Newton’s Caution

The concepts of absolute space and time are the singular discovery of one man, and his name was Sir Isaac Newton. He was the first to point out in the Principia the two kinds of space and time.

He referred to physical space and time that we observe using meter sticks and clocks as relative space and time, and he referred to metaphysical space and time that do not come under direct observation as absolute space and time. 

Newton’s ability to distinguish between these two kinds of space and time made him the hallmark of a true physicist and also a true metaphysicist. This distinction Newton made between absolute space and time and relative space and time should not be overlooked.

This is the important objective of this article, seeing that today’s science has forgotten about this distinction and has proceeded to found scientific knowledge only on relative space and time.

We should do away with this naive and limiting practice. Newton in an effort to give absolute science some content proceeded to explain his bucket experiment using his concept of “immovable” absolute space.


The man, Sir Isaac Newton

We have come to the age of absolute science which though was no foretold by Sir Isaac Newton, but was pointed out and identified as a kind of science. Though he had made the distinction between relative space and time and absolute space and time, he had this to say about absolute science when he was talking about his proposed bucket experiment:

relative motions…are altogether destitute of any real effect. …It is indeed a matter of great difficulty to discover, and effectually to distinguish, the true motions of particular bodies from the apparent; because the parts of that immovable space in which these motions are performed, do by no means come under the observations of our senses.

— Isaac Newton; Principia, Book 1: Scholium

Reference: wikipedia

Newton from the quoted text above is trying to inform us that true motion occurs in absolute space and not relative space even though true motion cannot be observed by our physical senses. Identifying the existence of true motion in absolute space and time is a step towards understanding the true laws that describe the universe. 

Sir Isaac Newton had an impeccable way of reducing the problems of science to their very essence. Contrary to physical observation, he identified the existence of absolute space and time, and speaking of absolute space (and time) he called it “the sensorium of God.”


The heed to the distinction between absolute science and relative science constitutes Newton’s caution. Newton knew correctly that his bucket experiment cannot be understood without true motion in absolute space. And to go further, I want you to realize that not only can the bucket experiment not be understood without the understanding true motion, but the entire universe.

We have forgotten Newton’s caution and have proceeded to base our understanding of the universe only on relative motion. Listen, true motion exists and understanding the operations or nature of the universe according to true motion is now indispensable to physics.

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Therefore, the time has come for us to begin to study true motion, and base our understanding of the universe in this higher science or pursuit. We are now to study absolute, metaphysical space and time which constitute the fabric where absolute motion takes place in the universe. 

This new kind of science will open up the frontier of science and allow us to adequately understand the current dark mysteries of the universe that frustrates physics.

Just as we have succeeded in building a whole complex edifice of relative science on relative physical space and time, so also shall we build in this new era of science a whole new but simple edifice of absolute science on absolute metaphysical space and time. 

There is a whole new physics waiting for us on the higher plane of absolute space and time which Newton tried to set the foundation when he explicated the results of the bucket experiment.

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This brings us to the objective of Echa and Science which is to show us what this new physics truly is in the higher absolute space and time. Newton in his effort to lay this foundation had defined absolute space as been “immovable” and absolute time as “flowing equably.” 

He had proceeded to define absolute space and time thus:

“Absolute space, by its own nature without relation to anything external, always remains similar and immovable…

“Absolute time, true and mathematical, flows equably in itself and by its nature without a relation to anything external, and by another name is called duration.”

And relative space and time he defined as follows:

“Relative [space] is some mobile measure or dimension of this [absolute] space, which is defined by its position to bodies according to our senses, and by ordinary people, is taken for an unmoving space…”

“Relative, apparent, and common time is some sensible external measure of duration you please (whether with accurate or with unequal intervals) which commonly is used in place of true time; as in the hour, day, month, year.”

While his definitions of relative space and time are satisfactory, his definitions of absolute space and time are not true. This is what the advent of relativity proved and not the non-existence of absolute space and time. Against Newton’s thought, absolute space is movable and absolute time does not flow equably, and as I have told you in my other article:

Absolute space is that which flows with regards to inertia.

And to define absolute time, I define it thus:

Absolute time is that which flows regardless of inertia.

Looking at the above two post-modern definitions of absolute space and time, one finds that inertia is the crucial distinguishing factor between absolute space and absolute time. Absolute space is movable, it flows only when inertia is present and doesn’t flow when inertia is absent.

And when I say that absolute time flows regardless of inertia, I mean that absolute time flows whether inertia is present or not. And if inertia is present the flow of time become unequable.

How the presence of inertia which implies the presence of body motion affects the equable flow of time and consequently the flow of space constitutes the basic understanding of absolute relativity.


These new post-modern definitions of absolute space and time bring us to the profound realization that relativity is not just a theory of physical space and time or clocks and meter sticks but a theory of absolute space and time. Relativity is a theory of absolute space and time and this is conceptualized as absolute relativity.

