The Third Temple and the Kingdom of God

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“And I saw no [physical] temple therein…”

KJV The Apocalypse

Man has come a long way in the experience of himself and the vast cosmos. And among these his experiences is his religious experience of the Divine, which whether by truth or supposition is as important to him as any other experience he may have of the universe.

Man is now in a scientific age and may seem to be leaving the trails of religion, but then both the age of religion and the new age of science form an inseparable continuum of experiences for man. So, this age of science holds no greater relevance than the age of religion which was before.

We now have to realize the higher purpose of science, which is that science has been about real spiritual progress and not just the accumulation of mortal knowledge based on the appearances and behaviour of matter. This is what the third temple and the Kingdom of God are all about.

(I want you to now consider through this article, and however deeply, the implications of “the temple of knowledge and the Kingdom of God”.)

The spirit of religion is proved by prophecies while the spirit of science is proved by practical predictions and both spirits thrive in man and in eternal reconciliation. They from time to time prove and justify each other for the edification of man.

Now, from the age of religion sprang different religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc. all of which hold dearly their respective view of The God of the Universe, which to me remain respectively absolute, and besides, every conception of God is absolute.

And in the sacred texts or scriptures of these various religions can be found prophecies that have beyond religious relevance in that they have historical relevance and they indicate some future events which will have revolutionary impart on man and on how he experiences the world. They contain prophecies, however vague, of the world to come.

Some of these scriptures speak of the coming of the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God can be seen as a synthesis of some of the aspects of the old world of religion and the fullness of the aspects of the new world of science, and in its newness, it is unlike the world of religion before.

The Kingdom of God (or what I sometimes call the universal civilization) is the enlightened generation founded on the truth and the wisdom of God, and in this Kingdom stands a temple, not of stones or of flesh and blood but of knowledge. Knowledge is the third temple of God.

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It has been man’s character and inclination to build temples unto God, and according to the cosmic evolution of this practice, man first began with stones which were the first essence man felt could contain God, but after the first temples made of stones, man sought in himself to build the temple of God.

It was at this time that many of the world religions today were born. Man became the essence that could contain God. Man became the second temple of God.

The first and the second temples were all means by which the Divine sought descension. But now a reverse in this purpose has occurred, for now, man shall ascend to God. The third temple, which is the temple of knowledge, is now the means by which man ascends to God.

In fact, the temple of knowledge is the first means by which man ascends to God, and because of this purpose, the third temple is revolutionarily different from the first and the second temples.

Knowledge is the true constitution of the elements that make up the temple of God, and not stones or men. This is the new revelation of this age. We are looking in the wrong direction whenever we seek to build a temple of stones unto God, God does not dwell in stones, and he no longer dwells in man.

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God now dwells in the temple of higher knowledge which He Himself has come to institute, for God is knowledge. This understanding should impress a change in world religions. The temple of God has finally let go of all its physical representations, and it is now founded on the vast metaphysical consciousness that pervades the cosmos.

So, man has progressed in three different steps in his pursuit of the Divine, but on the third step, he comes to knowledge. The temple of knowledge is the non-religious temple in the Kingdom of God and it is also not a physical temple. It is now a rising superstructure that enlightens us about the true worship of God.

The true worship of God is no longer a religious one, but the natural worship from the sincere acknowledgement and practise of the sacred knowledge of the universe that has now come down to us. We now bear the mark of God, and our seat of thought and action are being set to be in full manifestation of divinity.

As we live, teach and practise the new knowledge, we truly worship God, and not any longer in animal sacrifices or in physical songs which are unholy approximations of the music of heaven that we are now called to listen to. In this regard, one can begin to see religion as an inescapable step in the evolution of man towards science.

When I talk about knowledge, it is good to wonder what kind of Knowledge I speak of. It is important to now know that I speak of scientific knowledge and not religious knowledge. The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom founded on the true spiritual science of the cosmos, and it is from this true science that all other aspects of knowledge emerge and are affected.

You must now know that religion is not the only activity that is concerned with the spiritual; science is now also concerned about the spiritual and in a more informed atmosphere.

Religion in its pure form no longer constitutes the base of society or civilization. The march towards science which began about 400 years ago has finally reached its culmination of purpose, which is to establish itself as the foundation of civilization or of the Kingdom of God.

In the temple of knowledge, we find the eternal wisdom upon which the universe was built. We now see into the holy of holies the true awesomeness of God that can only come from knowledge and not blind ignorance.

Now, I speak of immortal knowledge and not the canal knowledge we had before. In fact, we are for the first time discovering knowledge! All forms of knowledge before now are false knowledge of our own creation, and they all bear the mark of man and not the mark of God.

