The Future of Particle Physics and the New Study of Exochemistry

Some time ago I was in the spirit, as I discussed with an initiate how post-modern scientists will transform and manipulate matter in newer ways than we do today. After I had talked for some time, he blurted “this is alchemy.”

And I said, with a bit of surprise, “yes, it is!” I then began to think about the relationship what I have said has to do with alchemy and this incident is what led me to write this article.

I realized that the future of particle physics will be unlike what we have today, where particle physics is more about the collision of particles only so that we can understand the atomic world, discover new particles or prove the frontier theories of modern physics like string theory, supersymmetry etc. As it seems, there is nothing more to it, but there can be.

The future of particle physics is one which will be more informed, refined and purposeful than what we have today. And the one in which we will transform and manipulate matter in profound and magical ways that would bring one to the think of alchemy.

I want to now first inform you that post-modern physics is set to revolutionalize particle physics in ways we haven’t thought of before. Due to post-modern physics, what is possible has changed and what is impossible is no more.

At the heart of the new possibilities and revolution that post-modern physics has brought to particle physics is the profound possibility of particle physicists becoming able to make any of these discovered exotic particles stable.

These exotic particles refer to the unstable particles that we produce in our particle colliders, and which since the inception of particle physics and the use of particle colliders we have not been able to make them stable.

Rather we make the uncomfortable effort to study or examine these exotic particles before they decay. But now, post-modern physics is informing us these particles can be made stable and that it is possible for us to then have enough time to study and examine these particles.

Now, the new machines that will accomplish this are what I call particle stabilizers. We are leaving the era of particle colliders to the era of particle stabilizers. These particle stabilizers will somewhat similar to the particle colliders that we have today, but they will come with added sections that will enable them carry out their new functions.

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These machines or particle stabilizers are what will usher us into new and fantastic ways of transforming and manipulating matter that can only be referred to as alchemy.

We will create new kinds of atoms that can only be limited by the number of new, exotic particles that we can discover. You know that now we only have the electron-proton atoms and these electron-proton atoms are what come together to make up all the elements we have in the world.

But all this is bound to change as it becomes possible to stabilize exotic particles. These exotic particles become what can be introduced into ionized electron-proton atoms to create hybrid atoms or new atoms with different particle compositions.

Take the muon particle for example. If we introduce the muon into an atom and completely replace the electrons in the atom with muons, then we will have a muon-proton atom. The simple means to this is to understand how to make these exotic particles stable or the exact principle that can make this possible, and we have!

Also, the introduction of a muon into an electron-proton atom has been achieved already by the Pohl’s group in their experimentation to find the radius of the proton. They discovered a different result from what is observable when an electron is introduced, and this shocked the scientific community.

There is an explanation for this in post-modern physics, and post-modern physics goes further to show the much-needed connection between this experiment and the practice of particle collision.

That is, we really need to connect the Pohl et al experiment with particle physics and both should be on the conceptual basis of post-modern physics which brings the much-needed enlightenment that changes how we saw these experiments.

We have been looking at particle physics through the lens of modern physics, but when we adopt post-modern physics, the whole possibilities that can come out of particle physics changes. This is one of the things that this article wants to bring to your attention.

And one of such possibilities is the production of exotic atoms that are different from the electron-proton atoms that we are already used to. These exotic atoms would be composed of exotic particles which are produced in our particle colliders and that we consider unstable today.

The future is different and I see it. This is one of the reasons why I set up this blog to inform you of this great future of science, which many speculatorily talk about. So, you are an initiate already, for coming to this great science blog.

Now the creation of these exotic atoms will lead to a new branch of study that I refer to as “Exochemistry”. It is very simple to understand what exochemistry is. You know, today we have a branch of scientific study referred to as “Chemistry”.

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And in chemistry, we study the physical and the chemical properties of atoms. But now this study will be what refers to the study of the physical and the chemical properties of electron-proton atoms, that are what we may call natural atoms.

The future of particle physics

Just as today we have chemists, in the new future, a new breed of scientists will emerge that will be referred to as exochemists. These individuals or scientists are the ones that will focus on the study of the physical and the chemical properties of exotic atoms.

These guys will be very significant in this post-modern age. They will tell us how these exotic atoms, whether actualized or prospective, will behave and also how they can possibly be utilized to accomplish many technological feats.

