“The Theory of the Universe” Is Now Available!

Folks, I want you to know today that the theory of the universe is now available! It is the long-sought theory of everything, and as expected, it answers all the questions that you may have about the nature of the universe.

It resolves all the mysteries of space and time, light and gravity, and it also unifies relativity and quantum mechanics. You and I would agree that science has persisted for so long without its holy grail, which is a grand theory that should give us an encompassing understanding of all things.    

And now, the emerging mysteries and perplexities of modern physics inform us that we cannot continue like this. This moment in scientific history calls for desperation from all quarters for the truth. 

While this desperation may not be our driving force but the desire for knowledge, I still want you to know that science has come to a very crucial time in its history. We have come to the time in which the portal of understanding has become open to man, and the availability of the theory of everything, which I personally title The Theory of the Universe to distinguish it from any other proposals for the theory of everything out there, is a proof of this.

You may be wondering what makes my theory of everything different from others out there. Let me tell you why. My theory, which is the true theory of everything, is different from those of other scientists out there, because unlike others, the universe is my message. I was born to unify all things. I have come to reveal to you the entire hidden laws of the universe. 

If you had been expecting me to say that I have a number of years of experience, probably 10 to 20 years of experience in advanced physics or science, well I am sorry to disappoint you, I don’t. 

Rather I will tell that I have as a natural gift, the ability to see the operations of the metaphysical universe, where the unity of all things exists; and I have written The Theory of the Universe from my recent insights into the ethereal realm of the cosmos.

Moreover, I have ridden on the Creator’s mandate that I should unify all things, and this is my driving force for writing The Theory of the Universe, and for establishing this blog. Also, it might interest you to know that I taught myself special relativity, and I realized the unified field theory by finding out the inherent flaws in special relativity.

If you want to have a taste of what you would find in the theory of the universe, then read my other articles. I have established this blog because I don’t want the theory of everything to be coldly introduced to you.

I even want you to go through my blog, read my articles before opting to get your own copy of the holy grail of science. Have a taste of the new philosophy of absolute relationism, which is the philosophical background of the theory of the universe.

More so, the theory of everything which I present to you is profoundly unique, for it is founded on absolute, metaphysical space and time and not the physical kind of space and time that you have always known.

Thus, The Theory of Universe marks the beginning of your study of absolute science, and in a wider picture, it marks a new beginning for science. Listen, I want you to know that the current scientific tradition cannot yield the theory of everything or furnish us with any understanding of the universe, and I mean any.

There is no understanding in the entire edifice of today’s science because it is founded on relative, physical space and time and not absolute, metaphysical space and time, which are the real space and time of the universe. This is the gravest error of today’s science.

In the nearest future, which has already come, we all would realize that the entire edifice of quantitative science founded 400 years ago is only useful for practical purposes, and not for the true interpretation and hence understanding of cosmic phenomena.

Listen, The Theory of the Universe is more than a theory that unifies relativity and quantum mechanics, it is also a theory that alters our current way of doing science. It qualitatively changes the basis upon which we understand the universe! The Theory of the Universe will teach you how to pull from absolute science the true understanding of physical phenomena that you observe in the universe. 

We have for so long been seeing the universe through the lens of physical space and time, but now the theory of everything wants you to see the universe through the lens of metaphysical space and time. This is the new approach to doing science.

The unity of the universe is found in this new approach. It is high time we harmonized our scientific tradition with the true operations of the universe. We have to engage the eyes of our minds to perceive these higher laws of absolute science which are the much-needed kind of science, and we have to recognize the limits of our physical senses to expose the truth of the universe.

So, why have I buttressed these points? This is because I want you to become aware that by getting The Theory of the Universe, you would be transiting or ascending from relative science to absolute science. Your qualitative basis for understanding the universe will be profoundly altered.

This treatise is going to smash every barrier against your understanding of the universe. It is going to impact you with the gift of penetration necessary for you to see the unreducable nature of reality. You now have at your doorstep the master theory, and all the mysteries of the universe that have now been revealed to us are contained in The Theory of the Universe.

The Theory of the Universe brings together all the crucial aspects of what we have learned so far in solely quantitative science, and it corrects the errors and wrong premises in our understanding of the universe by introducing the qualitative aspects missing in today’s science.

Here in Echa and Science, we approach the fundamental problems of science in a unique way not found in any other institution or journal of learning. You have come to a new school, to the only school of the higher sciences in the whole world, where all your questions about the cosmos will be resolved, and a huge part of that has been done in The Theory of the Universe.

The theory of everything, titled The Theory of the Universe, has been published on Amazon and it is in kindle format. I think this kindle format would greatly enrich our scientific publication. 

It comes with a lot of features which allows you to easily embed audio and video information within your article. Even though I have not completely availed myself the use of these features, I still see kindle format for publication as the best format for post-modern physics or science. The constant use of PDF format has become stale.

Also, it may excite you to know that The Theory of the Universe has been enrolled on KDP select, so you can read some of the pages for free! And if you have decided to get The Theory of the Universe, I welcome you to ever increasing illumination, and to Echa and Science, the greatest blog about the universe! 

I also will like you to review the treatise and drop your comments or questions in this blog. I am here for you, let’s discuss; and remember, like Albert Einstein said:

The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.

– M. V. Echa

The Theory of the Universe

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

My message is the universe, my truth is the universe, and this blog contains all you need to know about the universe, from the true nature of reality to the long-sought unity of the cosmos — which is the big picture!