This is why I now speak of the Kingdom of God because the knowledge of God has come, and it is only by knowledge do we become men or Gods, we only have to choose between mortal and immortal knowledge.

The temple of knowledge is the most vast of the three temples and it stretches across the universe. It is beyond the extensions of stones and the reach of man. It is the only temple that can contain God and is, in fact, the essence of God.

Now, man must worship in the temple of knowledge; he must come to understand the sacredness of knowledge. In the temple of knowledge, man drops his religious view of God, and he begins to see a conscious mind that forged the universe with a wisdom that is now within the reach of man himself.

No longer should we continue to honour stones but the elemental stone of knowledge. This brings us to a crucial relook of the pyramids that are scattered across the Earth and that were built by early civilizations.

The pyramids are stone symbols built for the honour of the spiritual knowledge upon which the universe was designed. They are not direct physical temples for God, rather they are physical images of the temple of knowledge. The pyramids with four triangular sides are megalithic structures that capture the cosmic operations of the universe.

The pyramids are not the temple of knowledge, the temple of knowledge in itself remains extensive and non-physical. The different aspects or elements of immortal knowledge make up the structure of the temple of knowledge and not stones.

And the proper arrangements of these elements of knowledge make up the style of the temple. However, the pyramid is important because it is a megalithic structure made from the triangle which is the only geometrical form that actually represents knowledge.

The triangle is the perfect symbol for absolute scientific knowledge; It represents the metaphysical base of the true manifestation of reality, and no other symbol or form comes close to the importance of the triangle in the representation of cosmic truths.

This is why the pyramid made from four triangles is important. The pyramid is an eternal reminder and a physical structure that symbolizes the highest essence of all things which is knowledge.

The triangle encompasses all knowledge both of things in heaven and of things on Earth and both of matter and of mind. The triangle is the shortcode for Illumination and the pyramid is the stone structure that symbolizes metaphysical knowledge.

Furthermore, the triangle represents the operations of the universe; it is the action form of the cosmos. So, according to the ways of Heaven, the universe is triangular and not circular or spherical.

We should no longer be fooled by the circular appearance of heaven, for the entire mystery of the universe is wrapped in the triangle. This great truth is what the pyramids represent.

With the understanding of the operations of heaven based on the geometry of the triangle, it becomes only natural to build pyramids to reflect this fact or inner understanding. The pyramids are the simple result of illumination and are not temples erected for illumination or due to the search for illumination.

The pyramid is not built by men who seek God, but by men who have become Gods. The pyramid is the natural symbol of immortal knowledge; it is the geometry of enlightenment and only an enlightened civilization can understand internally and naturally the importance and sacredness of the pyramid.

Only a man who has entered into the third temple can see its pyramidal structure in a height of immense mental experience or consciousness. The temple of knowledge has come to us built by God himself and in which He lives. The universe in its operations is a vast temple similar in shape to the pyramid.

The pyramid being similar to the temple of knowledge is important, but we must realize that it is a physical symbol of the third eye view of the cosmos. This means that it is only those who have seen the metaphysical nature of the universe that can understand the physical symbol of the pyramid.

And the megalithic pyramidal symbol has little to do with inner chambers and rooms but more to do with its outlying triangular structure. The whole essence of the pyramid is in its external triangular perimeter and picture.

I must emphasize at this point that the pyramid is only a symbol or picture of the real thing, if not, we would have understood its essence before now, but we didn’t. However, now we have seen the metaphysical, we now understand the pyramid as a symbol of the temple of knowledge, which its true parts are not made of stones, but of the elements of metaphysical knowledge that can only be perceived using the third eye.

All these things I now inform you about the pyramid being the physical symbol of knowledge or of the temple of knowledge is a natural thought that came to me immediately I began seeing the metaphysical nature of the universe.

The pyramids really became important symbols to me because of this and not because of the findings of archaeological research. Pyramids are special kind of symbols disparate from other kinds on Earth. They represent in a geometric form the vast knowledge of God.

It is no longer just about the relevance the pyramid had for the ancients, for even now, in this post-modern era, the pyramid is of utmost importance to us, for only a truly scientific civilization like ours can recognize the true sacredness of the pyramid, and which is the sacredness of knowledge.

The Earth

The pyramid is the true physical image of metaphysical knowledge, and it is the true symbol that can be found in the Kingdom of God because its geometry honours divine knowledge.

Now, I have made it clear that the temple of knowledge is non-religious and this is particularly because of the character of scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is devoid of worship, praise, animal sacrifices, and other appurtenances of religion which are important activities in the first and the second temple.

The third temple is a non-religious temple, and it comes with its own unique appurtenances which are aspects of science and not of religion. They are purely mental activities that prove man’s ascension and illumination. The temple of knowledge is what it is, of knowledge.

