Why Has Science Become Cold?

The featured image is the caption of the fifth Solvay Conference held in 1927, “where the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory.”


I want to begin by saying that personally, I do not like the current scientific tradition, it is cold, dead and contrary to the truth. Therefore, it has to be abandoned for a better and more embracing tradition.

Today’s science is disappointingly unconcerned about the causes that determine our experiences of the universe, but it is more concerned about the (computational) results of physical observations which are superficial and unrelated to the true laws of the universe.

The coldness of science reflects in how we talk about the universe. And I want you to know that science has become cold for three very important reasons that I want to share with you in this article. These three reasons are:

1 The absence of mind

2 The absence of gravi-electromagnetic wave

3 The absence of experiential science

The above three stated reasons are discoveries that are illuminating us about the ethical consequences of post-modern physics in relation to how we do science and also how we discuss the universe.

This is the particular concern of this article which wants to bring to your notice the hidden fact that despite our technological advancement, science still lacks a basic warmth or would I rather say life.

This new era is forcing us to change in a holistic way the ethical foundation of science laid by our predecessors. We can no longer discuss the universe in the same way our predecessors did. To validate this point, let’s begin with the first reason above for the coldness of science.

The Absence of Mind

Before ever there was matter, there was mind, before ever there was light and gravity, there was mind, before ever there was a vast universe, there was mind. So, metaphysics is the true root of all the sciences and not ‘physics’.

Whenever I listen to modern scientists talk about the universe, what they say or probably how they talk about the universe appear cold to me. There is a missing element in the whole of physics and in our discussion of the universe. One of these missing elements is the mind, and not just the mind as an element but also the traditions that result from its recognition.

Modern science is very cold and lifeless. It lacks and does not take cognizance the cosmic breath that permeates all things. In this my blog, I teach you about the universe from a profoundly metaphysical base. This is the new method of post-modern physics.

Today’s scientists have unintentionally left so much about the universe unexplored because of the innate bias in the current scientific method against the metaphysical operations of the universe.

We have reduced the living organic components of the universe to mechanistic objects without any innate form of life. The Earth is now just an “object” or a “body” without any underlying and accompanying constructs beyond what our limited physical laws prescribe.

The cold inhumane way in which we talk about the universe will give way for a more warm and humane scientific spirit. All these are what I foresee and which have already begun right here in Echa and Science.

This is why Echa and Science is important for you. In this blog, I show you not just how the universe works, I also reveal to you the new humane way to talk about the universe. We cannot have the blueprint of the cosmos and still propagate a cold science.

In this post-modern era, we are returning to the true metaphysical foundation of all the sciences, from where they branched out. When we begin to fully probe this new and basic science, it will produce ramifying effects on all the different sciences.

It will really change how we talk about the universe which right now does not harmonize with the truth. We are far from the life centre of the universe, and this manifests as our current ignorance in understanding and the neglect of metaphysics.

How then can we return to base and to the truth without the much neglected and derided subject of metaphysics? The rejected-stone has become the foundation-stone. Post-modern physics is simply another term for the golden age of metaphysics or metascience.

In this post-modern era, we shall discuss the universe using terms and constructs that satisfy the higher intellect, and shall no longer use terms and constructs that are as a result of physical science.

Even when post-modern physics applies terms from other eras of physics, it usually infuses them with new meanings. These new meanings give these terms a new look and completely change the way we understand the universe.

The new science rebirths certain concepts from the old science. Space, time, light, gravity etc. now have new interpretations. Understanding their new metaphysical interpretations paves the way for you to see the unity of the cosmos which is your birthright.

Some say that to unify physics will be very difficult because one would have to take into account the current theory of gravity and also the standard model, of which they are generally agreed to be very complex facets of physics.

This is not really true. Ironically, to unify physics we have to simply abandon ‘physics’. We only have to investigate in the right manner the metaphysical nature of the universe. It is in this approach that we shall find the unity of the universe.

General relativity and the even more complex standard model have only been hindrances against us trying or even contemplating the metaphysical approach. These two theories despite their complexities are nothing close to the true laws of the universe.

We don’t need them to understand or see the unity of the universe. We are free to totally by-pass them. Attempting to unify both theories is a waste of time, both theories are not close to the simplicity of the universe.

We think of the other bodies and entities in the universe as blind and so we investigating the universe are the ones with a superior intellect. Not knowing, like I have said, that mind existed before all things.