Now, imagine how all the technological advancements of this world is based on the use of only the electron-proton atoms or elements. What would then happen when we begin to use exotic atoms or elements?

Simple, technology will explode beyond the measure we can keep up with. We will become immersed in a world of immense possibilities that can only be referred to as scientific miracles. Exochemistry will change the whole meaning of technology and the direction of its advancement.

This is why post-modern physics is very important for particle physics. It is the future of particle physics and it is what will place tremendous Godlike power in our hands. We will transform and manipulate atoms in profound ways we can call magic or alchemy.

Exochemistry is the new future that now places great importance on particle physics and its research. We expect new kinds of materials and different technologies to emerge from the exotic atoms and elements that will be created.

The creation of stable exotic atoms should naturally lead to the production of new kinds of materials with different possibilities for technology.

Particle physicists must now see that the era of colliding particles only to observe and study them is over. We now have to see the technological importance of these particles to be what can be used to create exotic materials and new, undiscovered technologies.

The whole scientific community and the world’s governments must come together for this. We all must come together to harness this great technological power that has the potential to transform civilization.

Particles physics must also create the necessary space for exochemistry to begin and also thrive. This new branch of particle physics will be very interesting, and though it will be like chemistry, it will also be about the exploration of unknown, exotic elements.

I agree that at first, we may only be able to create these exotic atoms or elements in small quantities, but I am certain, in a way that I can now see, that we would be able to create these exotic elements in larger quantities.

To create these exotic elements in larger quantities, radioactivity will come into play, and particularly it will be by a well-controlled process of chain reaction. This is as post-modern physics has brought to us the true knowledge of radioactivity and why it occurs in the universe.

Before now, we have been handling this cosmic process without knowledge, but now that knowledge has come, imagine what would be the result, especially for particle physics.

This new understanding of radioactivity will refine and enhance how we do particle physics. It will completely repurpose and revolutionalize particle physics, and particle stabilizers are one of the new machines that will be designed to follow this new purpose.

We have a lot to look out for in this golden age of science and a whole lot of this will come out of particle physics and different research made in this direction. I notice that some people have become doubtful about the need for particle physics and its research.

Well, even though this doubt could be considered as a result of modern physics, it cannot be considered as a result of post-modern physics, which has now opened a new frontier for research in particle physics.

Post-modern physics now makes it possible for us to see the real need for particle physics beyond the need to collide particles so as to study or prove the nature of the atom as our modern theories tell us.

We have gone beyond this level; we are now in the era of truth, and as a result, we now know the true nature and structure of the atom. More than any other reason, we are now going into particle physics so as to practically harness this truth we now know about nature.

We have ascended beyond the dictates of Matter to the level of Mind and the emanation of cosmic principles.

Exochemistry has now become birthed as a new field of study in physics and it will expand as it also becomes what will enable us understand the physical and chemical behaviours of the exotic atoms and elements that will emerge from particle physics. I foresee a deeper unity between chemistry and physics because of this.

Also, particle physics will be able to accomplish this as a result of the new post-modern structure of the atom which revolutionalizes our understanding of the atomic world.

The new post-modern structure of the atom is different from the modern structure of the atom and this will go a long way to revolutionalize particle physics and even open up more branches of physics and particle research.

Post-modern physics comes with a new understanding of the structure of not only the atom but also of the galaxy. And in the nearest future, particle physics and astronomy will become more united in what will lead to profound practical accomplishments that will take us to the very foundation of the universe.

This is because “as above, so below”. Thus, astronomers and particle physicists would realize that when they are looking at the galaxies and at the atoms respectively, they are looking at two mirrors images of the unified universe. And both now have the knowledge of the unity of the universe which only post-modern physics reveals.

I am not speculating; I am informing you of what I have seen (through post-modern physics). Also, the unity of particle physics and astronomy will be fostered by the new understanding of radioactivity which we now have. So, expect a lot more.

This article is just a spark that will inevitably produce the great fire that will burn our minds and take us to Godlike level of accessing and handing matter. Particle physicists will touch the materia prima and thus interact with matter at the highest, absolute level.

Due to post-modern physics, particle physics will accomplish beautiful alchemical feats and a lot of them will be geared towards the actual practice of exochemistry, which is a new branch of study that deals with the nature of exotic atoms.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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