The New Way to Redemption

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“Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

The Sun of God – KJV

Every native religion of this world speaks of a kind of rebirth, that man must undergo in order to attain the Kingdom of God, which can be seen as a metaphor for the higher life.

And for a man to become rebirthed or born again, it implies that he must have a life before which is no longer fitting. He must have experienced a descent of some sort from the true prescribed way of living.

According to these native religions, one must deny his former self and embrace the new self in order to be redeemed from the chains of the old man or nature that had enslaved and limited him before. The above which is found in religious narratives is the religious blueprint to the state of redemption.

In this intent arises the need for saviours who show the way to redemption. Their laws and actions become what are ardently followed in order for man to attain redemption after he has become convinced or convicted that he needs it.

Redemption is therefore always necessary after a fall. Without the conviction that one is far from a revealed ideal, one will never feel the need for redemption. This is why a major part of these religions is dedicated to ensuring that man knows and is convinced that he has fallen and thus needs redemption.

So, in essence, redemption is another term for ascension after a fall from the higher life and they are experiences that can obviously have beyond religious interpretation. Rebirth is a beyond religious event; it is also scientific.

I have applied redemption to science because science needs to be saved, and this is very important because of the hold science now has on mankind which will only increase with time, and regardless of whether religion thrives or not, we are living in a scientific age.

So, it is important that science matches the character of what’s ideal for it. Science cannot afford to lose sight of this and undermine its importance. Science is not just about the study of the universe at a physical level. It is more purposeful than this.

Science is now the character of knowledge, so it must be true, pure and ideal. And being less than this expectation, there is, therefore, a need for redemption.

For the past 400 years, science has fallen from its true form, and it’s not like it really attained its true form before. In its boastful concern for the physical, it has already pronounced its need for redemption.

This has been the case for centuries and it has to change in this era if we must see the Kingdom of God. The concern of science for the physical describes its fall and only sin, and now science must become born again; it must become about the metaphysical.

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This is the new way to redemption which has no religious underpinning. The new spirituality of mankind is not the religious kind but the kind that is based on the understood spirituality of the cosmos.

However, since the current science neither knows nor honour this kind of spirituality, it is debased and beastly. It is therefore corrupt and needs to be redeemed.

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It is in this regard that man needs to become born again unless he cannot know the true spiritual science of the cosmos. The former science which he has been practising has enslaved and limited his potentials, but the new science has come to free man and to show him that science is the way to the nature of divinity.

The new science which has come so that man might be redeemed from canal knowledge will ensure that there is universal harmony in the universe, that the knowledge of man about the cosmos aligns with the ways of the universe.

The new way to redemption is the end of the era of the approximations of cosmic truths and it is the entrance of completion. It is very important to see why redemption applies to science in no lesser sense than it applied to religion.

Man trapped and enslaved in physical science can never by any means discover the way, the truth and the life of the universe. No matter how far he goes in this science, he will only be further ensuring his descent and not growing in true knowledge.

This is an abysmal condition, considering that the true knowledge of the universe is tantamount to the knowledge of God. The new spirituality is encompassing; it involves man, God and the universe; and science being less fulfilling and falling short of the glory of God now has to be redeemed.

Man needs to be restored on the path of metaphysical knowledge without which he cannot attain the true living knowledge of the universe. It is important to know that there is a spirituality in the universe and only science can reveal it. Failing to do so is the fall of mankind. 

Science is about the discovery and the exploration of this spirituality and the eternal existence of the universe. Science been enslaved has been made to be about the study of matter and its operations. This is a factor for inherent limitation.

Science is not just about matter, it’s about the mind, it’s about the spirituality of the universe, and redemption has come so that science can be about this purpose and even more.

If there is anything this article should impress in you, it should be a sense of the greater purpose of science. And after you have attained this recognition, you will find out that of a truth today’s science needs to be reborn.

Mankind needs to redefine the purpose of science and see that it is the way to the greater spiritual experience of the universe. Just as native religions speak of spiritual experiences in their practices, so also should science speak of spiritual experiences in its practices and to a greater and more concrete degree than these religions because of its connection to the universe.

Considering the current state of science, the greater purpose of science that I speak of cannot come without redemption. The physical foundation of science needs to be replaced by a metaphysical foundation which will ultimately reveal not only the spirituality of the cosmos but also its inherent unity which can never be found in physical science.

The formerly canal scientist is now being made a spiritual scientist and it is in this sense that he has become born again, converted from his old ways of seeing and interacting with the universe. It is only in this manner that he can enter into the Kingdom of God which fulfills his practice.

After redemption, he begins to see science as life itself and not a career. He begins to understand the greater purpose of science. He finds that redemption is not a religious experience; it’s a scientific experience that entails the total transformation of his former ways of doing science and of understanding the universe.

