The New Scientific Method

The New Scientific Method.

In this blog, our ultimate aim is to reveal to you every aspect of the true nature of the universe. We want all of us as a species to arrive at the scientific truth of the universe. Now, to accomplish this we have realized that the entities we call space and time are two kinds (even as Newton identified in the Scholium of the Principia).

The first kind is relative space and time and the second kind is absolute space and time. Relative space and time are the observable or quantifiable space and time you are familiar with and which we measure or quantify using meter sticks and clocks. 

Since the beginning of quantitative science 400 years ago we have sought to understand the universe by elucidating only the properties of relative space and time. This our insistence on studying relative space and time as a method to establish the true laws of the cosmos defines the current scientific method established by the pioneering work of Galileo, Newton and other prominent classical physicists.

Today science appears to have hit its limit and there seems to be no hope to further our understanding of the universe. And more importantly, we have not been able to unify physics despite decades of noble efforts by prominent scientists.

This is because our currently established scientific method based only on relative space and time has failed to give us a complete understanding of the universe, and now more than ever there is a call for a new way of doing science. This new scientific method proposed by Echa & Science requires us to investigate the nature of absolute space and time which have been discarded since the Principia.

The complete understanding of the universe lies in our understanding and ardent investigation of absolute space and time and not relative space and time, and in this blog, we have achieved or set the first background ever for understanding absolute space and time.

I want you to know that relative space and time which we can observe and quantify constitute the physical universe, while absolute space and time which the Higher mind can observe and quantify constitute the metaphysical universe.

Also, because the absolute principles of the metaphysical universe determine the relative principle of the physical universe, I usually find myself, especially in my articles, traversing the metaphysical universe and the physical universe when trying to explain the nature of reality. In due time, I have come to realize that this method of traversing the metaphysical universe and physical universe defines the new scientific method.

In this new scientific method, which Echa & Science upholds, we shall no longer be bound by the possibilities and observations in the physical universe. Now, a whole new horizon of scientific exploration has been opened before us. We shall now also explore the metaphysical universe and come to an encompassing understanding of the universe and its laws.

I have written this page to further bring this new and important way of doing science to your notice. Also, in my article I switch between relative science and absolute science and I cannot always tell you when I make the switch.

This is why The Theory of the Universe is very important for you. The treatise deals purely with absolute science or with the scientific nature of the metaphysical universe. I want you to now realize that the metaphysical universe is real and it lies behind appearances.

The new scientific method of traversing the metaphysical universe and the physical universe is peculiarly related to absolute relationism which is the post-modern philosophy that unifies the metaphysical philosophy of absolutism and the physical philosophy of relationism. 

When you have become acquainted with absolute science as I teach it we would become co-initiates and some of my articles on this blog will become clearer to you. My dear enlightened one, I must inform you again that all the practices of this new scientific method are rooted in the philosophy of absolute relationism which enables us transverse the two kinds of science in the universe.

My friend, man has finally met God. The physical has met the spiritual. Science by this new scientific method is no longer solely body bereft of spirit. In this post-modern era of science, science now manifests by the new scientific method these two inseparable aspects of the cosmos. To the eternal glory of The Creator, science is now complete!

Be enlightened!