Science and the Clarion Call for World Peace

“Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment.”

Nikola Tesla

It is a very sad thing to know, that as we speak, there are nations in this world who have nuclear missiles literally pointed at each other. It is also very sad to know that mankind is at the point where we can totally annihilate ourselves from the face of the Earth. It was never so in anytime in history no matter the war situation.

And I know that many are quick to blame the advancements in science for all of these. But in as much as we can’t stop the advancement of science and of knowledge in general, we must apply wisdom in order to ensure that there is peace in the world and that humanity does not come to the brink of extinction.

I really write this article with a heavy heart to see that some nations now see scientific power as a tool to threaten other nations and to endanger the world. Mankind now stands as the only biggest threat to world peace and its pursuit.

This does not show that we are advancing in wisdom as we should. The on-going calls for war and this very hostile man-made situation exposes our brutish nature and how far removed we are from the ideals of civilization that we claim to have.

I, therefore, speak against the corrupt use of scientific knowledge. Science must advance mankind, not only in technology, but also in wisdom and in the ultimate love for life and existence regardless of race, nationality, or religion.

Science must advance mankind, not only in technology, but also in wisdom and in the ultimate love for life and existence regardless of race, nationality, or religion.Click To Tweet

We are all members of one big family called mankind and we all have a collective destiny to fulfil.

Now, it should be easy to see that I refer majorly to the dangers of nuclear armament in the world, and this is not to ignore or underestimate any other misuse of scientific knowledge and research.

Historically, right from when it became clear about the dangers of nuclear energy as it is applied to make bombs, notable world leaders and scientists began to speak against the proliferation of nuclear weapons upon the world.

This led to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which was first signed on the 1st of July, 1968 by some member nations. And from that time till today, many other nations have signed the treaty. And currently, about 190 countries have signed the treaty.

Though the objective of the Treaty is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, it has however failed to curtail the exploding number of nuclear weapons in the hands of nuclear-weapon states who have made nuclear weapons a critical factor of global politics and as a tool of aggression.

So, it is regrettable to see mankind threaten herself and also making the attempt to set herself into extinction through the sinister use of scientific knowledge. We must let wisdom prevail, especially in these times of immense and unprecedented knowledge growth.

The world must honour and respect life and existence. And this is particularly important now that we have discovered the true meaning of cosmic life. We must see the connection between life and science and the general well-being of mankind.

All nations must come together in peace and beat their swords into ploughshares. Let science be used to advance life and existence and not to threaten them.

This is because we are now at a time when one nuclear missile strike can render a devastating effect on whichever country it falls. So, we must increase the noble effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons.


Rather nuclear science should be used for the betterment of mankind. Our inclination to apply science for destructive purposes must be discouraged at all levels.

The UN must step up on her objective to rid the world of nuclear weapons and turn no blind eye to any of her member nations. Also, nuclear weapons must be discouraged as a subtle tool of global politics.

Some may argue that the presence of nuclear weapons is one of the critical factors that has discouraged war between some enemy nations as such a war is bound to lead to mutual(ly) assured destruction (MAD), however, one cannot help but imagine what the outcome would be if the already fragile situation goes over the edge, because in such a situation we never can tell what the results would be.

Mankind can no longer continue to pose a danger to life and to existence upon the Earth. We must ascend and realize our collective duty to preserve life on Earth.

We all must listen to the voice of reason and not be responsible for an avertable catastrophe. In an increasingly hostile world, it is sad to see the deliberate and government-supported-military programs aimed at advancing nuclear weapon research.

Sometimes we even see the flagrant display of such nuclear weapons in the media when they are constructed. All these show how far removed from life we have become.

The use or possession of nuclear weapons does not make any nation modern, or more powerful than another, it only makes them a danger to mankind and her eternal purpose upon the Earth.

It mustn’t be that we have a long way to go before we commence complete disarmament. It should be one of the critical focus of global politics today. But sadly, today, such a clarion call for world peace would be coming from unpopular places as some have made it their duty to beat the drums of war. 

However, it is our collective duty to honour life and to hold our government or nation responsible for any that possess or continue to create and promote the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

We shall not endanger ourselves and the future generations of mankind. We shall bequeath to them a great legacy of knowledge that is crowned with immense wisdom and honour for the ways of the cosmos.

We have no other world except this one, so why don’t we avoid the things that endanger it and make it less than a home, for the Earth is our only home.

Though some can argue that there has never been a time in history when there was peace. However, one can argue that there was never a time in history when war was global and had the potential of immense catastrophe like today.

This is as one remembers that there is no war before the 20th century that was ever referred to as a “world war”. This implies that the modern world saw the birth and the potential of warfare taking place at a global stage and in many battlefronts.

And if this was not enough, we are now at the time when nuclear weapons can be deployed into warfare. Nevertheless, the immense danger of our time is what elevates the potential for world peace. And our new ability for worldwide destruction is what makes world peace an absolute necessity.

This is why I have written this timely article, and the good news is that the universe holds no grudge against us.

So, the universe has unveiled her truth to us, so that we can ascend to the higher understanding of the universe and to the practice of the science that is founded on the universal equivalence principle, which is the cosmic principle of life and of all existence.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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