The Future of Artificial Intelligence

For quite some time now, I have been thinking about the future of artificial intelligence. And there are these beautiful thoughts or ideas that always comes to me that I want to share with you in this article.

However, these thoughts or ideas are still in their infancy or formative stages as the practical implementation is yet to roll out, but I will be presenting them to you in this article like a scientific futurist.

And also, I want to let you know that my new thoughts about the future of artificial intelligence are borne out of post-modern physics. So, this article is based on real scientific futurism and not some imaginative, literary exercise or attempt to predict the future.

Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fascinating frontiers of science. Since man invented the computer, he has sought different ways to improve the intelligence of machines.

So, we are now at the point where machines now display a measure of intelligence such that they could remotely operate without any human control or influence.

And science has gone further to create intelligent machines to respond to questions and to act as close to human intelligence as possible.

So, at its base, anyone who thinks of the future of artificial intelligence is easily thinking of a time when artificial intelligence would match human intelligence or at least come very close to it.

And it becomes quite serious to see that there are some people who hold this Luddite belief that someday intelligent machines would take over the human world.

So, today, science is very focused on advancing artificial intelligence to tremendous levels that would make work easy and effortless for man, and this is all geared at realizing a completely automated world.

Now, while there are many prospects for artificial intelligence, what lies at the root of its implementation is programming, whereby computer programmers design algorithms that control the intelligent operation of these machines or robots.

So, to improve artificial intelligence, majority of the focus has been on artificial intelligent programs. But in this article, I want to let you know that the future of artificial intelligence cannot be solely or majorly reliant on artificial intelligent programs or even on improving the computational ability of intelligent machines.

What I am pointing out is that there must be some fundamental change in the way we pursue the realization of artificial intelligence if we are to come as close as possible to human intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, we seek to create intelligence. But I’m suggesting that we tap intelligence, and not necessarily seek to ‘create’ it.

At the core of practical physics, what we do is to harness the forces of nature into designing practical tools and complex machines. We look into the universe and from what we discover about her, we go ahead to design systems that harness nature’s laws.

So, why don’t we also look at harnessing intelligence from the universe? This is what I consider as the future of artificial intelligence. In the future, man will tap intelligence from the cosmos rather than proceeding to create it.

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And in fact, the future of artificial intelligence would be focused on cosmic intelligence and not really or so much on human intelligence. Look around you, everything in the universe displays intelligence, and everything displays consciousness.

So, this is the great future of science when science will focus on the big things, when science will move from being so focused on quantities such as energy, momentum, mass, etc. to bigger and broader concepts such as consciousness, intelligence, spirit, etc.

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We would understand these bigger concepts from a cosmic standpoint and this would in turn influence the progress of artificial intelligence. We would get to the point where we can tap into cosmic intelligence to create intelligent machines.

Let me proceed further to state that there are some scientists and researchers who feel that conscious machines would be the next leap after intelligent machines, and there are some, like in this article published in Scientific American, who are wondering if intelligent machines would be conscious?

But now, from my recent thoughts about the future of artificial intelligence, I am seeing that for us to really improve on intelligent machines beyond what computer or artificial intelligent programs can provide, we must harness the gravi-electromagnetic wave, otherwise called the G-wave.

We must move beyond the electronic industry to the gravitronic industry. This is because light, which is the energy field of the electronic industry, does not constitute the continuum.

What constitutes the continuum is the gravi-electromagnetic wave. It is the mysterious field that envelopes all existence and that communicates motion across the vast universe.

Until we harness this field, the G-field, we can never design machines that approach human intelligence or that can tap into cosmic intelligence as I am proposing. This field is the field of consciousness and the birth field of matter.

Once we can design gravitronic devices, then we would have designed a system that is easily connected to the vast universe. These systems could easily become conscious just as the universe is conscious. And these systems could easily be made to display intelligence or have what I call cosmic life.

The more reason why this is so is that gravi-electromagnetic research is inextricably tied to our understanding of cosmic life.

So, as we bring gravi-electromagnetism into the picture, we would proceed to the design of machines that are more organic, natural, and that the research from which they emanate is based on the cosmic understanding of the universe.

This is the future of artificial intelligence, where intelligent machines would also easily display consciousness as they are designed based on the G-field, and thus, can easily tap or display cosmic intelligence and life.

Intelligence and Life

As we move into this great future of artificial intelligence, we would begin to realize the connection between mental capabilities and instantaneous action. That is to say that as long as we are reliant on light or electromagnetism, we may never achieve human intelligence in machines.

We must break the speed barrier of light and begin to harness the instantaneous action of gravi-electromagnetic wave. This will unlock immense new potentials for intelligent machines, and it would bring us to the very soul of all things.

I am beginning to see the spirit or the soul as the activator or center that enables man to harness instantaneous action in his thinking processes because without this man cannot in any way display consciousness, or that mysterious awareness of the world and his connection to the universe.

The G-wave is the wave that is connected to everything in the universe, and if man is aware of his existence and of the broader universe, then this wave must be an intrinsic part of his mental makeup. This hidden connection or ability would be the purview of The Mind.

The future of artificial intelligence is that man would reach out to machines using the G-field and not the E-field, which is light. And he would do so with cosmic understanding.

Intelligence, consciousness, and life are three things that are inseparable and that are cosmic. So, I envisage a future when due to man’s cosmic understanding, he would be able to design machines that don’t just imitate these abilities, but that displays them in the most natural way possible.

And in the pursuit of this goal, the gravi-electromagnetic wave is indispensable. The understanding of the long-elusive continuum is the key to unlocking the immense potentials of artificial intelligence, or would I rather say cosmic intelligence.

So, there would be nothing artificial about the future of artificial intelligence as it would come close to nature as possible.

The continuum, which I also call the G-wave, envelopes and captures all about the operations of the universe, which is not just the highest form of intelligence, but the root of it.

So, the continuum or the G-field is the field of cosmic intelligence, of cosmic consciousness, and of cosmic life, and all these will be the future of artificial intelligence.

Finally, there is still so much to be said about the future of artificial intelligence. So, my hope is that this article raises more questions, expand our curiosity, and give us a more glorious expectation of the future of artificial intelligence.

Until next time,

I would be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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