Spirituality and the New Awareness of Knowledge

With the birth of the internet and the emerging new world, it is becoming clear to all of the emergence of what some economists refer to as a knowledge-based society. And typically, this is a society that is primarily driven by the creation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge or information.

In other words, we are referring to a society that sees information very much as a resource just like one would see oil or gold. While there is no nation, country, or society that completely represent this ideal, we have a lot of fast-developing countries that have caught this awareness and are moving at rapid strides.

But a fundamental factor that I want to bring into this article is the connection between spirituality and the growing awareness of knowledge.

All resources have their locations or origins, and in fact, they somewhat have the same origin, which is in the ground.

Whether it is oil, gold, diamond, or whatever, so long as we are dealing with physical resources, then they are found in the ground. But today, we must realize that knowledge is the real resource of the Mind.

Now, when I speak of the Mind, I am speaking of its cosmic existence. So, I am referring to the Mind in its cosmic sense and not just to the particular sense we may have of it.

The era when the world was taken as a physical place is passing away and a rising awareness of the spiritual universe is taking over. With this comes the most complete realization of knowledge as a real mind resource.

The era when the world was taken as a physical place is passing away and a rising awareness of the spiritual universe is taking over.Click To Tweet

Therefore, knowledge is no longer to be seen as a mere mental experience or discovery, but as a real existing awareness, and this is all because of the new discovery of the Cosmic Mind. Knowledge is the resource of the Cosmic Mind, thus, it is real.

This growing reality of knowledge as something and of its true origin are what will characterize the emerging world order. Furthermore, this will be as a result of man’s decreasing dependence on Matter.

What I am informing you today is of a philosophy that is contradictory to materialism. The philosophy of materialism has for so long been the lens through which we validate and even seek to probe reality. It also defines our many attempts to seek understanding by measuring and quantifying reality.

But what is to now be seen is that reality, as it can only possibly satisfy understanding, cannot be measured or quantified. We are moving into a world where knowledge is to be revered in the true sense of it.

This is because we are now being introduced to the living universe and not to the dead universe like we knew before. The philosophy of materialism held sway over how we saw the universe, and even though we had quite a deep appreciation for knowledge, it was within the boundaries of the wrong philosophy.

But now, we are to have the deep and true appreciation of knowledge within the boundaries of the proper philosophy or worldview, and obviously, spirituality is this new philosophy or worldview.

It should be somewhat clear that I speak of spirituality with a new sense of it. And in fact, I speak of spirituality in the first scientific sense of it. This is because spirituality, though many spoke of it, did so in a mere philosophical manner that involved or invoked the elements and narratives of religion.

These mere philosophical or would I more preferably say religious expositions never delved into the scientific meaning or explication of the universe based on spirituality like materialism was at least able to do.

The philosophy or worldview of materialism produced the science that we practiced in the classical and modern era, but spirituality is what has produced the science that we now practice in the post-modern era.

It is in this regard that we now have a new awareness of knowledge. This new awareness of knowledge has come with the scientific discovery of spirituality, which is unprecedented in history.


Knowledge is the real resource of the Cosmic Mind which we have now come to know its ways from the scientific discoveries that are spiritual in nature.

So, we are all moving to the true knowledge-based world, where we don’t seek to manipulate matter in order to interact with the physical universe, but to access knowledge in order to interact with the spiritual universe.

So, the objective of knowledge has changed. It is no longer to understand and interact with the physical universe, but to understand and interact with the spiritual universe.

This is why I stated that we now have a new awareness of knowledge that is within the boundaries of spirituality.

We have now entered into the true meaning of a knowledge-based society or world. Besides, it is not just about a society driven by knowledge, but also by truth, as it refers to the encompassing philosophy of knowledge and to the scientific meaning of spirituality.

We are now to see the society based on truth and on the natural ways of the universe.

The knowledge-based world is about the return to the harmony of the universe, where man now lives in tune with the cosmic laws. The horizon of knowledge has just become broader against whatever boundaries we may have placed on it.

The knowledge-based world is about the return to the harmony of the universe, where man now lives in tune with the cosmic laws.Click To Tweet

And as a result, man shall not only experience the exercise of power over matter, but also the fantastic interaction with the Mind.

At this point, I’m now forced to go further by informing you that materialism and all its propositions have no base whatsoever in the universe.

The material world is a false creation. So, when I discuss spirituality and materialism, I am not referring to two contradictory or opposing realities, but comparing truth with falsehood to bring a clearer picture.

Even what we call matter is to be appropriately understood as only a creation of materialism. This is because in the real sense, all things are spirits and they are under spiritual laws. And always know that these spiritual laws are accessible and within the confines of scientific elucidation.