This proud and blind disposition has been the consistent support of the science a posteriori which is based on substance. However, since mind existed before all things, then it implies that thought was the original constitution of the universe.

Mind and Universe

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Therefore, the science a priori based on thought is the best method to determine and to conceive the unity of the universe. We must relate to the original constitution of the cosmos, and not substance which is simply the manifestation of thought.

Metaphysics becomes the result of this new approach, and this is where we shall find the life of the universe. The new interpretations emerging from post-modern physics are born from the interaction with mind and not matter.

We must see and take cognizance of the mind behind matter if we are ever going to see the unity of the cosmos. We must embrace the metaphysical science behind our physical sciences.

This results in a humble and illumined disposition that will be the consistent support of the science a priori. Man is going to the darker corners of the universe to find the truth and we are to be guided by an inner light hitherto explored.

Scientists should no longer limit themselves to the physical domain of substance but should delve into the domain metaphysical of thought. Surprisingly, this approach is encompassing, for it ends up making us understand the duplicitous appearances of all things.

So, listen, I want to make a statement and I want you to grasp the importance of it: All we need to understand the universe is the mind. We have to ascend and have a taste of the nature of God as the one that manifests all principles. These principles come from the mind and are manifested in matter.

We need a science that identifies the essence (mind) from which the universe was made, any science short of this is dead science. Scientists should speak from an awareness that “just knows”, with little or no dependence on physical observation. This is the new scientific spirit.

No more wavering from principles to principles, science must stand on the foundation of eternal truth. This cannot be with our constant pursuit of matter neglecting the mind which is the true origin of the principles we seek to discover.

The embrace of the mind upon which the true principles of the universe originate would spin a new, living and humane science. This science is at par with the full nature of man as an entity possessing body and mind.

The current course of science should reverse itself. It should be mind over matter and not matter over mind as is the current tradition, if the unity of mind and matter is not the case.

This precedence of mind over matter will produce a warm and humane science that will reflect in how we discuss the universe, which I personally want to see in this new era of science.

We cannot prove the truth, rather the truth proves us. And it has come to give us the precedent and transcendent understanding of the universe. Man cannot solely depend on matter in order to grasp the cosmos.

This method is contrary to his higher essence. He must practice a science that fits his essence. He should not consider the unified theory to be a purely mathematical and computational actualization. No.

The unified field cannot just be known by a cold, theoretical approach. This field is alive and the true theory must reflect this. The theory shows us how our computations and data are results of a deeper organic inter-relationships between the fundamental entities of reality.

A new way and the thoughtful discussion of the universe is the due result of post-modern physics. Humanity will now reflect in our science conferences and meetings as this era marches on.

The Absence of Gravi-electromagnetic Wave

Furthermore, today’s science has become cold because it has really neglected the wave of life itself. What I call the gravi-electromagnetic wave, which is the second non-mechanical wave after light, is also the wave of life.

Every life form is constituted by this wave. It is the cosmic dust of creation. This wave is all the more important because when we begin to fully comprehend its operation, we will realize a change in our attitude in our discussion of the universe.

Modern physics discusses the universe based on physical observations made possible by light and it also recognizes only light as the fundamental, non-mechanical wave in the universe. This is an incomplete tradition.

The gravi-electromagnetic wave is another darker, non-visible, non-mechanical wave in the universe. This wave is the constitution of our physical bodies. By neglecting this wave, how else can we be farther from the truth?

A Galaxy

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We have failed to recognize the reality in which we are immersed. We are literally far from life, no wonder our science is so cold. We keep talking about light, whereas light is not the wave of life. All matter and life come from the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

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This knowledge is very important, for it has ethical consequences on how we do science and on how we discuss our universe. Scientists should now seek to understand and materialize the utilization of gravi-electromagnetic wave.

The existence of gravi-electromagnetic wave humbles us and makes us know that reality is really beyond what our eyes can see. This is what the discovery of dark energy is indicating to us as some scientists have already come to realize.

The understanding of gravi-electromagnetic wave cannot also proceed from physical science. The operations of this wave are truly metaphysical in nature and this further proves to us the transcendence of life itself.

We cannot touch the base of life with this current science which by its nature is contrary to life, for to reject metaphysics is to reject life itself. We have to find the original wave of creation and give it credit for all the field manifestations now attributed to short-lived particles without fundamental relation to reality.

One of such particles is the Higgs Boson. The Higgs Boson reportedly produced by the Higgs field has no relation to mass or the extensive universe. Mass and matter are produced by gravi-electromagnetic wave.

