The Dead Waits for Us

Don’t wait for the sea to give up its dead

Or for the ground to open its graves.

Nothing of these

Would bring forth the dawn:

The resurrection has already begun.

The dead waits for us

On the day that we shall rise

Away from the ashes of ignorance

That is death and grave to Mind.

Knowledge is the breath of life;

Upon any it falls, he lives;

And upon any it rises, he dies.

So let go of mortal death,

Let it alone grip on us;

For the path of life

Lies in the world around.

So never mind for all the signs,

We can make life and all divine.

See, do not be blind,

However hidden, truth can be found.

The freedom is for the living;

Nothing happens above the clouds.

Many wonder, many wonder,

But simple perception has it all.

This the poet shows

And also the prophets

In their own way.

Follow their words only a little beyond,

For the afterlife is right here with us.

Author’s Note: To me, physics is about the world out there while poetry is about the world in here. And both are equally real and divine.

“Subtle is the Lord.” Nothing else beguiles religion.

From my observations, I think that the rising consciousness of gender roles has done more harm than good. Someone is trying to accomplish a great mischief and I hope that it does not swallow all of us.

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A wise man once said that a good name is greater than silver and gold. In another way, he was saying that a good name is the greatest medium for exchange.

Let the community of nations rise, for the future of mankind is in science, not in Europe or Asia or in any other place, per se.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!