The Resurrection of the Dead

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“…and the dead shall be raised…”

A Hebrew Prophecy

The resurrection of “the dead” is one of the most interesting themes or prophecies found in ancient native religions and especially in that of the ancient Hebrews. 

And in other ancient, native religions of the world, like those of Mesoamerica — referring to the religion or the spiritual culture of the Olmecs, the Mayans, the Hopis etc. — they spoke of the rebirth of man and his ascension into a higher consciousness, which was what fueled the whole apocalyptic drama around the year 2012.

Now, whether the prophecy is about the resurrection of “the dead” or about the rebirth or ascension of consciousness, both mean the same thing, and I have decided to write this article because we are in the time of the actual fulfilment of these prophecies.

This blog is not just about science per se, it is also about creating the true awareness of our time and of the character of the new age which has come. And the true nature of the wind of change that is to birth the new age blows from this blog.

The prophecies of old were pre-informing us of what is to come so that we will prepare for it and not fall short of what we can possibly attain in the new age that they spoke of.

So, in this article, we are discussing the resurrection of “the dead” which is another way of talking about the rebirth of consciousness. The whole experience of the new age can be compared to mankind waking up from a long sleep which he has been in for millennia.

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For to be dead is to unawakened to the spiritual nature of reality and this has been the situation of mankind for millennia. This is why the momentous event of resurrection was necessary so that we might become awaken to the spiritual nature of reality and take our rightful place as Gods in the universe.

So, to be dead is to be mentally dead. Mental death is a more serious and adverse form of death than physical death and it is the form of death the ancient prophecies say that mankind will one day rise from and that day has come! 

This is why I declare this age to be “the acceptable year of the Lord”! We are in the age of the long-awaited miracle of “the resurrection”!

I am aware that some take the resurrection of “the dead” to be a literal prophecy of the dead rising from their graves. This is one of the wrong, literal interpretations which sadly characterizes the interpretations of the other prophecies of old.

These prophecies speak of the mental state of man and not of the physical state of man. Knowledge is the true breath of existence and not physical air, and the prophecy of the resurrection of “the dead” is about the restoration of a mental wellbeing that is attuned with the spiritual reality of the universe.

This is the true meaning of the prophecy which we are to hold in this post-modern age. Man is finally experiencing mental resurrection and this mental resurrection is what has the capacity to assist man in his pursuit of immortality as he becomes one with the eternal spirituality of the universe.

The prophecy of the resurrection of “the dead” has always applied to we who are alive and not to the physically dead as we have thought all this while. This becomes clear when you see that the prophecy of the resurrection of “the dead” and the prophecy of the ascension of consciousness of mankind are the same.

The allegories that accompany this prophecy is only there to hide or distract one from the true meaning of the prophecy, which was to be hidden “until the time of the end” when knowledge shall increase.

We are now in that time of the end, we are now at the end of the age. And with this has come a new consciousness of the universe that is so unlike our previous consciousness of the universe, and because of this, we can claim to have resurrected from the dead.

We have risen from the dead which was due to physical knowledge to the life which is due to spiritual knowledge. This is what it is all about. There is no religious interpretation attached to it. The resurrection of the dead is about the emergence upon the Earth of spiritual knowledge and consequently of new life.

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We have to begin to see the connection between knowledge and life and the one between ignorance and death, for it is written that “…people perish for lack of knowledge”. The lack physical air is not as detrimental to mankind as the lack of spiritual knowledge.

In the previous ages, man lacked knowledge and by knowledge, you should by now know that I am referring to spiritual knowledge. What we had in other ages was physical knowledge which was necessary to keep us going until this age of spiritual knowledge comes.

And now that it has come, we will no longer perish or succumb to physical death as before. For we shall triumph over physical death by the power of spiritual knowledge. We are not just in the new age of knowledge. We have to be specific about it, for we are in the new age of spiritual knowledge.

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We must now celebrate the rebirth of knowledge so profound that we are sure of the status of God upon the Earth! Our resurrection from the dead implies that we can now institute the systems of society to conform to the higher ideals of the universe.

We have now come to the true experience of the mystical truth that “as above, so below; as within, so without.” The resurrection of the dead is an event that now reverberates across the cosmos. It is the long-awaited celebration of the creation!

This is only just beginning, but with foresight, I see a lot of promises for mankind as we proceed into the future and increasingly seek to uphold the newly revealed spiritual truths which are not just about the universe but are also about our completeness and mental ascension into divinity.

So, today, I blow “the trump” of knowledge through this blog to the four corners of the world as I gather the elect to Zion. They shall all arise from the Earth in which they have remained in their graves waiting for this time.

It is the time of the resurrection and the elect, who are the many that shall heed the call towards metaphysical knowledge and life, shall bear the fruits thereof. These fruits shall be the elements of the new world, for as it is written: “old things have passed away”.

Many caught in the trap and illusions of religion seek for an outlandish sign of the end of the age. They look to the stars and to the Sun and to the movement of the heavenly bodies. There may be some relevance in that but the true watchers are looking for the transformation of knowledge, from the physical to the spiritual.

The transformation of knowledge is the actual fulfilment of the end of the age and the glorious start of what has been referred to as the “Golden Age” in the eschatology of the Mayans, the Hopis and in other ancient Mesoamerican and Eastern cultures like the Hindu.

Man has resurrected into the “Golden Age”. This is against the thought of some or of the many who doubt this possibility as they think that the world will continue as it has. There is a transformation of the progress of mankind which only the advent of the new knowledge can precipitate.

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This is why we and those of ancient times speak of the “Golden Age” of mankind when man shall ascend to the true form of knowledge after a long time of devolution and degradation that would be caused by the widespread practice of physical knowledge.

The wind of life now blows over the Earth raising the consciousness of mankind to that which is higher and pure. The knowledge which has only fostered death and ignorance now dwindles its hold over mankind.

Spiritual knowledge is the true tabernacle of God and it now dwells with men as foretold. His ways are now our ways and His thoughts are now our thoughts and with the resurrection from the dead, man is now poised to exhibit the higher potentials of his mental faculties.

Only by what can be referred to as the resurrection of the dead can man become what he was destined to be. The extent of the universe is now the reach of his civilization and man is now one with all things.

The pursuit and the elevation of physical knowledge is a kind of ignorance on its own and by the resurrection from the dead shall mankind establish global peace and not destroy itself in continuous war and selfish strife.

Our former consciousness of the universe was what defined our former state of death which we have resurrected from with the new consciousness of the universe. This statement greatly unifies the prophecy of the resurrection of “the dead” and the prophecy of the rebirth of consciousness as one.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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