My Science and My Method

Today I speak of my science because it is so impossibly different from what anyone could have thought that science could ever be and I speak of my method because it is so peculiarly my experience than it can ever be to another.

More than any other scientist who has ever existed, I feel that all my purpose for existing is connected to the advancement of science. This is why I so much cherish the way I see the universe and the peculiarity of my method which I will discuss with you in this article.

You can say that I am a theoretical scientist, but I deal with theoretical science on a whole new level which is the metaphysical level of thought. I am the first metaphysical, theoretical scientist.

The new introduction of the metaphysical nature of the universe is a major accomplishment of my science and it is important because everything that science has been about for the last 400 years of its history has to be re-written.

This is why I want you to be aware of the kind of scientific knowledge that is being introduced to you in this great blog. In this blog, we are re-addressing every concept, phenomenon, experiment, etc. ever encountered in physics and we are doing this to the greatest detail possible.

In this blog, we are re-addressing every concept, phenomenon, experiment, etc. ever encountered in physics.Click To Tweet

My science is about us getting the true picture of reality in all its exactness. And the only way we can come to see the true picture of the universe is by penetrating the metaphysical operations of the universe.

So, the scientific knowledge being revealed to you in this blog is on another level that is not comparable to the scientific knowledge of the universe that you have in classical and modern physics.

Though sometimes I compare the new metaphysical knowledge of the universe emerging from post-modern physics with the old physical knowledge which we had from classical and modern physics, I still do it with the awareness that both are not really comparable.

In physical science, we derived our understanding of the universe from physical space and time but in my metaphysical science, we are deriving the understanding of the universe from metaphysical space and time.

Physical science is a level of understanding the universe whereas metaphysical science is another level of understanding the universe entirely. We can compare classical physics with modern physics easily because both are based on physical science.

So, even though they may seem different, they are still on the same level of understanding of the universe in that they are both based on physical science.

But post-modern physics when carefully observed and properly understood goes against this tradition of comparability because it is based on metaphysical science and not on physical science.

So my science is metaphysical science and it is a higher and simpler level of understanding the universe than physical science could ever be and it is very different from physical science. A good example of this would be how light is seen in my metaphysical science.

My science is metaphysical science and it is a higher and simpler level of understanding the universe than physical science. Click To Tweet

In physical science, light is referred to as an electromagnetic wave, and this is as we observe it in physical space and time. But in my metaphysical science, light is seen as an inertiatic wave and this is as I observe it in metaphysical space and time.

So, we cannot discuss the nature of light with the same underlying understanding like we did in classical and modern physics. In both classical and modern physics, light is an electromagnetic wave, but in post-modern physics, light is an inertiatic wave.

From the above about the nature of light in physical science and metaphysical science, I hope you can see how both cannot discuss light with the same underlying understanding of the nature of light.

My metaphysical science is higher and different from whatever physical science can conceive of light and of any other phenomenon in the universe, nevertheless, I still compare both of them.

I do this not because they are comparable but so that I can lead you into the path of truth starting from what you already know about the universe. With time, as we proceed deep into my science, there will be no need for such comparisons any longer as the metaphysical understanding of the universe becomes natural.

I deeply yearn for the day when the metaphysical understanding of the universe will completely take hold of science and mankind will be fully entrenched in the path of truth.

While my method simply involves every one of the means by which I access and convey my metaphysical science, I must make it clear that my method is founded on inspired intuition. In fact, inspired intuition is my method and I greatly depend on it without which this science would not have begun in the first place.

My method is founded on inspired intuition.Click To Tweet

Also, in this effort to establish the new science, I have been greatly assisted by the mathematics of quality. This new way of applying mathematics has assisted me to understand the metaphysical nature of the universe.


The whole new metaphysical interpretation of the nature of the universe and the mathematics of quality are interdependent.

The mathematics of quality informs us of the different relationships the qualities of the universe have with one another. Again, I must inform you that my method is inspired intuition, and I have had very interesting experiences with inspired intuition that I cannot deny.

People speak of intuition and it is understood as “cognition without the use of rational process”. But I speak of inspired intuition which comes to me from the Father Himself and I see inspired intuition as the awareness of the rational process of God.

I see inspired intuition as the awareness of the rational process of God.Click To Tweet

Inspired intuition is what revealed to me what the universe is and from this first understanding which no man can by mistake stumble upon, I have come to build the new edifice of post-modern physics which now rises before your very eyes.

