Post-modern Physics and the Visions of Hermes

– Hermes Trismegistus and Poimandres

“I am called Hermes Trismegistus because I hold three parts of the wisdom of the whole world.”

Hermes Trismegistus — Tabula Smaragdina

Whether Hermes Trismegistus was a real historical figure or a myth, his visions and wisdom are very relevant in this post-modern era of physics, because the great consummation which is bringing together all the truths about the universe that has ever been spoken in the expanse of human history.

Hermes Trismegistus was a great teacher in ancient Egypt where he was referred to as Thoth, the god of wisdom. And Hermes Trismegistus is a representation that was born from the synthesis of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth.

He was given the title “Trismegistus” which means thrice greatest, because, as some scholars say, he was the greatest of all philosophers, the greatest of all priests, and the greatest of all kings. There are other meanings attached to the title “Trismegistus”.

Hermes is reputed to be the author of many works of antiquity, like the Emerald Tablet, the Divine Pymander etc. and he is credited to have revealed the different aspects of the arts and the sciences to man like philosophy, geometry, law, medicine, music, rhetoric among others.

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus

His abilities, according to his account, were born from his interactions with the divine. His ideas came about by divine inspiration, from the cosmic unity between gnosis and mysticism, and I will talk about this in this article.

In his Biographia Antiqua, Francis Barrett, speaking of Hermes said: “if God ever appeared in man, he appeared in him, as is evident both from his books and his Pymander; in which works he has communicated the sum of the Abyss, and the divine knowledge to all posterity; by which he has demonstrated himself to have been not only an inspired divine, but also a deep philosopher, obtaining his wisdom from God and heavenly things, and not from man.”

He was venerated and respected by other nations and culture beyond Egypt, from Greece to the Arab nations. They all had a historical perspective of the man Hermes Trismegistus. He seemed to have been a world teacher of some sort and he is the founder of the Hermetic traditions.

The visions and teachings of Hermes are coming again to us in a manner that is reconcilable with the newly emerging scientific age. I came across the story of the man Hermes not so long ago, and I was taken aback by how relevant some of his teachings are. He is quoted to have said in the Emerald Tablet that “as above, so below; as within, so without.”

The first part of the quote, “as above, so below” is related to the symmetry between the macro world and the micro world, and it is a short aphorism which since it was first said millennia ago confirms Hermes firm conviction of the outer unity of the cosmos.

As above, so below

The second half of the quote, “as within, so without” is related to the symmetry between mind and matter. It confirms the inner unity of the cosmos. This is particularly important in this age of post-modern physics when the nature and operations of the mind will be investigated from a new and profound scientific standpoint.

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I know that there are some of us who doubt the existence of the mind, but I must assure you that it exists, and I have laid the foundation for the first scientific investigation of the mind in my second book on FORMS.

For us to agree and believe in the outer unity of the cosmos which has driven the search for the unified field theory and not believe in the inner unity of the cosmos is very ironic to say the least.

The teachings of Hermes capture in remarkable and allegorical ways the nature of the universe. I became particularly interested in Hermes teachings when I came across his vision of Poimandres, the Great Dragon, and from whom Hermes sought to know “the world mystery.”

In this vision, Poimandres which was referred to as “the Mind of the Universe, the Creative Intelligence, and the Absolute Emperor of all” revealed to Hermes important things about the universe and particularly about creation.

This Great Spirit informed Hermes that “before the visible universe was formed its mold was cast. This mold was called the Archetype, and this Archetype was in the Supreme Mind long before the process of creation began.”

The discussion between Hermes and Poimandres is now very important for post-modern physics. I found correlations between the revelations of Poimandres about the nature of the mind and of the universe with my findings in my book on FORMS.

This is very important, because as Poimandres said to Hermes, we must “learn deeply of the Mind and its mystery, for therein lies the secret of immortality.” We cannot access immortality by chasing the material universe. Immortality is not in physical science but in the new metaphysical science which is the purview of post-modern physics.

We are now indeed very privileged to have the nature of the mind been revealed to us in post-modern physics, and if we continue on this path, then immortality will be within our reach. Do not doubt this.

The mind is real and my second book on FORMS reveals the inner unity of mind and matter. FORMS is a sequel to my first book titled The Theory of the Universe which deals with the outer unity between the macro world and the micro world of the universe.

I want you to now understand these two kinds of unity in the universe, and to also prepare yourself for the deeper exploration and understanding of the universe that post-modern physics provides for us.

The outer unity of the cosmos is concerned about the unity of the macro and the micro world.Click To Tweet

The time is over for materialistic and atheistic science. We cannot achieve our full potentials by following this limiting tradition. A change and a complete overhaul of the current official science is now required.

And like Hermes preached, I now preach: “O people of the earth, men born and made of the elements, but with the spirit of the Divine Man within you, rise from your sleep of ignorance!… Realize that your home is not in the earth [physical] but in the Light [metaphysical]… Prepare yourselves to climb through the Seven Rings and to blend your souls with the eternal Light.”

Immortality which we all seek and which will be the crowning achievement of our understanding of the mystery of the mind cannot be achieved unless we ascend into this new post-modern understanding of the universe.

