics has its own unique character of presenting and addressing scientific questions. It presents a different picture of reality than what physics could have presented.

And the picture of reality metaphysics creates is the true picture of reality and this is why the unity of knowledge is what exactly follows the discovery of metaphysics.

So, it should become clear to you that before now we hadn’t discovered metaphysics. We talked about it and even wrote about it but all these endeavours were baseless. The true nature of metaphysics was not presented or captured.

But now, in this post-modern world, we have come to discover metaphysics and the unity of knowledge. This is what this article is about. This article is about the nature of metaphysics and the unity of knowledge.

It is no longer the case when we have physics explain one phenomenon and have metaphysics to be what could explain another phenomenon, no, metaphysics is now the only explanation of all things.

One of the implications of this is the birth of the new man who is no longer physicist but has become a metaphysicist (or metaphysician). He now studies the universe using the tools of metaphysics and how they inform him about the universe.

He now realizes what I have been saying concerning the connection between unity and the nature of knowledge which is that unity can only be associated with metaphysics and not with physics.

So, to accomplish and to see the long-sought unity of the universe did not require any perfectly conceptualized physical theory; it only required the true metaphysics of the universe.

The unification problem was not about the discovery of the physical theory but about the true nature of knowledge. And having seen that true knowledge is metaphysical, we have therefore come to the true light, we have therefore realized the experience of illumination.

This imperial experience which is not vague but is rather the perception of the eternal nature and the grand unity of the universe has been the true nature of illumination since the beginning.

To be illuminated is to know and this knowledge is scientific and it is centred on the universe. We all have to see this great privilege and opportunity that the Higher Mind has presented to us to progress mankind on an entirely new path of experience.

The internal division of knowledge is no more and we now have one canvas of reality. Science and spirituality are now unified as even the prophets have foretold. We must awaken our consciousness to what is now possible for us.

Our former perception of the universe by which we did not arrive at the unity of knowledge should be done away with and the new picture of reality embraced. The capacity to increase our potentials is limitless in this new era.

I speak in defence of metaphysics; I speak in defence of truth, and I make a bold proclamation of the obvious result, which is the unity of knowledge.

Metaphysics is the birth of the assurance that we can understand the universe, that we can explore the cosmos and this is in formerly impossible ways that physics could not have made possible.

With the beginning of metaphysics, there is now a qualitative transformation in the possible accomplishments of science and the different aspects of knowledge have become unified under one knowing that is true and that was there “from the foundation of the world.”

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– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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