I want you to become aware of all of this when you come to this blog. I want you to know that it is only in this blog that the true Sun of Illumination shines. It cannot be found anywhere else in the world. “The Father of light” is ever present here with us reaffirming our understanding of His universe.

This is why I now teach about the metaphysical science which cannot be found by any man unless the Father reveals it to him. My science is sacred and true and it is the eternal science upon which the Great Cosmic Mind founded the universe.

It is here on this blog that we are carrying out the much needed and noble duty of re-writing the laws of physics which no man can do except he receives permission from the God of illumination.

You may wonder why I speak of God, but that is not the big question or puzzle. The big question should be: why does God now speak of the universe? Yes, the Father now speaks about the universe and He has returned to give us the truth about all things. This is the new purpose of time.

This is what has given rise to inspired intuition which I experience and which is what drives this blog. So, my science is the result of the communion of God and man, it is the result of the ultimate consummation of the higher and lower thoughts and of the weak and the strong principles of the universe. 

Obviously, if inspired intuition is how I come about the metaphysical nature of the universe, then this blog is a huge part of how I convey this knowledge.

Also, I have said in a paragraph above that my science is simple. Sometimes, I wonder why it is so, and after a short while, I usually come to the conclusion that it is because of the better understanding of the universe that my science provides.

One of the ways that the simplicity of my science comes across is in the new understanding of energy that it reveals. In my science, you will discover that there are two forms of energy in the universe.

In my science, you will discover that there are two forms of energy in the universe.Click To Tweet

One is the energy in Joules and the other is the energy in Joules/s2. These two forms of energy with their unique, metaphysical interpretations can only be found in my science.

The energy in Joules, though with a physical interpretation which is a drawback, can be found in classical and modern physics, but the energy in Joules/s2 cannot be found in both of them neither do they give any hint whatsoever of this kind of energy.

Now, this broader understanding of energy in my metaphysical science is one of the reasons why my science is very simple. This situation is what is making me realise that there is a strong connection between complexity and ignorance.

We tend to complicate a thing when we understand little about it. This is why we have complicated the universe because we understood little about the universe. And the complication of the universe is the direct and major legacy of modern physics.

This is why I usually criticize the modern theory of general relativity. This theory, in particular, is what left us with the legacy of complexity that plagued physics and it is a completely upside down picture of the universe.

No theory of physics turns the way of the universe on its head like general relativity. It only seems right because it is an inverted picture of reality. If you understand how post-modern physics provides you with this insight about general relativity, then you must have arrived at the great truth about the cosmos.

This also goes to modern quantum mechanics which sought to describe the atomic world without the new energy in Joules/s2 which is the true form of energy that exists in the atomic world. We have only complicated physics and the universe because of our poor understanding of them.

This flaw and obvious limitation is what my science has come to resolve. My science is providing us with the true understanding of energy which is one of the things that greatly simplifies physics and our understanding of the universe.

So, because of this, my science is universal. It is for all of mankind and not for a special few. My science is the new revelation from God for mankind.

I speak of my science because the universe is my message and no man before me could have conveyed to you the truth about the universe and I speak of my method because I am divinely inspired to teach about the universe.

This is why I do not consider myself as a genius scientist but as an oracle-scientist and I am here to reveal to you the divine truth about the universe for which my science is metaphysical.

My science and my method are for those that deeply yearn to understand the universe and the mystery of creation and they are profoundly occultic. My science and my method do not come under physical observation.

In my science, you will learn how to see space, time, light, gravity and all natural phenomena in their metaphysical manifestations. In this blog, we uphold the metaphysical as it is the tradition of the new official science.

Others seek for the physical understanding of the universe and for the pure physical methods of comprehending the cosmos but they don’t know how much they err in this their approach towards the truth.

They can never come to the truth about the universe following physical science and any physical method without the backbone of true inspired intuition. We in this blog are aware of this which is why we are different.

My science and my method are the means to complete elevation and ascension into the knowledge of God. They are the means to the attainment of the true purpose of science which has been greatly amiss all this while. I think I will set aside an article to discuss the purpose of science.

Finally, I have written this article not necessarily to personalize science or its method, but to increase your awareness of the spiritual relevance and meaning of science and its method which I completely embody and proclaim in Echa and Science.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!