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He is now born again transformed in his thoughts and actions concerning the universe, and this is how he now bears the mark of God and no longer the mark of man or of any other debased essence that cannot think or act according to the highest knowledge of all things.

The old way to redemption was about the religious man becoming transformed from evil practices to good practices, but the new way to redemption is about the scientific man becoming transformed from false science to true science.

Both ways have equal ramifications in their respective ages, realizing that religions were the former character of knowledge when man needed the old way of redemption, but science is now the new character of knowledge, this is why man needs the new way to redemption. 

So, when I speak of the religious man and of the scientific man, I speak of the whole of mankind as we are represented in the religious and scientific ages. In the religious age, every man was a religious man, and in this scientific age, every man is a scientific man regardless of whether he is a “scientist” or not.

I do not really speak to practising scientists alone but to the whole of mankind. Mankind now represents the scientific man. The rise of science was not the rise of an aspect of knowledge, it was the rise of an entirely new base for civilization and general existence.

Just as religion makes the difference between the carnal man and the spiritual man, so also does science, though differently, makes a distinction between the carnal man and the spiritual man.

According to science, the carnal man is one trapped in physical science and cannot see the metaphysical laws of the universe. He has completely reduced the universe to what can be physically seen and touched and he doesn’t know the grave consequences of this his decision as he undermines the purpose of science.

The new way to redemption has come to the carnal man of science and not to the carnal man of religion; he has been redeemed to now take the path of metaphysical knowledge which is scientific in the purest sense of the word.

The formerly canal man of science has now seen the holy grail which has transformed his soul forever. The universe is no longer the same and his interactions with it.

The new way to redemption has a scientific interpretation and it applies to all men; it has come to bring us to the fruition of purpose and to the grandest experience of God and His universe.

A characteristically new kind of experience that could not be found in religion where the wisdom of God as revealed in the cosmos is ever hidden and replaced by religious obligations that have now become distractions in order to prevent us from attaining knowledge.


But now the new way to redemption has come, and it leads us beyond the satisfaction of religious obligations and laws to the satisfaction of divine enlightenment. Enlightenment is now detached from its religious interpretation; it is now a scientific experience of the true nature of the cosmic entities and of the consequent eternal unity of the universe.

We have come to the culmination of the qualitative progress of mankind, from what was before to what now is; and all that was before are now unfit for the burgeoning experiences of the new world.

We have stumbled long enough to find the new light, and now that we have found it, we can live with a greater assurance of knowledge, having understood the character of our times and the best fitting actions to follow.

The new way to redemption has now revealed to us the spirit of the universe and the inner metaphysical nature of all things, which were hidden before and replaced by outer physical descriptions.

The new way to redemption, as I have written, does not come by fulfilling religious obligations but by attaining on Earth the exact knowledge of the cosmos, even as it is in heaven, heaven being the metaphor for the absolute reference frame.

It is no longer by fulfilling religious obligations that man becomes one with God, but by attaining the exact knowledge of the universe which shall transform the practical aspects of science producing the exact character of God.

Illumination is now the new way to redemption, and how it transforms our character is the manifestation of God. Man shall represent the Divine in the conceptions of thought and in the products of substance.

The new path to redemption leads us to become one with God in cosmic and scientific knowledge and not by religion or religious knowledge. This is the long-hidden will of the Father, who as it is written said: “Behold, I will do a new thing.”

Illumination is now the new way to redemption, and how it transforms our character is the manifestation of God.Click To Tweet

The new man has now been given spirituality without which he cannot have the assurance of scientific knowledge. When I speak of the assurance of scientific knowledge, I want you to know that it has an important consequence, which is that we have become an authority in all cosmic matters.

We are not just doctors or professors according to Earthly qualifications, but we have become the high priests of God understanding and teaching about the mysteries of the universe in the temple of knowledge. There is no greater honour than this in this scientific age.

The new way to redemption raises us from the dead and from our mental graves where the former nature of science sought that we remain. Therefore, in this scientific age, we celebrate the victory of illumination over ignorance, truth over falsehood, life over death and immortality over mortality!

All that the native religions of the world promised that we could attain by following their basic tenets and religious practices are now being promised us and much more if we follow the revealed basic absolute principles of science.

The new way to redemption is the fulfillment of the ancient promise that “man shall be like God” in knowledge and consequently in practice and science is the most fitting character of this knowledge.

The new way to redemption produces the new man of science, who is now born again by the discovery of the eternal principles of the universe without which he cannot attain his greatest purpose or see the Kingdom of God.

For now, shall we redeem ourselves from the path of error not by following religion or religious obligations but by the pursuit of the true science of the cosmos by which we shall attain and become one with God.

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– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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