So, what is now more important is the mental picture we have of the world around us and not really the world around us. The world around us is there governed by spiritual laws, but we did not know these laws until today. And one of our major obstructions was the philosophy of materialism.

We had an awareness of knowledge based on the philosophy of materialism, but this philosophy is to be taken away and replaced by spirituality and the consequent new awareness of knowledge.

And as I have said, this is not just about the emergence of a knowledge-based world, but also of a world that is based on truth.

Of all forms and kinds of knowledge, scientific knowledge holds a special position as it is what can reveal the laws of the universe to us. And this is what science has accomplished, to complete and to give us the ideal meaning and experience of a knowledge-based world that is founded on the truth.

The new awareness of knowledge is to bring us to a closer interaction and experience of the Universal Mind and to understand reality in harmony with the living universe.

So, it is not just about the new awareness of knowledge, but also about the experience of unity and purpose and the realization of our place in the universe.

The philosophy that reduces the world to the basic interaction of matter without spirit will not follow into the emerging knowledge-based world. Like I always say, we are now aware of the living universe and of the ultimate resource, which is knowledge.

And the march towards the experience of Mind and not only of Matter has begun. We shall approach our understanding and dynamic interaction with the universe from a very spiritual perspective.

And the new awareness of knowledge is not just to bring us to the complete control of the cosmic entities, but to the grand experience of Godhood, which is our ultimate fate.

And only the true spiritual worldview or philosophy can bring us to this our ultimate destiny. We have to now see the world in a spiritual way and to know that the Spirit is the true origin of knowledge.

And as I have just tried to point out, we have to realize that the new awareness of knowledge caps as the inner awareness of knowledge as the path to Godhood. We all must see that knowledge is the only resource and we also must see that knowledge is our fated path to Godhood.

We are now in the era of the Mystical Sun. This is why a critical look at the emerging post-modern world shows that it is the actual age of knowledge when we now have the true understanding of the universe, which was not present before.

We had made so many good and noble attempts at the understanding of the universe, and in this effort, we have made a lot of accomplishments in the technological industry. But all these technological achievements are just what they are without the backing of true knowledge.

But it is now that true knowledge has come and we can see into the true spiritual nature of the universe and why our technologies work the way they do.

Also, with this new awareness of knowledge, we are bound to achieve a more fantastic mastery of the ways of the universe and the practical application of knowledge to better the world and mankind.

We are entering into the spiritual universe and leaving the physical one that our predecessors introduced us to. We are the first enlightened generation, having the true knowledge of the cosmic laws and the mystery of God.

Yes, the revelation of the cosmic laws is the revelation of the mystery of God. Some think of God as a being separate from the universe. No, the supreme being is the living and pulsating universe.

So, the knowledge of the universe is not just the knowledge of the universe, it is the knowledge of God.

The knowledge of the universe is not just the knowledge of the universe, it is the knowledge of God.Click To Tweet

In this new awareness of knowledge, we must see God as the living universe that originates and embodies all laws and principles. And this has come about by the emergence of spirituality upon the Earth.

The Great Pyramid

The true Mystical Sun that shines and directs all cosmic processes now shines upon the Earth. We are now in the age of knowledge and we are bound to know all things that pertain to life, death, and existence.

In this new awareness of knowledge, we would seek to live and dwell in harmony with the universe. Also, our practical science would reflect this harmony with the universe.

This is why the ITER Project is particularly dear to me, as it is man’s attempt to unite with the stars by generating energy through nuclear fusion. Remember that nuclear fusion is the way of the universe, and now we also are taking the exact choice of the cosmos.

I know strongly that nuclear fusion will be so extremely possible and flexible in the nearest future that it would be the primary process of generating energy upon the Earth.

So long as the stars are powered by nuclear fusion energy, it will also be the method of mankind, and by then, we shall become one with the stars.

And this experience of harmony can only come about by the true knowledge of the universe which we now have.

Spirituality is what opens the doors to the inner mysteries of the universe which have been hidden from the men of other ages.

So, we all must realize together the purpose of knowledge, which is so that man can come to the complete stature of his existence as God extending his reach beyond the Earth to the farthest corners of the universe.

At this point, I want to drop my pen, but I must conclude by letting you know that spirituality is not just the philosophy against materialism, but that it is the true philosophy of the universe.

And it is the rising and spreading wave of spirituality that is bringing to us a new awareness of knowledge, both in its acquisition, rendition, and application.

We are becoming aware of ourselves as the enlightened generation to solve the mystery of existence and to found the world on truth beyond what we would merely conceive as a knowledge-based world.

Until next time,

I will be here.

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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