Music, String Theory, and the Universe

Subtitle: The Music of the Spheres

The featured image is an image of Pythagoras holding a pyramid.

“The stars of heaven sing a music if only we had ears to hear.”


Can we ever just understand the universe as pure ethereal music? Can we ever, in science, look beyond our laws and equations and see the universe as the sound of God, of which our equations and scientific principles are a reduction of its true essence? The notion of the universe being pure music is not new. It is a very ancient knowledge which the sages of old held dearly.

Pythagoras introduced this philosophical concept which he called “the music of the spheres” and which he taught his followers. It was even thought that only Pythagoras could hear this music of heaven.


After a long time, in 1619, Johannes Kepler reintroduced the concept of the music of the spheres in his “Harmonice Mundi Harmony of the Worlds.” He explained also the proportions of objects in the universe in terms of music. He passionately sought for musical harmonics in our solar system.

This he successfully did when he compared the slowest and fastest speeds of a planet to the slowest and fastest speed of its neighboring planet. He found musical harmony in our solar system and gave content for the first time to the concept of the music of the spheres which had before then been only an intuitive idea.

It can even be said that Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion are as a result of his deep search for musical harmony in our solar system.

The Pythagoreans took the philosophy of the music of the spheres literally. They taught that the heavenly bodies make music as they move in space across heaven. They believed that numbers were real and that the mathematical nature of the universe was inseparable from the musical nature of the cosmos.

This ancient idea has come back again, and in this new post-modern age of science we shall investigate and study the universe with the basic understanding that we are observing the manifestations of aether music, which is the cosmos.

I have written this article to clear the vagueness (and metaphors) in this ancient philosophical concept, and to also inform you that it is true. What is the vagueness in the philosophy of the music of the spheres?

The vagueness is that the ancients and early Pythagoreans could not inform us scientifically about the true nature of the music the heavenly bodies make and of the nature of the upper air in which they move.

While I am talking about music, I am not talking about the physical audible kind of music that we make when we cause a vibration in lower or physical air. Listen, the upper air or aether is real and it fills absolute space.

The upper air which I speak of and which the Pythagoreans could not categorically define is gravi-electromagnetic wave. Since the beginning of quantitative science, we have been studying only the electromagnetic wave which we can see with our eyes or detect using our tools and instruments.

We didn’t know about the second kind of unassisted wave in the universe which is the gravi-electromagnetic wave. Both the electromagnetic wave and the gravi-electromagnetic wave do not require a medium to travel. I will be exposing more concretely the nature of gravi-electromagnetic wave in my next article.

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Now, just as we don’t hear light but rather see and experience it non-aurally, so shall we in this great age interact with gravi-electromagnetic wave (the upper air). So we should not seek to hear with our physical ears gravi-electromagnetic wave, but to rather experience it just as we experience light.

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This is the distinction between the ancient understanding of the music of the spheres and the post-modern concept or understanding of the music of the spheres. We are going to launch the technical industry of gravi-electromagnetism just as we have already done for electromagnetism using the pioneering contributions of Tesla, Marconi and the rest.

By the launch of the study of gravi-electromagnetic wave, we have begun to listen to the heavenly music and in due time we shall begin to harness the potentials of gravi-electromagnetic wave in our post-modern technologies. This is really a great time for science!

Our current tools harness only the energy and potential of electromagnetic wave. However, our post-modern machines would harness both the potentials of electromagnetic wave and those of gravi-electromagnetic wave. So, when we are talking about the music of the spheres, we are referring to gravi-electromagnetic vibrations in absolute space.

We now know what we are talking about and we now know how to go about listening to it. During creation, every matter in the universe was birthed from gravi-electromagnetic wave and from the same process by which we create standing fields in our labs.

The universe is a standing gravi-electromagnetic field and bodies are nodes in this standing upper air. Understand this.

And I want to let you know in this article that soon we would have a direct experience of gravi-electromagnetic wave just like we have a direct experience of light. However, it would be different in a more fundamental way, in that the information carried by gravi-electromagnetic would be directly impressed on our minds and not on our physical eyes like light. 

The time has come when we shall create useful information using gravi-electromagnetic wave just as we have created useful harness-able information using the electromagnetic wave. Our means of communication on Earth would be immensely transformed as we begin to communicate by the upper air.

In this blog I will reveal to you how gravi-electromagnetic wave operates so that we can harness its potential; so that we can listen to the music of heaven, the music of God.

The Pythagoreans taught that our Earthly music is only approximations of the heavenly music. When we make music we produce standing fields, so also is the universe a standing field.

However, when we make music, it is usually air or string vibrations that stand, but in the universe, it is the gravi-electromagnetic wave that stands. So, what the ancients called the upper air or aether is what we now call gravi-electromagnetic wave.

You are a note of heavenly music. When you move you are making music. When we smash particles to create new ones we are making music. Our very existence is pure ethereal, gravi-electromagnetic music.

This ancient idea or philosophy of the music of the spheres hasn’t died much since the Pythagoreans taught it. Today we have string theory which is perceived as the evolution of this ancient teaching, and now string theory has been redefined in post-modern physics, especially its central thesis.