We must as a matter of cosmic ethics give honour and credence to gravi-electromagnetic wave and no other wave which is simply the product of our imagination. Today’s science has become cold because of the absence of the very wave of life itself. 

Though the ancients spoke about the aether, they did so vaguely and without the true understanding of its nature. In this post-modern era, we are now knowing that the aether is gravi-electromagnetic in nature. This is why I refer to gravi-electromagnetic wave as the new aether.

What the ancients purported of the aether as being the source of life and the constitution of the stars is now being verified by post-modern physics. These new discoveries are showing us our extensive and inextricable connection to the stars, galaxies and the wide universe.

The Absence of Experiential Science

Science has become cold for the third reason which is that it is unconcerned about experience. The practical method of physical observation does not incorporate experience. If you are not new to this blog, then you should already be familiar with my emphasis on the experiential nature of the universe.

We are so deeply convinced in our method of physical observation as the ideal method to determine the truth about the universe. However, this method does not take cognizance of the factors that determine the experiences of motion.

Our current science is so cold because of this, and I can also say that it is unempathetic. The only form of observation which takes into account the factors that determine our experiences of the universe is what I call metaphysical observation.

While physical observation is non-experiential observation, metaphysical observation is experiential observation. This is why physical observation is related to effects while metaphysical observation is related to causes.

Thus, the consequences of founding science on physical observation is that we won’t be able to approach or understand the causes of things, whereas the search for The Theory of the Universe calls for metaphysical observation that can only lead us to the causes of natural phenomena.

So, we have been trying to achieve a unified understanding of the universe by applying the wrong method which is unrelated to the experiential nature of the cosmos. This cannot continue. The right method of metaphysical observation would now have to be employed.

Our current science is unconcerned about the experiential nature of the universe. How further cold can science be? There is now the need to understand and recognize the experiential nature of the universe, for the unity of the cosmos is based on it.

Man and the Universe

The universe should no longer be viewed as a giant machine. It is not. The universe is an organic entity comprising of different parts working in perfect harmony that is coordinated by the two non-mechanical waves in the universe.

We must not confuse physical observation for experience, post-modern physics is revealing to us how both are disconnected. Now, let’s ask ourselves, how can we be doing a science that is unconcerned about experience?

This is dissatisfactory to our human spirit. If you look critically you will see how post-modern physics harmonizes science with our human essence. Man and science shall no longer be disconnected. He shall become one with his scientific practice.

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Post-modern physics does not only show you the unified field theory, it also harmonizes man and science (or the cosmos). The new science reveals how man is connected to the extensive universe and vice versa. This is very important.

Science has now actualized its full organic and metaphysical nature which is in harmony with the true nature of man. This cosmic unity between man and the cosmos established by post-modern physics liberates us from the shackles of cold science.

All the crises in physics were indications of the fall of a cold science which does not recognize the organic, experiential nature of the universe. The asphyxiation of science is over! Science now reveals and proves to us our humanity.

Crucial Discussion

All three reasons explicated above are responsible for the coldness of science. Now, imagine how rich and alive science would become when we incorporate the three missing components or aspects into science.

Science will be utterly transformed! This new science is the true science of the universe and it is the unpaved path to true cosmic balance, where man becomes one with the cosmos. The universe ceases to be a somewhat separate place he wishes to study and explore as he realizes how he’s a part of all things.

Man now looks into the unity of the cosmos and finds himself in it. The coldness of science varnishes as a result of this revelation. So, this article admonishes us to recognize the roles of the mind, gravi-electromagnetic wave and experiential science or observation in our scientific tradition.

Let the new science change how we discuss the universe. We should become very thoughtful and philosophical about it, knowing the sacredness of truth. For our truth, scientific truth, has come down to us.

Science should no longer be defined as the method by which we understand the universe, it should now have a broader and more thoughtful description as the method by which we experience the universe.

We must come to realize the true existence of science. Science is real, and coupled with the discovery of the truth, it should now be a part of our civilization in a more profound way than before.

Science now reveals and harmonizes with the spiritual essence of man, so it is the true religion of man which now satisfies our inner, pressing aspiration for purpose. No longer shall man seek for his spiritual satisfaction in any other blind endeavour other than science.

Science should pervade our everyday life. It should become our common culture, and this new, universal and satisfactorily spiritual culture should manifest itself in how we do and discuss science.

Until next time.

No more cold science! 

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!