What Is Post-modern Physics?

It’s quite a surprise that after all this while I have not written an article about what post-modern physics is. However, despite this, I have decided to do so in this article.

Now, what is post-modern physics? From the explicit term, post-modern physics is the physics that has come after modern physics which came after classical physics. So, following the order of time, we now have three eras of physics, which are: classical physics, modern physics, post-modern physics.

Post-modern physics is the completion of the second scientific revolution which began with modern physics. So, it is important to know that the second scientific revolution was not completed by modern physics and this is why it was plagued with many paradoxes and conceptual errors.

Post-modern physics is the completion of the second scientific revolution which began with modern physics.Click To Tweet

However, post-modern physics would not have been if not for the fact that it is a breakaway from modern physics at almost every level, but the first and paramount level worth pointing out is in philosophy.

Modern physics was founded on the philosophy of relationism and this philosophy was the guiding principle or thought behind the propositions and the interpretation of the equations of modern physics.

But post-modern physics is founded on the new philosophy called absolute relationism and this philosophy is the guiding principle or thought behind the propositions and the interpretation of the equations of post-modern physics.

These underlying philosophies of modern and post-modern physics are not the same and this is one of the important junctions where modern physics and post-modern physics diverge.

So, we can say that post-modern physics is the physics that is founded on absolute relationism. This is a very critical definition because it exposes to us the inherent and inseparable connection between science and philosophy.

Post-modern physics is the physics that is founded on absolute relationism.Click To Tweet

Personally, I like the definition as presented above because it was by recognizing this new philosophy that I could become bold about post-modern physics and what it was informing me about the universe. I have talked about this in this article.

Post-modern is revolutionary, and like I have said, it is the completion of the second scientific revolution after the first scientific revolution that occurred in the classical era and that was spearheaded by Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and the rest.

In being revolutionary, post-modern physics is the new understanding of all things. The phenomena of the universe which we thought we understood are being readdressed and reinterpreted by post-modern physics because of our wrong understanding of them.

Post-modern physics is the new understanding of all things.Click To Tweet

This is why this blog is great. In this blog, we are presenting the post-modern perspective of the natural phenomena of the cosmos. A whole new light is being thrown at the basic concepts of physics.


Now, post-modern physics has only one branch or will I say one primary branch which is absolute relativity. Absolute relativity is the new kind of theory of relativity that reveals to us the unity of the universe which none of the branches of modern physics, modern relativity and modern quantum mechanics, could have revealed.

Nevertheless, in post-modern physics, we still talk about quantum mechanics, but it is what I call post-modern quantum mechanics. This is because the insights that have emerged from absolute relativity have been used to modify or post-modernize quantum mechanics.

So, post-modern quantum mechanics is an offshoot of absolute relativity and not really another separate branch of post-modern physics. You really must understand this.

In modern physics, we had modern relativity and modern quantum mechanics as its two branches with both contending for which of them will be the ultimate theory of the universe. This situation is no longer the case.

In post-modern physics, relativity has won the war, but it is not the untransformed modern relativity, rather it is a new kind of relativity called absolute relativity or post-modern relativity.

And after establishing absolute relativity as the final theory of the universe and with which every phenomena of the cosmos, whether those of the atomic or non-atomic world, can be adequately explained, I still went ahead for personal reasons and out of curiosity to establish post-modern quantum mechanics which is simply a transformation of modern quantum mechanics due to the conceptual inputs of absolute relativity.

This is the situation of things in post-modern physics and I want this article to keep you abreast of these developments. So, post-modern physics is encompassing and it assists us to address any of the conceptual problems of science with the keen awareness of the background of the problem.

Furthermore, post-modern physics is explored by a new scientific method which takes into consideration the physical and metaphysical natures of the universe. Before, in classical and modern physics, the universe is taken as a physical place. This is no longer the case in post-modern physics.

For while post-modern physics reveals to us and holds strongly that the universe is a metaphysical place, it still preserves our propositions and understanding of the physical universe which are no longer fundamental or absolute but are now even explained to be as a result of the deeper and newly discovered metaphysical principles of the universe.

So, post-modern physics is a balanced approach towards unravelling the mysteries of the universe. It takes into account and under the same conceptual framework (absolute relativity) the operations of the universe at an atomic and non-atomic level.

And the official website for post-modern physics is Echa and Science. You will not learn about post-modern physics and its attendant new principles on any other blog in the whole world. They may speak of it in a futuristic sense, but right here, we are experiencing that future!

So, you are privileged to be here, and in fact, you wouldn’t be here if you were not chosen to be a part of this new wave of scientific illumination that is more than being about post-modern physics but it’s also about the newly rising post-modern world.

In the end, post-modern physics cannot be described by an article, it can only be represented by the entire edifice of the new science, and it is by this new science that post-modern physics now beckons us to the new understanding of all things.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

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