Music and Thought, My Experience

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

Albert Einstein

Music, music, music, one of my greatest fascinations after metaphysics. Sometimes I ponder, what is the connection between music and thought because it seems as though there is.

I have always loved listening to music, and I think it is the same with most people. But in my case, I always see a connection between music and thought. Though I think that I began to be conscious of this connection in my second year in the university.

At that time I met this young man, a friend of mine, though I have lost contact with him since I finished school. Then he loved listening to the folk songs of one of the popular female musicians in the world.

I also knew about her songs, but sometimes I will ask him why do you like these songs, and he would say, “they take me to wherever I wanna go!” I knew what he meant by that and the feeling of it and I found it as the best way to present the connection between music and thought.

Since he told me this, I have not forgotten it. I am also convinced that music has a way of taking “me to wherever I wanna to go” in the world of thought.

Ever since that time I have found that I love to “think in music” and not just any genre of music. It is usually classical songs, folk songs and any other song that deeply connects with culture and the spiritual.

And I think that my best kind of songs ever are classical and folk songs! I so much love them! They set my thought to the highest possible vibration.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to hip hops, raps, reggae and other kinds of music, I do and I really appreciate them. But usually, when I want to think and I need an assistance, I go for classical songs or folk songs. They calm my mind more than any other genre of music.

This my friend that I have just spoken about is just a person like me and I have found a few others, but many around me don’t dig this kind of songs and I understand them. We all have our choices.

In general, folks, I love music and it is one of the things that assists me the most when I journey through the world of thought and I am so very conscious of this. This is why I have decided to write this article.

I don’t know how many people out there recognize the connection between music and thought but I do and it is always a pleasant experience.

Music can be used to accomplish a number of things, like closing yourself away from the environment, for pleasure, and also to get the ball of thought rolling etc. The third is the one I am particular about in this article.

So few things in this world come close to the combined experience of music and creative thinking. It is pure bliss for those who know.

Music does not only fascinate the mind, it also stimulates the mind. Thus, this article is about the fascinating and the stimulating power of the mind of which both are my experiences.

Music and thought

Also, I am aware of the cosmic connection between music and the universe. This is why I appreciate the connection between music and thought and I am not surprised by it.

So few things in this world come close to the combined experience of music and creative thinking. It is pure bliss for those who know.Click To Tweet

The universe is pure vibrating ethereal music. Remember what the ancients taught us about the music of the spheres. This is no joke or conjecture, it is pure truth. We are living and existing in music.

You are a note of vibration in this great expanse of music we call the universe. The ancients knew this and now we do too and in a more exact and scientific way than they did.

The great truth that the universe itself is pure music is why music fascinates us all. It is why I find nothing else more pleasant to assist my contemplation of the universe than music. Music is life and existence.

We all love music because we subconsciously know that music is what we are. And now science itself is beginning to establish its principles and practice on the musical nature of the universe. This is where the long-sought unified field theory has been all this while.

Music is what we are.Click To Tweet

We have always had the subconscious knowledge of the universe which is the common experience of music. This is why I appreciate my experience of the connection between music and thought and a part of me always hold this experience as sacred.

The more musical science becomes, the closer to the truth it gets. This could be taken as a good caution. And I hope that we become more conscious of music and its true meaning for existence.

I love music, I love science, and I am happy to see that both are connected and in a mystical way. Yes, the union between science and music is mystical and cannot be physically approached.

This is why we could not understand how the ancients could propose that the universe is pure ethereal music. They were speaking of a great mystical truth that is now well understood in this post-modern era.

String theory was a revival of this ancient teaching but it could not attain its full status or prove itself because string theorists were not replicating to any measure the method of the ancients who had deep honour and respect for the metaphysical.

But all these have changed with the advent of post-modern physics.  We are now in the time of truth and the experience of the pure music of the universe.

I love my experience of music and what it all means for science. I love that they both have a connection which finds an exhibition ground on my mind.

I am not a musical artist but I have a remarkable history with music and the fruits of my thoughts which now spread across the world are all accompanied by notes of music that are my testimony of the eternal unity of music and thought.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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