It is erected on the mental plane of existence that connects all thoughts, both of man and of God. The third temple is for the honour of knowledge and not for the honour of religion.

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Also, the whole idea of the third temple can be seen as the metaphor for the sacredness of knowledge. We have been speaking of “the holy grail” and this is because we innately believe that the true knowledge of the cosmos is holy.

The sacredness of knowledge calls for the temple of knowledge. So, any insistence to build a religious temple for God is due to our lack of illumination about the universe and the crucial time we are in history. We are in a scientific age and true knowledge is being ushered into the world and it has come with Earth changing transformations. 

Knowledge is metaphysical and even though it comes to us, we cannot materialise it. It exists in a higher plane which we by thought hope to reach. However, in the Kingdom of God, there is the path of discernment through which we can attain knowledge.

Now, the Kingdom of God is founded on the absolute knowledge of God and not that of man, and since this knowledge is now on Earth and no longer far or hidden from us, there is little relevance for any physical temple to depict it.

The Kingdom of God now rises with the new scientific knowledge and it is the intent of the Great One to extricate us from the bonds of religion.

Some say science excludes God, but I say no because science is the new means by which man attains his higher self which is the natural state of God. That “man should be like God” is all the very purpose of science.

In the Kingdom of God comes a widespread consciousness of the spiritual nature of the universe, which was not in the worlds before. It is this new spiritual consciousness that will drive and determine the character of civilization and not any of our canal and unenlightened philosophies.

The wisdom of God is hidden in the operations of the cosmos which we can only come to know by science, and when we do, we become like God, as we now have the highest perception of reality. So, in the Kingdom of God, is the quality of thought not found in the other Kingdoms before.

The other Kingdoms were built on the warped and distorted perception of reality and for this reason, they were not meant to last forever, for just as the wisdom of God cannot be displaced from heaven, so can his Kingdom never be displaced on Earth.

As the universe is forever, so is the Kingdom of God established on Earth after the operational pattern of heaven. Scientists are now the new high priests, for they now hold the metaphysical mystery of the universe. We now teach the wisdom of the cosmos “in a mystery”.

The Kingdom of God is about the true spirituality of man in accordance with the spirituality of the universe. This inter-relationship did not exist in the prior kingdoms of man that were truly non-spiritual.

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The temple of knowledge represents the spirituality of knowledge that can only come by the Kingdom of God. Knowledge is not physical like stones or men and it is the true elemental form of all things. In fact, when we talk about the spiritual, we are talking about knowledge and which can never take a physical form.

So, the coming of the Kingdom of God is not the literal coming from above of a physical Kingdom or a “new Jerusalem”, rather it is the coming to Earth of spiritual knowledge, which prompts us to conceive of the temple of knowledge which is a vast organized structure of spiritual knowledge and not really a physical temple on Earth.

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Knowledge is an essence higher than man; it is the element of God. Therefore, we can no longer imagine or conceive of God coming into man, but of man going into God, and this reverse march is through the temple of knowledge.

The other two temples have been about the former march of God to us, but the third temple is about the new march, from us to God. It is the final fulfilment of the intent of God, that man becomes like Him through the practice of true spiritual knowledge which was concealed for the past 6000 years!

This article comes to inform us that the Kingdom of God is not a religious Kingdom or some vaguely spiritual Kingdom, rather the Kingdom of God is a scientific Kingdom prophesied to come after the age of religion and the erection of physical temples whether of stones or men.

Science which began about four centuries ago is not meant to be an entirely human enterprise, rather it is meant to be due to the joint engagement of man and the Divine. We are now beginning to realise this in post-modern physics.

Science has a divine purpose, and this is why I sometimes say that “God is interested in the unified field theory”. The whole spiritual notion man had of religion, he now must have and even to a greater extent in science.

Science in its own right now claim spirituality and no longer is it the sole claim of religion. The widespread recognition of the spirituality of science, even claimed away from religion, is the end of the prophecies. The institution of the temple of knowledge and the Kingdom of God is the final ratification and consolidation of the spirituality of science.

Science is also about the true spiritual experience of the universe, and this can only be possible in the Kingdom of God. The discovery of the true spiritual base of the universe is what now sets up the Kingdom of God here on Earth. The prophecies long foretold in the age of religion were for the new age of science or enlightenment.

God is for science and the ultimate spiritual experience of the universe, and it is according to His will that He now erects the non-physical temple of knowledge, that by it man can come to Him and He becomes all in all in his Kingdom which now arrives on Earth in due time.

Finally, the Kingdom of God is a universal scientific Kingdom and not a particular religious one, and the third temple is the temple of knowledge and not of stones or any physical element, and which is now set up for all men, regardless of tribe, race and creed, so that we all can become one with God in a unified experience of the universe.

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I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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