To the New Generation of Scientists

To the new generation of scientists, we have come to the fullness of time and to the culmination of the second scientific revolution which saw the birth of quantum mechanics and relativity in the early 20th-century!

These two theories were what led to the first notion of a post-Newtonian era which has finally found complete realization in this post-modern era of physics. Our predecessors before us heralded this era but they were not privileged to see it. They never saw what the true post-Newtonian world would really look like, but now we do.

So, we are the new generation of scientists having the privilege of seeing the post-Newtonian world. Our predecessors, no matter how revolutionary their theories were, they were still under the shackles of the Newtonian paradigm and because of this they could not arrive at the unified understanding of the universe, which many of them even felt was impossible.

But we are not like them; we are the possible generation witnessing the great culmination of physics and of the unified understanding of the universe.

We have spent a long time enough admiring and even idolizing our predecessors, but the time has come for us to do our own great work for which the future generations will remember us.

We sometimes look back at the time of our predecessors and think that they were lucky to have been born in a time when they had many special scientific ideas flowing and we end up feeling that our generation is different and not lucky.

The crisis in physics and the halt in the progress of fundamental physics for the past 40 years would have further amplified this conviction. But now I want to inform you that we are the luckiest scientific generation.

The impasse in physics is over and we are now also at a time of great flow of scientific ideas that shake and rattle the foundation of physics as it was established 400 years ago. Our time has come and the era of the generation of scientists we envied has expired. We are now laying a new foundation for physics and which will serve the future generations forever.

One more thing is that we have to be bold and courageous enough to confront these old ideas. A lot of drag in fundamental physics is because of our insistence on maintaining the status quo. We, the new generation of scientists, have to break away from the old official science which we have inherited from our predecessors.

It takes a new level of boldness satisfying our generation to confront the current scientific method which we have inherited from our predecessors. We can tweak and modify theories, but to address our methodology or the way we do science is another thing and this is exactly what science calls for us, the new generation of scientists.

Prior to post-modern physics, we for the longest time and with the highest number of physicists worked on the foundation of physics without any real progress. Even with the assistance of computer simulations and heavy practical technologies such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), we still made no fundamental discovery like our predecessors did without all these provisions.

New generation of scientists

This crisis in physics lasted for so long without any progress or real fundamental discovery because the problem was in our way of doing science. We needed a new scientific method which we have finally realized.

So, to the new generation of scientists, I want to tell you that our time has come and we must rise to the occasion. Our time to produce great scientific ideas and philosophies have come, all of which are bound to transform civilization in an unprecedented manner.

It is our time to establish a new era of physics which I call post-modern physics. All hands must be on deck so that we can accomplish this feat and in the end give to the succeeding generations the legacy of scientific truth.

Yes, we must raise for the future an edifice of science that is founded on scientific truth. It is time for us to begin the knowing and the practice of real science. Our predecessors tried but in all their efforts they did not bequeath to us the legacy of scientific truth. But now the privilege has fallen on us.

I want to raise our awareness of the nature of our time and of the new era. Contrary to what is being said in the scientific community concerning the present crisis and predicament of physics, I want you to know that we are now in the era of light. A great light has come to physics and from physics to the world!

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We are the first generation of scientists to see the unity of the universe and this affords us the privilege to create a new body of science which is based on truth. We are the first to see the light, and which is a light our predecessors sought to see but could not.

We are in the fullness of time and in the generation of knowledge. So, my friends, I want you to see yourself as a part of a new generation of scientists and to boldly take part in the rising edifice of the new science.

We are now called to revisit the very foundation of physics. Many times physicists say that they are working on the foundation of physics but when you look at their publications you will see how biased and even far from the foundation of physics that really they are.

I say this because we have successfully divided physics into two eras, which are classical physics and modern physics, and most times when we work on the foundation of physics, we are usually dealing with the foundation of modern physics while we usually ignore or undermine classical physics.

But the revisitation of modern physics is not enough, we have to also revisit the foundation of classical physics and I am forced to emphasize classical physics. The problem of physics was deeply rooted in classical physics more than in modern physics.

To work on the foundation of physics so as to resolve the crisis in physics requires a complete revisitation of our basic understanding of every concept in physics, from energy to velocity and even to the separate elements or concepts of space and time.

We have to specifically revisit the very foundation of physics as laid down by Newton and his contemporaries and not only the one as laid down by Einstein and his contemporaries.

Post-modern physics, which is proudly our own generation of physics, has come as a result of the holistic reassessment of the way we understand the universe since classical physics. We are building physics again from the ground up.

Einstein and his contemporaries attempted to revolutionalize classical physics and in the process they made us realize the need for a unified understanding of the universe. But they failed to accomplish it and this tells us that there was something wrong with their attempted revolution of classical physics.

The unification problem was very connected to classical physics. We have to completely revolutionalize classical physics and this is what has brought us into the new era of post-modern physics.

Modern physics was an incomplete revolution of classical physics, and today, our generation of scientists has to revisit the seemingly established principles of classical physics in a manner that modern physicists didn’t. They left some concepts and principles untouched which should not have been the case.

This complete revisitation of classical physics and with the assistance of some of the discoveries that have been made in modern physics are among the things that set us apart. Today, we now have to once again discuss and revise the fundamental principles of science which have been left untouched since classical physics.

There are some who don’t think much of us, the new generation of scientists, especially when they compare us to our predecessors, but we will disappoint them. For we are the ones to provoke the greatest scientific revolution ever and bring about the golden age of science.

So, brace yourselves, our time has come! I believe in you and in our time. It may seem like I am referring to the younger generation. This is not far from the truth. I want us to disentangle ourselves from the old official science which has only narrowed and stifled our creativity with complex and non-realistic modern theories like string theory among others.

Now, let’s come together and build the new theory that has emerged upon the Earth as the basis of the post-modern era of physics. Let’s come together and work upon what is true and realistic and not upon what satisfies official science despite its persistent failure.

Let us put everything on the line for the truth, even our career. Besides, this time is our time, so let’s not continue to be held bound by a very blind and biased official science that is only concerned with what is approved despite how convincingly they have all failed.

We are the new generation of scientist now seeing the unified field theory that our predecessors only dreamed of. I don’t know what else sets us apart as the luckiest and the most special generation.

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I am very thrilled by this! I am very thrilled by all this and I have written this article to thrill you and to raise your hope about this our generation of science. We are the new generation of scientists and according to the flow of absolute time, we shall complete this task and place our landmarks in the history of science even more than our predecessors that we so rightly admire.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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