The New Unification Plan

In my last article, I promised to write an article on the new unification plan. However, the central theme of the new unification plan has been a part of some of my articles in this blog.

So, this article is more of a rallying call to every physicist than the presentation of something new, and this is so that we can all come together and consciously execute the new unification plan.

What is the new unification plan? The new unification plan simply refers to the plan to unify the whole of physics on the relativity theory. Another way to put it is that the new unification plan is the plan to unify physics on the continuity principle.

The new unification plan is important because currently the physicists working on the foundation of physics, that is to unify physics, are doing so using different conflicting approaches, like string theory, loop quantum gravity, and others.

But now, we have finally received the first light into the unification of physics, and it calls us to apply the continuity principle as presented by the relativity theory in order to unify physics.

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So, this defines the unification plan, and it is what this article is all about as it calls us all to come together and build the new edifice of physics, which I call post-modern physics.

Physics has for so long been divided, and as a result, we did not see the unity of the universe. Many of us understood this problem and we longed for the day when we will have the unified picture of the universe.

So, I announce to you today that the day has come, and we can now see the unity of all things! But this cannot be completely executed by the efforts of one man. We need all of us to be a part of this and to come together and executed the new unification plan.

We are now at a great time in physics, and we have seen the true design of the cosmos. 

However, we do not yet have a complete or at least a high enough standing edifice of the new physics, and this cannot be achieved without the collective efforts of all of us who are scientists and who are concerned about the fundamental laws of the universe.

We are now at a great time in physics, and we have seen the true design of the cosmos.Click To Tweet

The new unification plan is similar to the path that Einstein followed but failed to achieve, and today, we have done just that. Therefore, it is the noblest of efforts that we come together and align our thoughts about the universe and about physics in the direction that the new unification plan proposes.

There is no limit on the possible emphasis of this. The connection of man with universe is the single most important thing in the world. Nothing else comes close to its importance, and the Good Lord has placed the duty upon our shoulders to carry mankind to the inner temple of knowledge and the true experience of Godhood.

The theory of the universe has become revealed to us, and it is now our duty to build the new era of physics on the laws and principles that it reveals. This is the basic summation of the new unification plan.

Working Together

The new unification plan brings us to the farthest understanding and reach of the continuity principle. The continuity principle is the core principle that now aligns and unifies all of our methods to unify physics with the true nature of the universe. This resolves all the problems of physics, and also unifies official science under one sound doctrine.

The new unification plan is about the solidification of the foundation of physics on the truth, and by truth, I am referring to scientific truth, for science is what absolutely defines and represents the truth.

The truth about the universe is the truth about God, and as such, the new unification plan is not just to set us on the foundation of a unified physics, but also to bring us to God. This is what the knowledge of the higher ethereal ways of the universe achieves.

So, the book of nature is now open and every scientist all over the world must come together so that we can see and discuss the great implications of the theory.

And according to the new unification plan, we have to change our understanding of some of the basic principles of physics which some of us thought would always remain the same. The new unification plan is equipping us with the means to tap into and understand the subtle ways of the universe.

We are now being taught for the first time ever the subtle and finer nature of reality and of the core principles of physics. Also, the new unification plan is a call to simplify physics from what the current situation is.

It’s now time to chop off any idea, concept, principle, or theory that does not conform with the laws of the universe because we now know what these laws are. It is really a great time for physics and for us, the new generation of scientists!

I see a great future for science, and I have seen it a long time ago. Some may also say that they have seen it, but it is only what they feel or can infer from the growing trend of technology. In my case, I have had a glimpse of it, so I speak from the position of revelation.

And it is on the revealed future of science that I say some of things that I say on this great blog. Science is the long-hidden plan of God for mankind, which has been revealed in steps since the last 400 years but has finally attained its culmination in the post-modern age.

So, we are now fully in the scientific age, and as a result, we have taken the huge leap from physical science to metaphysical science. So, this article cannot be incomplete without me informing you that the new unification plan is about the world-wide emergence and practice of metaphysical science.

The last days of physical science are upon us and we are now in the beginning of metaphysical science. This is the actual science of the universe and which defines the new unification plan.

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What really unifies all the unification plans or attempts so far is that they are based on physical science. But the new unification plan is based on metaphysical science, and this new approach to unifying physics is what has brought us to the answer and to the first perception of the unity of the universe.

So, let’s all come together as scientists and become a part of the new unification plan which now leads us to the unity of the universe and which is the only way to build the new edifice of physics that is based on truth.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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