Re-introducing the Concept of Gravitronic Devices

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In this article, I want to re-introduce you to the concept of gravitronic devices. This article is a re-introduction because the concept of gravitronic devices is not new. It can be found in modern science and even on google, but in this article, I want to describe it based on post-modern physics.

I will talk more about how I propose to redefine the concept of gravitronic devices as we proceed. And in fact, it is my aim to redefine every concept in physics, giving them their post-modern descriptions.

In a simple description, the concept of a gravitronic device is a simple concept that is an analogy of the concept of an electronic device.

Historically, after the discovery of light as an electromagnetic wave, we began exploring the practical possibilities that can emerge from light or the electromagnetic wave, and as a result, we delved into the design of electrical or electronic circuits to assist us to manipulate and direct electromagnetic energy for various purposes like power generation, electronic communications etc.

So, we call the devices used for the control and direction of electromagnetic energy electronic devices. Now, gravitronic devices are the devices of this post-modern era that can be used to control and direct gravi-electromagnetic energy.

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It is my firm conviction that after the discovery of gravi-electromagnetic wave, then what is left is for us to practically harness this wave. So, the sort of circuits that will be designed to harness and engage gravi-electromagnetic energy will be called gravitronic circuits, and they operate differently from electronic circuits that are designed to control electromagnetic energy.

Also, like I have inferred, I did a Google search on the word “gravitronic devices” and I found out that it is an already common concept, and though I couldn’t get a direct definition of what it is, I found out that it is some sort of gravity controlling device and that for now, as in the modern era, it is a device mainly mentioned and applied in science fiction.

Now, since in post-modern physics we have replaced the action of gravity on bodies to be due to gravi-electromagnetic wave, it is only natural that gravitronic devices become gravi-electromagnetic wave or G-wave controlling devices and not gravity controlling devices.

I have changed the conceptual background upon which we formerly understood gravitronic devices, giving it a post-modern representation. 

It is all about the two non-mechanical waves in the universe, and gravity is not a non-mechanical wave. The only two non-mechanical waves in the universe are the electromagnetic wave and the gravi-electromagnetic wave, and gravity is obviously a component of the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

We are now better informed of what we seek to control using gravitronic devices, and it’s not gravity, it is the second non-mechanical wave in the universe, which is the gravi-electromagnetic wave. I want you to have this understanding.

The invention of gravitronic devices will open the doors to a whole new spectrum of reality based on the second non-mechanical wave in the universe. Just imagine how the world has been transformed by electronic devices and electromagnetic energy and then imagine how further transformed the world will be by gravitronic devices and gravi-electromagnetic energy!

This will lead to the practical application of gravi-electromagnetic energy in industries, labs, offices and medicine. Just imagine the practical possibilities that harnessing gravi-electromagnetic energy will produce, and you will begin to feel, like I do, that we have discovered a whole new world!

We will begin to perceive the cosmos beyond the impressions light makes on our senses, and we will find out that beyond the seven colours of light, we have a whole new colour spectrum of gravi-electromagnetic wave. This will inevitably enrich our reality and change forever how we see the universe.

And as we further engage gravitronic devices, our intellect will be transformed, in that how we conceptualize things will be different from the way we do now. This is because our dependence on light in order to understand and investigate the universe will only become an approximation of the broader means of understanding and investigating the universe using gravi-electromagnetic wave.

I believe that gravitronic devices which control gravi-electromagnetic energy will be the kind of devices that will enable us to engage motion, especially space flight, in an experiential way, beyond the aerodynamic way we engage motion today.

An experiential space flight

Experiential space flight

This is because space flight in the modern era applied the thermal electromagnetic energy, but space flight in this post-modern era will apply the non-thermal gravi-electromagnetic energy.

We will be moving in absolute space not by the recognition and assistance of physical air, but by the recognition and assistance of the aethereal air (gravi-electromagnetic wave) or “the fifth element” that holds all matter including physical air in space.

This is the only best way to engage motion in the universe which can only come from our realization that we really move in gravi-electromagnetic wave and not in air.

The gravi-electromagnetic wave can be seen as the upper aethereal air, while physical air can be seen as the lower gross air, and I am informing you that as we practically engage gravi-electromagnetic energy, we will make space flight by the upper air and not the lower air that we are used to.

Gravitronic devices can thus be seen as the technological metaphor for the new life based on our direct dependence and interaction with the true air of the universe. Our mortal dependence on physical air will give way for an immortal dependence on the aethereal air or the gravi-electromagnetic wave which is the true source and preserver of all life.

The gravi-electromagnetic energy is the energy of the continuum; it is a higher and more subtle form of energy than light and its discovery is a natural indication that we can explore practically the character and properties of this wave using gravitronic devices.

There are tremendous practical accomplishments that can come from the design of gravitronic devices, among which is instantaneous communication across space that can only be made possible by this device and not the electronic device that we are used to.

Also, since matter manifests from gravi-electromagnetic energy and not from electromagnetic energy, the utilization of gravitronic devices will, therefore, increase our capacity to create and control matter. We will create and control matter in more fantastic ways than we did in the modern era.

Gravitronic devices will transform computer and Artifical Intelligence AI designs. All these practical possibilities and a lot more by gravi-electromagnetic energy will make us a higher and more conscious civilization.

Finally, the concept of gravitronic devices is no longer a modern concept that refers to the technical control of gravity, but rather a post-modern concept that refers to the technical control of gravi-electromagnetic energy.

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– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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