What we may have condescendingly dismissed as ancients myths, like the vision of Hermes and Poimandres are relevant to post-modern physics, and we will now understand the visions of Hermes better through the new concepts introduced by post-modern physics.

And I am certain that as time progresses, we shall come to understand scientifically the allegorical and mythic teachings of Hermes, and we will be surprised to find that great truths about the universe have been hidden in his works.

Why are the visions of Hermes now relevant to us? The visions of Hermes are now relevant to us because for the first time in human history the portal to the understanding of the metaphysical operations of the universe is now open to us.

The visions of Hermes and his teachings have been vague and incomprehensible to us because we couldn’t relate them to the findings and discoveries of science, but not anymore. The new science is revealing to us mysteries of the universe that are related to the mystical teachings of Hermes. We cannot ignore this.

Post-modern physics now calls us to approach the metaphysical nature of the universe. For “to the ignorant the body [physical] is supreme and they are incapable of realizing the immortality [metaphysical] that is within them. Knowing only the body which is subject to death, they believe in death because they worship [the physical] which is the cause and reality of death.”

Confirming what Poimandres said above, I must confess that there is so much ignorance in physical science. Physical science since its inception 400 years ago has not been able to truly explain a single phenomenon of nature.

This is the abysmal condition of physical science which is proudly touted as the right method to provide the explanation of natural phenomena. There is no truth in physical science and no subsequent progress can be derived from it.

However, truth only exists in metaphysical science and true progress can be derived from it. The current crisis in physics “is the result of the immortal man’s falling in love with his shadow [the physical] and giving up reality [the metaphysical] to dwell in the darkness of illusion…”

Another of Hermes work which finds its way in this dispensation of science is the Emerald Tablet. The Emerald Tablet had been very influential during the medieval and renaissance era in Europe when alchemy was in its glory days. It is considered as one of “the pillars of western alchemy.”

Emerald Tablet

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In the Emerald Tablet, we see Hermes make reference to “the One Thing” and he stated that “all created things originate from this One Thing through transformation…” What is this one thing? In post-modern physics, this One Thing is Inertia.

In this blog, I usually call inertia the materia prima of all things, and by its different transformations, inertia is light, gravity, matter etc. In post-modern physics, we now know the different transformations inertia take to manifest all things, and this is the corner stone of post-modern physics. This is the true rebirth of alchemy.

We can discuss all things that concern the universe using only inertia. It is a new and arcane way of talking about the cosmos; and only one who has read The Theory of the Universe and some of my articles that will be able to follow or understand what is being said.

But besides that, in this new era, we shall learn about practical ways to produce or effect the transformation of “the One Thing” called inertia. This cosmic substance called inertia has been grossly misunderstood since its realization or conceptualization in physics.

In post-modern physics, we find a new description of inertia which reveals the true inner workings of the universe. In fact, at its foundation, post-modern physics will be about the study and exploration of “the One Thing” called inertia.

It is as truly purported, the Emerald Tablet is the foundation of the art of alchemy and the Hermetic traditions. This post-modern era of science is about alchemy in its true form, devoid of the vagueness and the abstractness that have characterized other eras.

emerald tablet quote

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Post-modern physics is, as I have said, about the science a priori, for as Poimandres told Hermes: “Substance could not bestow Reason, for Reason had ascended out of it.” The science of the unified field is far above the science a posteriori which is based on the practical evidences from the behaviour of matter. Mind has ascended out of matter and reason has ascended out of matter. 

The laws of the universe which according to “Reason” governs and predetermines the behaviour of matter are the purview of the unified field. Post-modern physics is concerned about the laws behind the laws and the principles behind the principles, and does not judge by appearances.

The science a posteriori or the deductive method cannot show us the true laws of the universe, for “Reason” cannot be found directly in matter. Reason in this case, just as in the vision of Hermes, signifies the (product or an aspect of the) Great Mind of the universe.

The new science a priori proves the true existence of the Great Mind beyond matter and from which all things originated. All things were in “the Supreme Mind long before the process of creation began. Beholding the Archetypes, the Supreme Mind became enamoured with Its own thought…”

The Supreme Mind beheld the universe before ever it was formed and He was enamoured by it. Our search for The Theory of the Universe is a subconscious hunger to behold like the Supreme Mind the archetypes and to also be enamoured by the “thought” of it.

These archetypes are the metaphysical laws of the universe which are now been investigated and understood by post-modern physics. This mystical experience of knowledge is what Einstein called knowing “the Mind of God”.

Man has found his way back to the Divine as the mystery of God is now been revealed. The belief in the divinely inspired gnosis shall thrive again as of old, and which even was the experience or source of Hermes profound wisdom.

We all shall now live as the “glorious Universal Man, and not as the earthy man, but as the heavenly Man dwelling in the Light of God and fashioned after the image of the Father — the Supreme Mind”, even as we now teach His mysteries which “shall not fail from the Earth.”

For the mysteries!

– M. V. Echa  

References: Most of the quoted texts in this article were gotten from The Vision of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet. Also, you can read more about Hermes Trismegistus in the following articles:

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