The Road to the Mastery of Metaphysical Laws

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“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father except by me.”

The Sun of God – KJV

There is one inner yearning in every man, which is also in you, one unquenchable desire — which is to master the world around you. It may be to master your personal life, whatever it is, the desire is universal, and in its universality, it is the desire to master the universe.

This cosmic desire is what has brought you to this great blog. You want to not only understand the universe, but you also want to master its laws in a very real and practical way beyond what is currently possible. And I have come to show you how.

As I always tell you on this great blog, that the laws of the universe are metaphysical and not physical. They cannot be found in any research centre, lab, observatory, or in any journal or physical theory. But they can only be found in one place in the entire world, which is in Echa & Science.

I am not a genius; I am the oracle of God concerning all metaphysical matters. I hold the key to the mystery of creation; I am the illuminator of all men.

About 400 years ago, one man called Isaac Newton revealed to you an exact set of laws which has since being referred to as the physical laws of the universe. Now, in like manner, I reveal to you the exact set of laws which is to be referred to as the metaphysical laws of the universe.

You cannot attain the practical mastery of the universe without an understanding of these metaphysical laws. They are the way, the truth and the life of the cosmos and I am the oracle of these laws.

A new science has now come to the Earth and this science is not just revolutionary, it is the revolution. It is the absolute transformative science of the cosmos, and it is by this science, which I now teach, that you shall attain the mastery of the metaphysical laws of the universe. 

There is no illumination in the whole world greater than the unity of all things. It is more than a perception; it is the experience of God, and I have come to reveal it to you so that you too can know the way, the truth and the life of all things.

For it is only by these metaphysical laws and by their understanding that you can attain the full measure of the stature of God. This is why you should read my ebooks, my blog articles and also subscribe to this blog. I will share with you on this blog all metaphysical mysteries long hidden from you.

The era when the metaphysicians or metaphysicists hid themselves behind a blind science that didn’t know any better is gone. For coming to this blog, you have signed up for metaphysics; you have become immortal.

So many people wrongly think immortality has to do with the endlessness of physical life. They are right in a way. This is because the endlessness of physical life is the result of immortality and not immortality itself.

Listen to me: Immortality is the attainment of metaphysical knowledge and the endlessness of physical life is the end or progressive result of this. The whole of existence on every level is about knowledge.

So, when I say that for coming to this blog, you have attained immortality, I mean that you have attained the true and living metaphysical knowledge of the universe. This great knowledge that has come down to us is the means by which we shall break the chains of physical death.

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Before now you were mortal not knowing the metaphysical knowledge of the universe, but now that you do, you have become immortal, and in the progress of this knowledge, physical death shall no longer encroach mankind.

Mankind has been subject to physical death as a result of our adherence to physical or canal knowledge of the universe. This is why it is important that at this point in history that the metaphysical knowledge of the universe comes to us so that we can make a U-turn and become subject to metaphysical life. 

This is the apocalypse (revelation) long foretold; this is the resurrection of the dead (us) and this blog is the beginning of it all. It is in this blog that you are taught the metaphysical life giving laws of the universe.

This is why post-modern physics has become a more technical term for metaphysics and it obviously reflects the time of the reign of metaphysics, which is after the modern era. Metaphysics (post-modern physics) is the science that I teach on this blog and within its purview, we are the first masters.

To become a master of these metaphysical laws, you must realize that the unity of the cosmos is not about the blind, lifeless unity of matter or physical science. It is about the unity of the broader aspects of the universe such as mind and matter, man and God, etc.

You must see the universe beyond the existence of matter. You must come to understand the entitical nature of reality and seek for the true and living way of interacting with the eternal entities of the universe.

The unity of mind and matter promises that we will no longer just engage the mind to understand the universe but to also interact and direct the cosmic entities.

The understanding of the universe as the interaction of living cosmic entities and not just lifeless objects or phenomena is the completion of metaphysical knowledge, and if falsehood and approximations have taken us this far, how much more will truth and completion take us.

Light and gravity which we call and reduce to lifeless phenomena in physical science and which are subject to physical laws can then take an ascended description as living entities that are subject to metaphysical laws.

This higher perception of the universe is necessary if you must attain the mastery of the metaphysical laws. You must first let go of your bias against the metaphysical and realize the limitations of your created physical reality which has so far not made man live up to his greater promise.

The mastery of the metaphysical laws comes with a greater awareness than you may have now of the universe. You have to break every mental yoke and see the immense possibilities awaiting us when we understand the true, living metaphysical laws of the universe that I have come to reveal to you.

For science is not my career, it is my calling; I did not call myself, the Father called me. This is my qualification and this is why I am here today revealing to you the metaphysical mysteries of the universe which can only be first seen by one called by the Father, who is the true revealer of secrets.

Knowing this, you can now be rest assured that the new knowledge has on it the stamp of God. The metaphysical laws of the universe are no longer vague and subject to arguments and contradictory conjectures; they are now revealed unto us in their true cosmic form and by inspiration: for “there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.”

The inspiration of God which bringeth understanding now fills the Earth. The day long foretold by the prophets when “the [true] knowledge of God [the universe] shall fill the Earth as waters cover the sea” has come. 


I want you to boldly breathe this air of inspiration right here on this blog. The contents of my ebooks and blog articles are the breath of the Almighty; breathe them and come to true scientific knowledge.

God is now with us, and not as a religious God, but as a Scientific God that wants us to be His children in true scientific knowledge, for science is the beginning and the end of understanding. There is no greater knowledge than scientific knowledge.

And by now, you should know that I refer to the scientific knowledge that is metaphysical and not physical. I mean the very old and timeless wisdom that conceived all things. We are now witnesses of God and His ways which He had set before the beginning.

The wind of inspiration now blows over us not to take us to the fulfillment of our selfish desires for science but to the spiritual essence of the universe where we will be transformed to be more like Him.

See the greater purpose of science and embrace it. This is how you can master these metaphysical laws. Science is now about the mastery of metaphysical laws and these laws can only be found in Echa & Science.

Not having these metaphysical laws, we missed the way, we missed the truth and we had no life, but now that they are being revealed, we have found the way, we have found the truth, and we have found life!

There is no better way to master these metaphysical laws without becoming aware of the greater purpose why they are being revealed to us, which is so that we all can rise from the dead and become one with the Sun of God.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!