This is the greatest discovery of the ages! We now know the theory of the unified field. Relativity or preferably absolute relativity is the conceptual framework of the universe.

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This new post-modern understanding of absolute space and time has enabled us to set for the first time in scientific history the laws or axioms that apply in absolute space and time.

We now know the physics or operations of the higher realm. This is why Echa and Science has come. I have come to show you the laws that govern the metaphysical universe of absolute space and absolute time.

We have adequately laid down the true laws of the metaphysical universe of absolute space and time. This is particularly important when you begin to study The Theory of the Universe.

You must realize that you are now within the framework of another kind of science, which is absolute science and not relative science which are used to. You are not just looking at some theory, but the theory.

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We must come to realize the limit of the operations of physical space and time in our scientific investigations, and like Newton realize the existence of the operations of absolute space and time. Like Newton, we too must become cautious of the two kinds of scientific investigation, absolute science and relative science.

Relative science is only relevant for practical purposes (for now), while absolute science is absolutely relevant for true understanding, and in its versatility can enable us to deduce laws that should apply in relative science. Listen to me, there is no understanding in our current relative science.

Just as Newton sought to explain the bucket experiment using absolute science, so should we now seek to explain the entire operations of the universe using absolute science. We are taking a bolder step forward and in the right direction, I assure you.

The only lapse in Newton’s laws or axioms is that they describe the operations of the physical universe, and no matter how revolutionary relativity and quantum mechanics are they are still under the clenched fist of Newtonian mechanics and laws that constitute the foundation relative science.

The physical quantities of relative science such as space, time, mass, momentum, force, energy etc. all have the same relevance as physical quantities in relativity and quantum mechanics.

However, all these quantities have been redefined and their metaphysical nature have been revealed in The Theory of the Universe, and I shall show you these redefinitions and new interpretations in this blog.

The formerly hidden mysteries of these quantities are now revealed in absolute science. In absolute science, you will have a new understanding of them all. This is why I told you that there is a whole new kind of physics awaiting us in absolute science. A whole new way of seeing all things. It would be as though we have rediscovered the universe again.

We have to break away from relative science while also understanding the distinction between relative science and absolute science. The true nature or science of the universe is absolute and conforms to a priori methods.

While relative science teaches us to deduce the laws of the universe from the operations of our tools and machines, absolute science teaches us to deduce the operations of our tools and machines from the true laws of the universe. Absolute science and relative science are contrary to each other.


However, with the practice of both sciences comes the great opportunity for us to create a very magnificent scientific civilization upon the Earth. The great opportunity to practice complete science and fulfil ourselves has come!

Absolute science has opened new unexplored doors for us, and we must crush the naivety that comes with our current practice and recognition of only relative science.

Absolute science brings us to the standpoint of the Mind of the Universe. Absolute science is the reverse method of relative science which we so greatly need if we must “know the mind of God.”

We are coming to terms with our spiritual nature and getting away from the grasps of materialistic science which has made us hopelessly dependent on our tools and machines to know what the laws of the universe are.

Absolute science redeems us from this jinx and shows us deductively where our data comes from, why the speed of light manifests as a constant inter alia. Absolute science is the true divine and philosophical science. This is the great age of science! All things have become new!

Newton made it clear in the Principia that relative motion is motion from one relative space to another, while absolute true motion is motion from one absolute space to another. Today we have to become cautious of these two fundamental kinds of motion, even though true motion is more fundamental.

What the crisis in physics today underlyingly inform us is that we have exhausted our study of relative motion and the time to begin our study of absolute motion has come.

We have so much to learn from the man Newton beyond his laws and theories. His subtle methods are relevant for us today. His ability to identify the proper method to deal or investigate a phenomenon is phenomenal.

He exemplified this ability when he attempted to prove the existence of absolute space using the bucket experiment. Newton is so so right, absolute space exists.

Let me tell you a mystery, the result of the concave water surface is our only hint in the entire universe of the existence of absolute space. If the water surface does not take a concave shape, then there is no other way of directly proving the existence of absolute space and consequently of absolute time.

This is because in the atomic world, the water surface of Newton’s bucket experiment cannot take a concave shape under all conditions. We can only observe this remarkable result of the bucket experiment outside the atom. The atomic world is different. I have discussed this in my other article.

The recognition of both kinds of science represents Newton’s caution. He understood how necessary it is for us to distinguish between absolute space and time and relative space and time. This article simply reminds us of this Newton’s disposition to scientific investigation and its relevance in this post-modern era of physics. 

As this new era unfolds more and more, we all shall realize, that like Newton, we would be discussing alternately the metaphysical universe of absolute science and the physical universe of relative science, and we shall often wonder if Newton hadn’t had a foretaste of the world to come.

Until next time.

Your friend,

– M. V. Echa

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