Celebrating the New Platform of Blog-Scientific Publication!

I have been celebrating a lot lately, and in this article, I want to specifically celebrate on this special date the new platform that I now call blog-scientific publication!

I had gotten this domain name in December of 2016, but it wasn’t until one month later, on January 14th, 2017, that I published my first three articles (1, 2, 3).

So, I hope you can now see why this particular date, Jan. 14, is very important to me and Echa & Science. I wanted the celebration of blog-scientific publication to coincide with the day that I published my first articles. 

It took me quite some time to press the publish button, and no one told me it would be that hard, but since I did, I have not stopped and will never stop!

To be frank with you, publishing my first articles on this blog really made me tense. It was like as if I was about to get naked before the world. That’s exactly how I felt, but I took the bold step and for the first time in scientific history launched what I now call blog-scientific publication.

Blog-scientific publication is obviously different from the peer-review scientific publication that we have been practising for a very long time.

In the peer review scientific publication, scientific ideas are first usually published in journals where they are reviewed by few, sometimes unrevealed experts before they are published so that other scientists in their respective fields can access these ideas and then disseminate them to the public. This is basically how the peer-review scientific publication works.

However, blog-scientific publication is different. In blog-scientific publication, scientific ideas are first published on blogs as posts and not on journals as papers. They become directly open source with little or no restrictions and can be reviewed by the blog-scientist and his blog readers.

Blog-scientific publication is about how blogging is revolutionalizing the way we publish scientific articles.

Now, I don’t really wish to compare the two ways of publishing scientific ideas and to show you which one is better, at least I never thought about blog-scientific publication when I started Echa & Science. I was only looking for a way to inform you about my discovery of The Theory of the Universe.

Blog-scientific publication is about how blogging is revolutionalizing the way we publish scientific articles.Click To Tweet

But then, this sincere desire is what birthed what I now call blog-scientific publication. After I finished The Theory of the Universe, I had quite a hard time publishing it on few of the peer review journals I tried, and not that I became frustrated because of this and changed my mind. No.

What happened was that I began to understand the implications of The Theory of the Universe more than I did before. It was then that I took the path of blog-scientific publication.

What did I understand? I came to understand that my theory cannot be accepted in the old official science because of its adherence only to physical theories, and I did not want my theory to be categorised as ‘metaphysics’ where it will be forgotten or dismissed as any other metaphysical theory.

I knew that The Theory of the Universe has tremendous implications for how we understand the universe, so I wanted it to be recognised as such and published as real science and nothing else.

It was then it dawned on me that only my own created platform can publish my science! It was at this point that Echa & Science was born to publish the new theory without any restriction or censorship of its metaphysical content.

This is what has also led to the new official science which fully embraces metaphysical investigation, unlike the old officially science.

We can say that the old official science which holds on to physical investigation runs the peer-review scientific publication, whereas the new official science which holds on to metaphysical investigation runs the blog-scientific publication. The two official sciences differ in aim, organisation and structure.

Also, let me talk about some of my personal reasons for choosing the path of blog-scientific publication.

I came to realize that The Theory of the Universe can only be understood after certain preliminaries that pertain to the metaphysical nature of reality has been grasped. So, I decided to blog about these preliminaries so that anyone can easily understand the new science.

And as I began to blog about my scientific ideas, I realized first hand how blog-scientific posts are different from peer-review scientific papers. In The Theory of the Universe, I sounded so formal (and to be frank with you, it’s really not my style. I kind of like informalities).

But blogging gave me the opportunity to present my ideas more clearly and with more wit than I did in the treatise. Blogging about the universe became very interesting and I realised that writing the treatise was just a small but important part of my overall purpose.

I found a new, informal and more impartful way of presenting my scientific ideas through blog-scientific publication and I know that peer-review scientific publication will never afford me this.

Blog-scientific publication became all the more purposeful as I found myself addressing specifically the wrong premises in today’s science.

This would have naturally being the result of the theory if it had been published in a peer-review journal, but I am so glad to be the one serving mankind and science in this regard. I guess it’s because I have been chosen!

And blog-scientific publication has proved to be one quick way to address these wrong concepts in physics so that we can quickly understand these things and move on to the bigger concepts of post-modern physics.

Also, blog-scientific publication has made it possible for me to present, and in a short time, some of the philosophical and broader implications of the new theory which would have taken more time to realize. 

My personal preference and love for blog-scientific publication is because of how it has tremendously transformed how I approach scientific problems; it has made my work easy and this, in turn, has made me able to serve mankind to a greater capacity than I would have in peer-review scientific publication.

This is why I celebrate today, which is the day my journey towards blog-scientific publication began! Blog-scientific publication is really my own journey of a thousand miles and on January 14, 2017, I began with a bold step!

I can’t call you to join me and ditch peer-review scientific publication, but blog-scientific publication is my thing and it will be so forever. I will always share my scientific ideas on this blog and probably on any other blogging platform.

Publishing scientific articles as blog posts and not journal papers is revolutionary, and I am so in love with it! It shows that we all can come to naturally understand the universe and have little or no need for “peer review”. This is the new age of worldwide scientific enlightenment and blog-scientific publication is its most fitting platform.

Blog-scientific publication is how I intend fulfilling my inner desire to leave a great edifice of scientific knowledge for the whole of mankind and in a manner that they can be easily accessed without restrictions and what one can call official delays.

In blog-scientific publication, I found an official science that fully embraces my theory which now teaches mankind about the metaphysical nature of the universe and that the long-sought unity of the universe exists in this higher domain of perception.

Blog-scientific publication is as a result of my deep unquenchable desire to make you understand the universe, and in satisfying this desire I found my better self.

In this blog, you will find scientific ideas that are published for the first time in history as blog posts and not scientific papers! How further open source and free can scientific knowledge be?

My scientific posts on this blog can be accessed by search engines and by anyone. I want it so.  And with every blog post, I usher you deeper into my universe of metaphysical knowledge. I am your blog-scientist and you are my blog-readers and blog-scientists too, and together we make the new system of assessing and disseminating scientific knowledge.

And the whole formal idea of “review” is a natural part of the open interactiveness of the blogging platform. This is why it is omitted from the “blog-scientific publication” concept.

Blog-scientific publication is about the natural exchange of scientific ideas, the wide honour of truth and not the unhealthy high elevation of theories without questioning that leads to the imposed limits on scientific ideas. 

Also, and in fact, with the rise of blogging, it was only a matter of time before it inevitably becomes the manner in which official science will publish scientific articles or knowledge.

This will bring a uniformity in the way we disseminate information, whether scientific or not. Blogging is a universal platform. Almost every person in the world access information through blogs.

Also, I fancy blogging and being a blogger or a blog-scientist because it is another way of referring to myself as a renaissance man. I have been able to focus my passion for a wide variety of knowledge on this great blog and by being a blogger. In fact, to me, blogging was a discovery and blog-scientific publication was the next result!

So, today, we all should celebrate the beginning of blog-scientific publication! It is only natural for the new era of post-modern physics to come with its own supported official structure.

Blog-scientific publication is the way the new official science disseminates scientific information.Click To Tweet

Blog-scientific publication is the way the new official science disseminates scientific information, and this method aligns with the direct universal implication of science for civilization or the whole of mankind and not for an ‘expert few’.

Echa & Science is the home of the true metaphysical science of the universe which has been hidden for millennia, but which is now being revealed through the first ever open practice of blog-scientific publication.

This new practice will never end as long as man continues to seek true scientific knowledge, and today, on the greatest science blog ever, we celebrate the fostering beginning of blog-scientific publication!

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa 

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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