On Our Final Mastery of Electricity

One of the most important achievements that will characterize this post-modern era is our final mastery of electricity. I have decided to write this article because for quite some time now I have been called off by an inner voice that keeps telling me that “we have not mastered electricity yet”.

While I am aware of the reason, which is because of modern physics that still keep us trapped in our former understanding of electricity, a deep feeling propels me to think that the new coming mastery of electricity is what will open doors to new practical discoveries and experiences of electricity that we don’t know today.

It may come as a surprise to you and to anyone that despite the many tremendous practical accomplishments and theoretical evaluations and descriptions of electricity, we still cannot say that we have mastered it.

This is because, for the mastery of any phenomenon to be achieved, there must first be the complete conceptual understanding of it. The true conceptual understanding of electricity is what is missing from the whole field of electrical technology today.

The true conceptual understanding of electricity is what is missing from the whole field of electrical technology today.Click To Tweet

We look into the electrical world all the time without actually knowing what we are looking at, and we have been fooled by our so far established theories to think that we do. While these our theories have been helpful, at least at a practical level, they can no longer continue to serve as the truth.

And if without the truth we have gone this far in electrical technology, imagine how far we will go with the truth. This is what this article is all about; it is about our final mastery of electricity due to the true conceptual understanding of it that has come.

Real mastery begins at a conceptual level after which it rightly follows to the practical level. But the reverse is what has been happening in science so far. We have been placing the cart before the horse, but all this is about to change.

Science has made some great practical strides in harnessing electricity without the true conceptual understanding of it, but now that the true conceptual understanding of electricity has come, our practical possibilities in harnessing electricity are bound to expand and become more sharpened so as to reflect the new mastery of it that we now have.

This also applies to other fields of practical exploration beside that of electricity. Science has now gotten the approach to the exploration of the laws of the universe right: from true conceptual understanding to unbounded practical possibilities.

We still have so much appreciation to give to Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and the rest of them for their practical achievements in electrical technology. These giants set the stage for the modern world; they literally changed the face of civilization with their discoveries.

And today, with the true understanding of electricity that has come, we want to proceed in a more assured direction to build on what these giants have done. We now have the true picture of electricity as it should be seen.

These giants that laid the foundation for our exploration of electricity only did so in a practical way and not in a conceptual way even though to achieve both may have been their aim.

Practical knowledge, no matter how convincing, can easily be differentiated from conceptual knowledge. Our ability to set up a practical process and make observations that can be mathematically modelled and also possibly derive some principles do not then imply that we understand what is happening or the phenomenon.

This is because a sole dependence on the physical observation of matter and its operations does not provide true knowledge. This sole dependence on matter and physical observation can be deceiving because the underlying principles are usually at a more subtle layer far from physical observation.

However, we are fortunate that the underlying principle that governs electricity and all electrical phenomena has become revealed. This principle is drawn from the realm of Thought that is the origin of the operations and the behaviour of Matter.

I say principle because only one principle governs all electrical phenomena and this principle is the principle of non-inertia. It is by this principle that we importantly realize that light accelerates in the electrical world and does not move at a constant speed.

Only one principle governs all electrical phenomena and this principle is the principle of non-inertia.Click To Tweet

And it goes further to unveil to us the true nature of force which is what only drives electrical motions. This new understanding of force and the energy in J/s2 which is what is associated with it are what brings us to the mastery of electricity.

The mastery of electricity refers to the mastery of absolute force and the energy in Joules/s2, both of which we did not know before. While it is obvious that the energy in J/s2 is a new input or discovery in physics, one is tempted to hurriedly think that absolute force isn’t.

Well, absolute force is different from the Newtonian force that we have always known. That is why I call it absolute force in the first place while Newtonian force is what is also referred to as relative force.

Absolute force is the rediscovery of force; it is the true nature of what can also be called electrical force, and this is as the energy in J/s2 can be called electrical energy.

(In post-modern physics, the energy in J/s2 is called electrical energy as it is the nature of energy inside the atomic world, while the energy in J is referred to as ponderable energy as it is the nature of energy in the ponderable world or outside the atomic world.)

I kind of prefer these two terms, absolute force and electrical energy, when we are discussing electricity. They are the one outstanding proof that we now know what electricity really is — For what we call electricity is the display of absolute force and the energy in J/s2.

This is important because absolute force and the energy in J/s2 do not apply outside the electrical world; they are the special quantities only associated with electricity.

We did not know this quite simple thing before, and as a result, we have built our understanding of electricity on quantities that do not exist in the electrical world or have anything to do with electricity. This is why we have not mastered electricity yet.

We need to know that when we look into the electrical world or at a spark of electricity, we are looking at a manifestation of the energy in Joules/s2. Our mastery of electricity in this post-modern era of physics will revolve around absolute force and the energy in J/s2.

The Nature of Electrical Energy

Before, we have been exploring and harnessing electricity thinking that we are exploring or harnessing the energy in Joules, but this is not the truth, as we have now realized.

Due to our mastery of electricity, we will now explore and harness electricity knowing completely and consciously that we are exploring or harnessing the energy in Joules/s2 and not the energy in Joules, and not only that, but that we are dealing with the acceleration of light (aceleritas) and not the speed of light (celeritas).

The above revelation is the final proof that man has become illuminated for the first time about the electrical world; in fact, we have now walked into it. With the knowledge of the core principle of electricity, which is the principle of non-inertia and the resulting quantities and behaviour of light, we have finally become masters of electricity.

I believe that our final mastery of electricity is what will make it easy for us to set the base of the fourth industrial revolution as all the practical and technological prospects for it become easy to achieve.

Thus, the evidence of this mastery of electricity is what all the time of this post-modern era is set to unravel in the new and much-thought practical possibilities that will follow one of which, I think, would be the final and simplest realization of free energy.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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