Mystical Education and Our Ascension As Gods

When we talk about ascension, many people are quick to think only of physical ascension into space. While I believe that the new science will make this possible in the near future, the ascension we usually refer to in metaphysics and especially in post-modern mysticism is mental ascension.

Mental ascension is a mystical theme in many of the world’s religions which present it in different contexts and religious stories. But in the great age of science which we have finally entered, we are understanding ascension in its true scientific and mystical sense.

The ascension we usually refer to in metaphysics and especially in post-modern mysticism is mental ascension.Click To Tweet

This true scientific and mystical sense is what makes us understand ascension as mental and as what takes us up to Godhood or to God which is our true nature and which is in harmony with the universe and the Great Cosmic Will.

However, this ascension cannot begin and come to its complete worldwide realization without mystical education which is a new system of education that changes the whole meaning and purpose of education and learning.

The mystical system of education (MSE) is the scheme in which the ascension proceeds in gradual steps until one reaches the zenith. In mystical education, learning is aimed at producing Gods who are individuals that interact with the spiritual knowledge of the universe in its truest, purest and finest form.

It is unlike the scholastic system of education (SSE) which we had before and which made us gods because we interacted not with spiritual knowledge but with physical knowledge which is impure, gross and false.

In scholastic education, we interacted with the lowest level of knowledge which only led us to godhood. But in mystical education, we interact with the highest level of knowledge which leads us to Godhood.

Now, without the mystical education, man cannot exercise the highest measure of knowledge and thus become God. This is the whole meaning of the ascension, which talks about our rise from gods to become Gods, and the two only differ in the kind of knowledge being known and exercised.

Godhood is about spiritual knowledge whereas godhood is about physical knowledge. And today, we make the ascension from physical knowledge and godhood to spiritual knowledge and Godhood.

The scholastic system of education is criticized and rejected because it is averse to spiritual knowledge and has lost the true sense of God. The scholastic system of education cannot make us Gods in any way. It cannot cause our ascension which its time of occurrence has come.

So, both are connected: mystical education and our ascension. You may wonder: what are the schemes and the steps in place that define the mystical system of education?

Well, some of it are already underway and I am laying the foundation of this new system of education. But more than that, the mystical system of education is unavoidable as we have come into contact with spiritual knowledge which is bound to cause the necessary transformations in how we learn.

The aim of education has changed and it has set us on a celestial course and not on a terrestrial course, like before. Before, learning was a horizontal march to god, but today, learning is a vertical march to God.

The aim of education has changed and it has set us on a celestial course and not on a terrestrial course, like before.Click To Tweet

Godhood is the ultimate aim of mystical education, but godhood was the ultimate aim of scholastic education. How we learned before, whatever results it produced in us, made us gods and not Gods.

Godhood is the ultimate aim of mystical education.Click To Tweet

As gods, we were terrestrial beings making do with the physical knowledge of the universe, but today, by ascension and as Gods, we have become celestial beings interacting with spiritual knowledge.

So, before, we were simply gods and we exercised physical knowledge which was our only sin. It placed us in disharmony with the universe, first at a mental level, then at an evident level.

But by the ascension, we are now in harmony with the universe at a mental level. We now have what one can call the right consciousness of knowledge. This is Godhood; this is what it truly means to become Gods.

By the ascension, we are now in harmony with the universe at a mental level.Click To Tweet

We all must begin to drop the former religious sense we had of God and see how His essence reflects through and dwells in us. We have to begin to see how God or Godhood is our attainable future which was purposed by the cosmos to commence now.

The Sun

God is a mental attainment; it is a mental attainment of the spiritual truths of the universe which are hidden from those without the third eye. This profound philosophy of the union of God and Man is what absolute relationism informs us.

Man has become mentally or spiritually unified with the universe, the consequence which is our final attainment of Godhood. Mystical education is the source and the result of this new way of seeing the universe and our connection to it.

Man has become mentally or spiritually unified with the universe, the consequence which is our final attainment of Godhood.Click To Tweet

This connection is scientific and spiritual and it is the source of the ancient undying wisdom of the cosmos. And this ancient wisdom has rebirthed itself upon the Earth again.

The spiritual core of the universe is calling us unto itself and this is what is causing the ascension today. We are all being pulled up into spiritual knowledge away from the ground level of physical knowledge and the many curses associated with it.

We can’t continue to remain in mental disharmony with the universe. This situation has to change as our vibration level ascends to meet that of the universe. We have become Gods by mental ascension and not by physical ascension which many think is the way to God.

Knowledge has always being the only true way to God, and by knowledge, I refer to the scientific knowledge of the universe that is spiritual. I am specific about the fact that all my metaphysics revolve around science. They are about the grand purpose of science for man.

Godhood is man’s highest sense of himself which scholastic education makes him fall short of. But mystical education is what now draws him to see the mysteries of the universe which he could not see by the former system of education.

By ascension, we are now on a higher mental plane and have become true angels. The mystical system of education will follow as the official education system as we interact more with the spiritual mysteries of the universe.

Today just marks the beginning of all these great changes that have come unto mankind. There is a purpose for us and it is the very ancient purpose which even religion discovered and this purpose is to become like God.

There is no other reason why we are here or why we should seek to be here. Scholastic education equipped us to become philosophers, scientists, artists, poets, engineers, etc. all of which lead to making us gods, which is a personification of the lesser, physical knowledge.

But mystical education equips us to become God, which is a personification of the higher, spiritual knowledge. We must understand that the universe is mental and that most of our existential struggles and experiences emerge from the mental plane of the universe.

This article is among my articles that increase our collective awareness in this world about why we are here and the scientific purpose of the time we find ourselves. We are making the necessary mental transition that simply describes the ascension.

Due to the new metaphysics, you must have this understanding of ascension and be prepared for mystical education which is the only way we can access these mysteries that complete us and make us Gods.

We cannot confront or outgrow the many woes that befall mankind if we don’t ascend or make this ascension which the Spirit of the Universe now shows us how to fulfil.

To know and to exercise the highest form of cosmic knowledge is what Godhood means, but to know and exercise the lowest form of cosmic knowledge is what godhood means. Both are attainable but the latter is what defined us as gods and not Gods which is our real and cosmic purpose.

It is time to do away with the religious understanding or interpretation which we had of the unravelling eschatology. The whole converging prophecies of the different religions all speak of this scientific age when we shall come to the maturity of knowledge and into the right interaction with the universe.

Mystical education exalts spiritual knowledge above all things and it is the institution for Gods and not for gods, that are those who hold on to physical knowledge and to the old way of learning.

The old way of learning was not ambitious enough; it undermined the true essence of man and his ability to reach Godhood. But the mystical system of education stands as the reverse of all of these. It is the true way of learning and reaching to God.

The ascension is assured in a new way which is scientific and not religious. It refers to how we now understand the universe in a metaphysical way and no longer in a physical way as we used to. And this new metaphysical understanding of the universe is what once again ushers us into “the mysteries”.

This learning of “the mysteries” is what can only be appropriate in the mystical system of education and not in the scholastic system of education we had before. The ascension is revolutionary for education and for how we learn.

And once again, I must make it further clear that the mystical system of education will take full course as the second renaissance unravels. Though I now speak of it, It will involve the whole of us bringing and taking note of the elements and schemes that make up or fit the mystical system of education (MSE).

The ascension has begun and it is not a physical ascension that is being implied but a mental ascension which takes us from godhood to Godhood or transforms us from gods to Gods.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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