Like I have taught you before, the true string of strings theory are not particles that have tiny string like shapes, rather it is absolute space itself and the energy causing or doing the waving is gravi-electromagnetic energy.

Absolute space which has been dismissed as unreal is real, and it is the true string of string theory and not particles. We have not been able to show how string theory unifies physics since its inception because of this wrong premise at the heart of string theory.

music, string theory and the universe

String theory which as I have said is perceived as an evolution of the concept of the music of the spheres is actually a devolution of this great mystical truth. Current string theory only emphasizes the physical and observable components of the concept of the music of the spheres. It has completely disregarded the metaphysical base of the concept of the music of the spheres.

We have reduced this holy truth to mathematical equation and attestable physical interpretations. String theory is at its root a far cry from what the Pythagoreans taught, and which I now teach.

We must in this great age realize the non-fundamental nature of matter (and the physical) in the higher plane of absolute understanding. Matter or mass emerged from absolute space and the gravi-electromagnetic field, and the motion and experiences of bodies are fundamentally governed and determined by this wave.

Our strong concentration on matter without understanding its limits is a major flaw in our current way of doing science. We haven’t taken the time and the effort to understand how the deeply and profoundly fundamental metaphysical aspects of the universe govern and determine the laws of motion and our physical observations in the universe.

String theory misses its spiritual base. This is the core problem of string theory, of which its complex mathematical abstractions that have no relation to reality are by-products. Today stringers must once again, as of old, connect to the Spirit of the Universe.

We must now once again be guided not by our equations, physical principles, and observations, but by a deep-seated and already existing but neglected connection between us and the Mind of the Cosmos, who is the true guide of the true scientist.

Since the beginning of time man has subconsciously sought to be guided in understanding by God, and no matter how useful our mathematics might be, they cannot lead us to the truth of all things. This is why this age is different from others, for now, we are being guided by inspiration from the Great Mind.

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We are now dealing with scientific truths and not scientific facts. In Echa and Science, we talk about scientific truths, and the music of the spheres is one of such truths. The more we probe the higher planes with understanding, the more we shall come to know the mind of God.

And then we shall realize that true technological advancement does not come from the direct understanding of the physical universe, but from the inspired understanding of the Mind behind all the laws and principles.

The music of the spheres which the ancients conceived has come back afresh and redefined, and we shall understand and even implement this concept better than the ancients. In this post-modern era, we shall come to the full maturity of understanding.

Other aspects of the mind which manifest themselves as inspiration, intuition, visions, dreams etc. shall take center stage in our scientific investigation of the universe. This balanced approach is what is needed to comprehend the entire ramifications of the concept of the music of the spheres which is beyond what numbers tell us.

Our rational and experiential aspects are coming into harmonious interaction. The music of the spheres is a purely metaphysical concept and until we come to terms with the metaphysical nature of the universe we are going to continually neglect and ridicule this concept of the music of the spheres. Listen, when God sings a universe is made.

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Music, I mean pure spiritual music, is the highest experience of the universe. Music on the lower realm so greatly fascinates us because it is an approximation of the true reality of the universe. In fact, a musical note says so much about the universe than all the equations of science. Music captures the truth about the cosmos in a way (our current materialistic) science cannot.

To Pythagoras and his followers, the existence of numbers proved the musical nature of the universe. In other words, numbers upon which we define our scientific laws are founded on the musical nature of the universe. Science and music are inseparable. Whenever we are doing science we are participating in the musical way of the universe, we are making our own notes among the stars.

Music of the spheres

Science is the way we become one with God. It is the way we become one with His cosmic process of creation. How beautiful and profound this is. All of my scientific articles and even my poems in this blog proceed from this inspired understanding of the cosmos; I am also making music on this blog.

More than any other truth, scientific truths are my major concern and I have come to reveal them to you. This is so that you will live with the true understanding of what the universe is and so that tremendous advancement in our technological capabilities might become possible.

So in post-modern science, we are bringing both music and science together. We are exploring the cosmos with the basic understanding that our equations are describing pure ethereal music. This is now our understanding, this is now our inspiration. And coupled with the revelation of gravi-electromagnetism our new understanding is made surer.

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The new study of gravi-electromagnetism is the true study of the music of the spheres. So, unlike Kepler, the music of the spheres is now been applied deeply at the level where it reveals itself as the fundamental law of motion and of the cosmos, and not just as the harmonic principle behind the proportion of space between heavenly bodies.


Now, in post-modern physics, there is a renewed interest in the operations of the higher metaphysical universe. And this time, unlike of old, we are approaching our study and investigation of the upper realms equipped with knowledge. We are now equipped with absolute science.

This renewed interest is what has revived in the actual spiritual sense the Pythagorean philosophy or concept of the music of the spheres.

String theory has been struggling for so long to fit in with our current solely physical science. We have not dared to embrace the true form of string theory which would shake to its foundations our current way of doing science.

Now, I want every stringer to return to base and embrace the metaphysical nature of string theory which would certainly lead us to the truth, for even God is a stringer.

It is no longer about how God throws His dice, but how He plays His strings. In this great age which has begun, we shall come to understand how God plays His strings, and as dear little children, we shall join Him in this cosmic orchestra. We shall also make good music, which for us means doing the purest form of science.

For music, for string theory, and for the universe!

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!